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Lenovo adding Ubuntu & Red Hat on their entire ThinkStation and ThinkPad P lines
4 June 2020 at 8:54 am UTC

Quoting: scratchiCool, thanks, nice set up! I looked into this and found this one on Amazon that looks pretty decent:
That's exactly what I have. I added the perspex casing so the card would not be lying around. My gdc beast was half the price or so, and with casing the price what you quote using aliexpress, but I think through amazone you get some guarantees.

Quoting: scratchiI don't mind the Nvidia GPU, it's just old Fermi doesn't get new drivers anymore, stuck on legacy 390 drivers (no vulkan support). It's just old, that's all.
Anyway, the T530 is so big and heavy I'm not going to be moving it anywhere, so adding an external GPU to it seems sensible, if not just for the experiment factor alone :) Thanks for the idea and info!
<big rant>
I do mind the nvidia: nouveau is crap. The proprietary drivers are crap and do not work together with PRIME. Also the proprietary drivers do not accept output from the intel gpu being routed to the output to the nvidia, you need active bitblitting of the intel workspace to the nvidia framebuffer. That's because it's proprietary. Not because it is not possible. So from a working displayport on intel only it went to a defunct displayport when I got the replacement laptop. I hope in the future nouveau will reach a state that's comparable to the current state of r600.
To be clear: I think just enabling optimus in the bios just starts eating away 15W. It's not doing anything. If I could, I would desolder the GPU. The intel driver is so much better than the proprietary nvidia driver.
The only time I willingly bought nvidia again after my first encounters with them, was for the steam machine. I wanted to support the idea. But the current state is crap.
For pc's I will only buy intel or amd as gpu. I don't have the time to support crap drivers.
</big rant>

One thing though: the express card will give you a PCIe2 1x bus. So that's 1/32th of the full speed of PCIe (500MB/s instead of 15.6GB/s). I was able to display 4k@30Hz that last version of tombraider to someone as a demo without to much stutter. Unplayable of course, it's a tad too heavy.
GTA IV and GTA V works well.
AMD GPU drivers have a kind of pci statistics, and it shows that the bus during playing usually is not saturated.
The usual way how PCIe3x16 is that it works in PCIe2 mode, and only when needed it switches to PCIe3 mode.
Although I have no system anymore to test it. You can find all this information in the /sys filesystem. I don't think nvidia has pcie statistics though. So except of what the pcie bridge tells you (lanes and speed), you know nothing. Only certain intel server bridges have traffic counters.

Lenovo adding Ubuntu & Red Hat on their entire ThinkStation and ThinkPad P lines
3 June 2020 at 3:44 pm UTC

Quoting: scratchi
Quoting: ArdjeNice... I have a refurbished thinkpad T430 from a second hand store... It feels like the best PC linux system I've ever had at home, except for the supermicro's.
Everything works. Except of course that nvidia crap.
Added an eGPU using express card. RX580. The system feels a lot faster than my zotac sn970.

Dude, this sounds fun! Which express card do you have? Can you send a pic of what this looks like?

I have a T530 with Nvidia NVS5400. It works fine in FreeBSD, but it's not a whole lot better performance than Intel IGP. Just upgraded ram to 16GB and an RX580 would make really make it complete :)
It's a bit messy since I use a lot of tissues (for my nose!), and I am reworking some led lighting.
I had 2 weeks to make that DDJ-SX3 work on linux: make it work, or send it back under consumer law. That screen is a 4k 40" screen.
I've divided my laptop in 2 seats: the DJ console and my (new) desktop. My other desktop is an exynos 5422. I don't really like PC's, because there is a lot of things wrong in the design due to legacy. And an arm is cheaper and doesn't need a fan. And mmc drivers on PC's are always crap, especially on a GPD WIN(2). But not on this T430.

The biggest crap is the Nvidia, the same as in your system. I had to return my pure intel T430 for repairs, and I got back a T430 with a better screen, but also with that nvidia. Really... The intel has better support, and still gets TLC. The best thing to do with the Nvidia is to turn it off in the bios. When I turn it on, but actually of using prime, it still uses more power, and the fans run higher than normal.

Also the replacement got a different CPU, a high end i7 with a tdp of 45W, but by limiting the CPU to 60% it was fast and usable.

