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Latest Comments by mdiluz
The developer of Smith and Winston made an interesting blog post about supporting multiple platforms
10 January 2019 at 11:25 am UTC Likes: 10

BeamboomI don't understand how different compilers can expose different bugs in the same(?) code. I mean, a bug is a bug isn't it? Or is it because the use of different libraries expose bugs caused by those particular libraries/APIs? If so, how will the code run smoother on a different set of libraries if the bug is related to that other library?

I don't get this?

In general, this is a bunch of things:

1. Different compilers have different sets of warnings, one may silently do something unexpected, another may say "Uh, look here mate, a bad" (MSVC is known for being very lenient, clang is very strict, so clang may find the source of bugs for you).
2. "Undefined Behaviour" is common in C/C++ and compilers may behave differently. One compiler may cause an immediate crash (easy to debug) but another may overwrite a random bit of RAM somewhere (very hard to debug).
3. Two compilers may share the same compiler bugs or odd behaviours (in the old days PS3 used GCC), so compiling for one platform may be doing a chunk of the work resolving issues you would have found on another platform in the future (Linux GCC bug may also have been found on PS3 GCC).

There's more than just those, but hopefully, that's a taste.

Have graphical distortions in Unity games with NVIDIA? Here's a workaround
20 December 2018 at 2:13 pm UTC

Dropping in again

Another workaround for this is to use the command line arguments "-force-glcore42 -force-clamped". It's probably better for games where Vulkan is unstable, or when a game doesn't require modern graphical features (things in GL 4.3 and newer).

Have graphical distortions in Unity games with NVIDIA? Here's a workaround
12 December 2018 at 4:34 pm UTC Likes: 1

As a heads up, we're tracking this internally. As with other bugs that show up in multiple Unity games, what would especially help is to report these issues to the game developer and ask them to get in touch with Unity directly with details.

You can also get in touch with Unity, but please try and provide details of the Unity version of the game in question (found in ~/.config/unity3d/[PUBLISHER]/[GAME]/Player.log).

Feral Interactive are teasing a new Linux port, time to start guessing
16 November 2018 at 11:17 am UTC Likes: 3

Y'all need to be better sleuths...

Reverse tineye search:
Gives this 404 flickr page: "photos/20823146@N04/"
Googling that string however gives us "Lemurian Grove"'s since deleted flickr account.
A google image search for that "grove", however, gives us multiple matching images: I suspect this user took photos at the place in question.

Not much info is available about this "grove", but based on this soundcloud account we can make a guess they're in San Jose.

Finding anything related to Lemurian in San Jose points to This "herbals" shop.

Lemuria is also a lost land in the Indian or Pacific ocean, like Atlantis.

Based on all of this, I reckon the game in question is none other than the most cryptically obscure Weed Shop 2. With the Atlantis DLC.

I hope this helps.

For reals though that sleuthing (based on which articles the image search popped up) pointed to it being a photo of the Pusharo Petroglyphs in the Manu National Park, Peru.

What even more developers think of Valve's Steam Play
24 September 2018 at 1:47 pm UTC Likes: 15

scaineSo it's interesting that Marc thinks that a sacrifice was necessary to game on Linux.

So I get where you're coming from, maybe I wasn't specific enough!

To be more clear - I think we could grow organically, with no major sacrifices, but to really start competing with Windows then something like Proton needed to happen - and make some sacrifices for us.

I think as we go forward, those sacrifices can go away. I see no reason we will always have to give something up permanently, but to kick off some real growth we needed to compromise a bit.

How to be a great advocate for a niche gaming platform
21 June 2018 at 4:29 pm UTC Likes: 5

cprnI don't know, man. I don't know. If this is the world you want to live in, with squishy people giving free hugs and saying nice things to everyone regardless of their behaviour, feel free, but I'm on Linux - I'm nice to people who earned my respect, to everyone else I'm civilised.

I read the rest of your post and gotta say I do agree with a lot of that, especially about why we're here using Linux. That's something that's good to point out and be reminded.

Obviously, when there are issues with the Linux version, those are not to be ignored by us, and if the dev doesn't seemingly care to address them then yes, it rightly should be called out so others don't also buy into a broken product.

I actually don't think much of this disagrees with my suggestions - being just civilized for the worst cases sounds perfectly fine . The truth is you don't have to do any of this if you don't think a dev deserves it, just don't do the opposite cause that's not gonna get us anywhere, I'm sure we're on the same page there.

  • Always buy on Linux, but only once a Linux version is announced
  • Buy direct from the developer if possible

So to clarify, those are part of a guide to aid in helping the devs that have earned your respect. The first one is to strengthen the platform in the statistics, and yes in general I'd say don't even pre-order at all if you can help it, TB and others have explained that tenfold! If they don't have a good refund policy (ie. they're breaking the law these days), then of course they don't deserve your respect and therefore you can act civilised instead of throwing money at them. Seems fine

How to be a great advocate for a niche gaming platform
21 June 2018 at 2:34 pm UTC Likes: 3

LeopardWell , it is simply not works that way. Because at the end of day ; dev starts to compare like that : I spend 2 months on Linux version , i learned , installed Linux and that was frustrating. So sales would better be at least MacOS level to justify this. But market is simply not there.

I think you're confusing the worth to the developer relative to all purchases, with your worth to the developer relative to purchases on Linux.

The point was about the latter, ie. if there are only 2 sales on Linux, your sale is worth another 50% relative to the other Linux sales. Statistically, with 2 sales on Linux there'll be 200 sales on windows, so another sale there is only worth 0.5% more and won't have the same impact for that platform. That applies broadly, since there's a smaller number of users, the individual can stand out more. The Linux port is generally a cheaper bit of work than the full game, reinforcing this point.

To be fair though you're right in the sense the developer doesn't really care either way, a sale is still a sale, so if that's what you meant then ignore me!

GustyGhostI get that this guide is all ra-ra-ree be nice to the devs but I will maintain the course of berating those who broke user trust.

I appreciate the frustration in situations like that! Stuff should work as advertised, especially when paid for. It is for sure a consumer rights issue as well as just plain bad.

But - negativity begets negativity. Will berating them make them more likely to want to help you? I doubt it. Will it make them want to do more Linux work in the future? I doubt it even more. Nobody wins.

Perhaps a different approach will be more likely to get you what you want, that's all I'm saying.

How to be a great advocate for a niche gaming platform
21 June 2018 at 1:22 pm UTC Likes: 1

morgancoxuk> Play on Linux and soon after purchasing

What happens if I buy a game for Linux, but play weeks after purchasing?

i.e only play on Linux but weeks after purchase?

I ask as that is what I often do.

So the boring answer is it highly depends on the game and publisher, there's no real way to know without getting a direct answer from the developers (and then, they may not be able to tell you due to contractual obligations!).

I'd guess you're probably fine with what you're currently doing That was just a broad list to cover all bits and pieces.

Rocket League is going to the beach with a new arena on May 29th
23 May 2018 at 11:50 am UTC Likes: 2

Time for another tourney? ;)

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