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DoomRL or 'DRL' as it's now called has gone open source
8 December 2016 at 1:58 pm UTC

Good to see the little guys still pushing back.

Rocket League gets a big update called ‘Starbase ARC’, adds a lot of new free goodies
8 December 2016 at 1:49 pm UTC

I reverted UE4Engine back to 4.12 branch and it works better now. Now to figure out RL Arenas...

RL always gets me so pumped!!!

Linux version actually seems more stable for me now. Will have to try arenas that others have mentioned on here that are known for crashes.

I only ever had stuttering when loading resources. That would be at beginning of match, and a bit as I drove down field for the first time. MAYBE, if a new user joined (new car design possibly?).

It is still slow to load when I am editing a vehicle, again, resource loading.

As far as gameplay, on Exhibition anyways, rock solid on "Quality" settings (R9 390).

I was able to subscribe to some user created levels in steam workshop and see them in the menu in game, but couldn't figure out how to play on them.

That inspired me to start looking at level creation, then updated my UE4Editor src and rebuilt but alas, it crashes now when loading/creating any project. I swore it was working before...

Heard a new song in the menu, Solar Eclipses? That was pretty decent. So then I learned how to convert game music to OGG so I can listen to it outside of the game.

Did I mention that RL always gets me so pumped!?!!

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