The Linux market share still appears to be rising
3 June 2020 at 10:11 am UTC

Back around 2000-2005 we had several companies (Like Stichting Internet Reclame) in the Netherlands that denied the existence of people using Linux and firefox. None of their metrics showed the existence of these visitors.
They failed to mention that the way they measured was by installing snooping software on the windows systems of the volunteers. The bogus results of Stichting Internet Reclame and other companies destroyed the self hosting of advertisement servers and software, because they showed different results. This eventually has lead in the Netherlands to the intrusive ad networks we see today. Mass spread of virusses thanks to these
As a matter of fact: I am battling one right now, as a client even, because just serving a pixel to give feedback the ad has worked, actually redirects them to parties I've never heart of.
The original was a javascript that they called pixel. It basically downloads other javascripts from unknown sites, and runs that. On a simple GDPR compliant page, the page went to 60% marketing network and gross violation of GDPR, and to have an add run on their network is very expensive.
How did I get here ranting like that?
Oh yeah: I don't trust stats like that.
I never did. But at least you can twist the stats of NetmarketShare to something that supports what I want to see:
There are apparently only 2 operating systems for TV's: Gnu/Linux and Linux/Android.

Lenovo adding Ubuntu & Red Hat on their entire ThinkStation and ThinkPad P lines
2 June 2020 at 8:06 pm UTC

Nice... I have a refurbished thinkpad T430 from a second hand store... It feels like the best PC linux system I've ever had at home, except for the supermicro's.
Everything works. Except of course that nvidia crap.
Added an eGPU using express card. RX580. The system feels a lot faster than my zotac sn970.

Half-Life remake 'Black Mesa' has a post-release hotfix with a little Linux fix included
21 April 2020 at 12:44 pm UTC

Meeh, 5 minutes in and it crashes (walking into the computer room that in the original is only accessible after the incident). So I tried using the proton version, and that doesn't start at all.
Back to the pile of retry in a year.

Vendetta Online goes free to play until June 1 giving anyone full access
8 April 2020 at 8:50 am UTC

Vendetta Online is probably the only game that really works marvelous on Galaxy Gear VR: free look with head movement and complete steering of the ship with the controller.
It's stunning I think.

Valve has banned tens of thousands of Dota 2 accounts as they tweak their smurf detection
12 February 2020 at 2:35 pm UTC Likes: 4

Would be nice if they can apply some ip matching to match the original Steam account with the Smurf Steam account, and address warnings there too. But then again, that might be a privacy issue.
Maybe they should ask the right to process your IP against fraud cases like this.

Collabora's FOSDEM videos are up, including one on putting Linux games in Containers on Steam
5 February 2020 at 10:08 pm UTC Likes: 1

Quoting: EagleDelta
  • I don't think this is using what many of us would consider "true" containers in that they aren't (AFAIK) based on LXC or ContainerD, but are Flatpak-based containers. I could be wrong though

  • A container to me is something that encapsulates itself into it's own namespace.
    Sometimes I even only need a secondary ip stack... ip netns to the rescue...
    Lxc is just a wrapper on the set of different nameserver creations and migrate systemcalls. You can do it using bash :-). Lxc is very nice though.

    I don't know flatpak, but from what I've seen, they are just squasfs like files mounted. No security or whatever unless the flatpak itself does that. I doubt that's what they are doing.

    The sad case of Unreal Engine 1 on Mesa and Linux in 2020
    5 February 2020 at 10:23 am UTC

    As a side note: personally I promote making bug free windows games, that perform perfectly on proton.
    The linux platform ABI changes a lot, and I consider the windows API is just middle ware.
    If we can change that somehow to a platform agnostic middleware, that should be better.
    Most old windows games are hard to run on modern windows. You have to know what you are doing (do this, click that, install this, turn off that), while these games are usually running problem free on proton.
    So yeah lets keep the API legacy on the windows side for now. There is no proton for windows, so only those that know how to fiddle with windows can run old games.
    It does not mean I do not appreciate the work of feral games. They are really dedicated, so I don't expect them to stop supporting old builds.

    The sad case of Unreal Engine 1 on Mesa and Linux in 2020
    5 February 2020 at 10:18 am UTC

    Quoting: lgpmichaelI'm not completely sure that UT was anything to do with Loki. My memory is a bit old and fuzzy from back then, but I do distinctly remember that Tux Games had to sell Windows UT boxes with an installer CD. It was 20 years ago though, so, you'll have to forgive my brain if I'm wrong {;-)
    There was only one box, that contained the penguin logo, but only the windows version.
    You had to download the real engine and installer from the Loki site.
    What tuxgames did was a service to it's customers.
    The port was indeed done by Loki, but the distribution was different.
    I remember trying to get a deal with a local software supplier to send me 1 linux game every month of their choosing. Online purchases were still a big hassle, as there was no easy way to pay (upon delivery or wiring), so having mandated them to take money of my bank account was the easiest way to go.