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Latest Comments by Ardje
Bystander, a game that looks similar to Papers, Please adds Linux support
15 December 2017 at 9:12 am UTC Likes: 1

loggeNot sure if the 1541 was also produced with the "Push-Down" mechanism that turned down towards the pusher, but my 1541 (was maybe a 1541C?) had already a latch that turned sideways down. Can't give you a pic, because it broke down some years earlier (maybe 20?), so I now just have a 1541-II at hands.
The first 1541 had a push down mechanism.
The 1541 is a direct descendant of the 1540. The 1540 was the first with a crappy serialised IEEE-488 bus, intended for the VIC-20. The VIC-20 run at a pace of about 10% higher than a C64, so they introduced the 1541 with a lower serial bus clocking speed.
Personally I only had a CBM8050 which had 2 dedicated 6502 class cpus: 1 (a 6501) was dedicated to reading, writing and stepping the head (multiple steps per track, they used 77 tracks on a single density that could store 1MB of data more reliable than the HD floppies on a pc), and programming the writing clock frequency (lower write speeds at the center to de constant density).
THe other (6502) was dedicated to fileserving, and could also run applications from floppy. They had a shared memory mailbox system to coordinate communications.
The 1540/1541 used about the same code, but running on a single cpu.
The 1540/1541 was the first to use PC floppy drive mechanics I think... Because at that time there really was no "buy a floppy drive". A 3" hardcase floppy was even more common than 3.5" for instance.
Harddisks at that time adhered to the SMD standard... Of which I had 3... My SUN 2 had a 19" 4U high harddisk :-). I even played with an DEC RM05 replaceable harddisk once to write drivers for minix.
How did I get here? My god... I am so old I am getting senile. Sorry.

ARK: Survival Evolved is currently broken on Linux, water apparently fixed and ARK: Aberration released
14 December 2017 at 10:07 am UTC

XpanderHow come they don't support Vulkan yet? There is a early access game called The Isle which has working Vulkan version on Linux. No issues last time i tested it (~2 months ago). Using UE4 ofc
I see a game called The Isle but it doesn't advertise linux.
Looking in steamdb it actually has a build size equaling the windows build size.
I might buy a copy of that, and I might use the steamdb info to point out at wildcard that it's time to revisit vulkan again. They did a year ago, and it wasn't in a good shape then. If it is in a good shape now, it might be worth their while to upgrade the engine. That would be a big hell I guess as they now have a "very good" working network.
If they just postponed the release for another 2 years, nobody would be able to second guess an engine upgrade 8-D.

Bystander, a game that looks similar to Papers, Please adds Linux support
13 December 2017 at 6:27 pm UTC

EhvisThey also got the disk slot right; but forgot to add the latch.

I feel so old....
The head loading mechanism actually looked like that in the era before the turning latch.
If you look for instance at the CBM8050 dual floppy fileserver you can't clearly see a mechanic, just a slot... That mechanic is there, but it's hard to see... You had to push it a bit backwards and then pull it downwards, until it springs into place.
Oh wait, this unit needs pulling up. Hmmm, 1540/1541 needed to be pushed down.
I do acknowledge that in the game it looks clear, so you should have seen at least something.
Pure for nostalgic reasons I want a CBM8296, and then replace the board and insides by a small odroid and an lcd panel.

ARK: Survival Evolved is currently broken on Linux, water apparently fixed and ARK: Aberration released
13 December 2017 at 5:48 pm UTC
QuoteHave passed the info on to our engineering team, hopefully we can get this sorted asap
So it is not like they are not reading and not responding. They do read.
The error looks less colorful though...
Something something with the unreal API is wrong.

ARK: Survival Evolved is currently broken on Linux, water apparently fixed and ARK: Aberration released
13 December 2017 at 5:41 pm UTC

TheRiddickThe developer needs to put on the breaks for a month and focus on releasing a Vulkan update.I suspect most the staff are content producers and not graphics api programmers which is why it hasn't happened yet.
The problem seems to be that the engine does not really support vulkan yet. Only vulkan on mobile, as they were contracted by Samsung to make this amazing vulkan demo to showcase the new API.
I think that was about it.
The support for DX12 probably is better than vulkan, while with vulkan they can achieve the same and have an enormous amount of targets... Especially if you realise that vulkan works starting from windows 7 and DX12 requires windows 10, and according to steam, windows 7 is the main platform
(Thanks China!).
Snail-Games is also Chinese, so they should push wildcard to support vulkan on windows 7.

Sci-fi horror 'SOMA' now has an easier mode to give a different experience
4 December 2017 at 10:27 am UTC

ZlopezI played Amnesia, is this something similar?
If you want real disgusting fps horror, I advice you to also take a look at the penumbra series.
It's the same sick mindset, but you also get to kill scarcely.
Soma is less sickening, because it lacks the sick mindset. Amnesia and penumbra sometimes made me nauseous as the story was sickening. (Look at the description of torture methods in Amnesia and then realize, this used to be normal practice).

Amanita Design now has some of their titles up on game store itch, on sale too
1 December 2017 at 2:00 pm UTC Likes: 1

legluondunetI don't understand why Steam does not provide Linux port available for this game.
It's steam that has control over that. It's Amanita who has the power to not publish the linux version.
I really love their games, but last time I pre-ordered botanicula with linux support, and the way I pre-ordered no linux version would be distributed. Which of course became clear when the distribution started.
But if it works through, I could try that on my gpd win. I mean: I am really looking for low cpu power games to play in an airplane.

The Linux-powered Ataribox Joystick has been revealed, looks delightfully retro and rather stylish
30 November 2017 at 8:34 am UTC

mahagrI really hope it'll be Ryzen based, if it is, it'll be instant buy for me. If it's using older AMD, I see no point of getting the device...

What makes you think it's gonna be AMD64 architecture? More likely it will be ARM based.

Doubtful, if they're going to offer any non-vintage-Atari games, they will need Steam support. Which necessitates x86
Not only that, they actually specifically stated it will be an AMD APU.
AMD really doesn't have any ARM's with a decent GPU.

Project 5: Sightseer looks like a brilliant open-world sandbox game, releasing next month
28 November 2017 at 9:24 pm UTC

Pfff... yet another sandbox game... oh well... let's preorder it.

The Linux-powered Ataribox Joystick has been revealed, looks delightfully retro and rather stylish
28 November 2017 at 1:48 pm UTC

To set the record straight:
I watch netflix solely on my steam machine from steamos, streaming it to my steam link.
Same goes for hidive.
I stopped my crunchyroll, since they refused to support it (or better, they stopped their beta trial of html 5 support video streaming, just as I put a lot of effort into getting the higher crunchyroll service only to be able to watch the beta evolve, which was 1 day working, and 2 weeks of bugs (that's ok, it's beta), and then they just stopped the html 5 interface).
The videos on steam itself is crap as big picture only shows 20 times the same title for a series, and there is no other interface.
So any html 5 drm compatible streaming service can be watched on steamos.
I do that from the build in browser, as streaming apps -except for kodi- suck.

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