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Latest Comments by AciD
Valve have multiple games in development they will announce says Gabe Newell
22 January 2021 at 6:41 am UTC

Quoting: aokamiValve always came up with innovative gameplay [...] team fortress is a masterclass of creating classes in a multiplayer game, and so on and so forth.

Just to set things straight, Team Fortress was created in 1996 as a Quake 1 mod (
THEN, and only then, Valve hired Cook and Walker to port the modification to their goldsrc engine.

Anyway, Valve is doing great things for the Linux community, so kudos to them.

GNOME Shell to get an Activities Overview design revamp in GNOME 40
13 January 2021 at 5:16 pm UTC

There is one thing with Gnome, is that even though the UI is ugly, space is wasted everywhere, and the UX is horrible, they are coherent with this and continue to deliver for those who like that kind of DE.

Fortunately for the others, there is KDE ;)

Our top favourite Linux games released in 2020
30 December 2020 at 6:15 am UTC

Well, I really liked the beginning, and was bummed to remove it.
Maybe I could try again with a newer Mesa version.

I'm currently using a Radeon Vega64 with 20.2.4 under Debian Bullseye.

Our top favourite Linux games released in 2020
26 December 2020 at 7:43 am UTC Likes: 2

Ring of pain
I, Dracula Genesis
Fate hunters
The wolf among us
Risk of rain 2
Shadow fo the tomb raider
Iratus lord of the dead
Road redemption
Dishonored (I tried 2.4h, but it crashed my whole computer 2 times, so removed it :()
One finger death punch 2
Doom eternal
Horizon chase turbo

A pretty good year gaming-wise :)

Linux Kernel 5.10 is officially out now as a Long Term Support release
15 December 2020 at 6:44 am UTC Likes: 1

Quoting: Avehicle7887Unless you're using VirtualBox for something important, I would highly giving a look at Virtual Machine Manager (uses QEMU/KVM). I can't see myself going back to VMWare Player or VBox after that.
Sorry for high-jacking the thread, but could you please elaborate?

I've tried Virtual Machine Manager and somehow I found the UX to be pretty bad compared to Virtualbox.
What does VMM do better than Vbox in your opinion?

Microsoft Edge now available on Linux in Preview
25 October 2020 at 7:58 am UTC

Quoting: Purple Library Guy
Quoting: AciDNow, do the same with Excel and Powerpoint (and perhaps even Word).
No need for edge when you already have Firefox/Chromium, while on the other hand in a work environment, having Excel and Powerpoint is essential.
Depends on the work environment. I've never actually used Powerpoint at work in 30+ years. And I've been working from home for months and never had a reason to wish my LibreOffice Calc was Excel. I know there are features Excel has that some people need, but just to use it as a spreadsheet . . . nope.

Well, for most people Calc would be enough, but as soon as you need more 'advanced' features in a work environment (which I do for 20 years now), it's unfortunately not there yet.
That, and all the tiny features here and there that makes using a spreadsheet much more effective and intuitive.
Excel 2003 from 17 years ago still is more usable than Calc, so there is a long way to go to catch up.

Don't get me wrong; I fully support Libreoffice and I use Calc regularly, but only when I know I won't need some of those advanced features.

Microsoft Edge now available on Linux in Preview
24 October 2020 at 12:15 pm UTC

Now, do the same with Excel and Powerpoint (and perhaps even Word).
No need for edge when you already have Firefox/Chromium, while on the other hand in a work environment, having Excel and Powerpoint is essential.

The Humble Better Futures Bundle is up for more budget gaming
16 September 2020 at 1:33 am UTC

@marcin1509 I also already have most of the games in that bundle, except Road Redemption.
If you're willing to trade for unused keys, PM me ;)

Wine development release 5.17 is out now
15 September 2020 at 11:32 am UTC

OnlyOffice and Softmaker can claim what they want to sell their product, but so far none of the spreadsheet softwares around is on par with Excel 2003 (yes, you read that right, that software from 17 years ago).

As for old softwares, you'd be surprised how many enterprises still runs old office versions today...just because:
- it works,
- it does not require a always-online account to use,
- they already bought it and it was not a subscription,
- Excel for instance did not add any major feature to Excel since 2010 (except the recent LET() function a few months ago, which is huge) (And between 2003 and 2010, only the addition of the table object was a pretty big not much, and not much that the average user will ever use anyway)
- and most of their employees only uses 10% of the software features and clearly does not need the latest thing.

Again, it's not about the age of a software, but about how many people are (still) using it.

Quoting: DebianUseri prefer having all (or as much as possible) 5 years old software working trought wine than having Office 2013 Working
The problem here is the definition of 'working'. Right now Excel 2003, 2013, and 2016 are 'working' under Wine, but with some major flaws for experts users. I'd prefer having an 12 years old Excel 2013 software that works like it is supposed to in all cases, than having all the 5yo softwares segfault on 10% of their features.

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