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Latest Comments by stretch611
Civilization VI: Rise and Fall shows off overview of new features
16 March 2018 at 4:23 pm UTC

Oh, I remember...

The original Civilization was an old DOS game. The start screen started by reading Genesis from the bible while the map was being created. (Can't remember if that was Nimoy reading it or not... it wasn't until a later Civ that he did all the infopedia entries.) Whenever I upgraded to a new (more powerful) computer, I was able to start the game sooner from the intro screen.

Civ II, I remember fondly, especially with the different world mods.

Civ III, I remember playing a lot initially, but not enjoying it as much as Civ II.

Civ IV, was one of my last windows games... (The BTS DLC was released in 2007 which was one year before I jumped to Linux only.) It enjoyed the base pack quite well, but the DLC did enhance it.

Civ V, I did not buy until it was on linux. I did not know about it on linux until about 3 months after the linux version was released during one of the first steam sales I ever participated in and bought the complete edition for $49. I have logged 753 hours in it so far.

Civ VI had lackluster reviews on steam and the thought of dropping $60 was a bit much. (compared to all the fun I get from factorio($20) and rimworld($30)) I finally got it w/2 DLC from the humble monthly for $12. And I have only 38 hours playtime... Every prior civ game that would have been less than my playtime for the first week... let alone 2 months.

As for Faerun... I have been there many times... both on the computer and on paper. While I use Roll20 now instead of paper... I do still play at least once a month. (and the webcam on this laptop is the one piece of hardware without a linux driver so my D&D friends are spared seeing my face.)

Civilization VI: Rise and Fall shows off overview of new features
16 March 2018 at 8:09 am UTC

I was about to create a forum post, but I found this recently necro'd thread.

I just got a coupon from Humble Bundle for 64% of Civ VI Rise and Fall DLC.

64% off is a huge deal for something just released a little over a month ago. Combined with "mixed" reviews (only 59% positive) on steam, I am wondering if it is a big flop. After all, there is no reason to use big discounts to encourage sales if you are doing well; especially in such a short period of time. (and lets not forget that the base game has only been out 1.5 years and has already been on sale for 50% as well as being part of the humble monthly for only $12 w/2 DLCs.)

Unfortunately, I also realized that both HB and Steam show only Windows for the DLC. Does anyone know if Aspyr has committed to bringing the DLC to linux?

MMO 'Project: Gorgon' released in Early Access with day-1 Linux support
15 March 2018 at 1:43 am UTC Likes: 2

TcheyIt is Unity, and the game is ugly not because of technical limitation, but because of complete lack of artistic taste. Even the colours are ugly. It will never change, until they get a proper designer, and some money to pull the assets. Sadly, i don't believe it will ever change. Happily, the game is great anyway.

Right. I think this was deliberate. They chose to make the game look like that, perhaps for whatever nostalgia they were trying tap into with the hardcore MMO crowd. I don't even like MMOs, but I'm glad there's something on Linux for everyone.

I doubt it was by choice or intentional, past the point of not paying for an artistic guy yet.

I am an old school developer. I was self taught on Basic and Machine Language back on old 8-bit processors. Over time, I learned more languages than I remember. When it comes to databases, I am a wizard. System design comes easy as well. I have had many co-workers compliment me on my code for both logical design and readability. I am a well rounded developer.

While I have the skills to easily put together a complex system, there is one thing that I can not do at all... Make something aesthetically appealing. I can design things functionally with plain graphics, but graphically appealing in any way past a simplistic "clean white" design is beyond me.

That is why there are great developers and great designers. I have never seen someone able to do both with equal skill. There are some people that can do both... but everyone I know with both abilities has been ok, but not nearly as good as the people specializing in one or the other.

As mentioned before, and in my long-winded fashion... they probably are developers... they need to hire artists now to add aesthetic appeal.

Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire delayed until May
15 March 2018 at 1:17 am UTC

I think that I have to dust off the first one and play it. It looks good. (I got the first through a Humble Monthly and never played it.)

Khronos Group has released Vulkan API version 1.1 today, new NVIDIA beta driver & AMD driver available
9 March 2018 at 10:49 am UTC Likes: 1

minjOf course DRM is always broken. Its whole idea is DoA. And often it has nothing to do with copyright:

Personally, I do not like to add to threads without adding actual content. I hate "+1", "me too", "^^" and other similar comments that lack any substance.

However, I need to make an exception in this case, everyone should read that link. It is long, but it will get you to understand DRM.

Cities: Skylines has sold over five million copies on PC, minor free content on the way
8 March 2018 at 4:58 pm UTC Likes: 1

I see the game as low as 75% off from time to time... But I am also put off by the massive amount of DLC for it. 12 DLC packs is pretty hefty. And if you want 5 extra monuments, you need to get the Deluxe Edition. 5 of the 12 DLC packs are half the price of the base game.

People are welcome to their differing opinions with regards to DLCs, but personally I would rather buy a half-dozen different full games for the same price as skylines with all its DLC.

Khronos Group has released Vulkan API version 1.1 today, new NVIDIA beta driver & AMD driver available
8 March 2018 at 9:34 am UTC Likes: 3

As mentioned, DRM restricts the User's rights. Period. It does not care if the person is doing something legal or not.

While you may think it is justified for them to prevent other applications from accessing a movie being rendered on the screen to avoid copying... that same DRM will prevent a critic from taking legitimate screenshots as part of a review.

There is also the possibility that a company may prevent streaming for no reason other than to keep people in the dark to how much a game sucks. How can you tell if the limited videos of game play they show you look like fun, when 99% of what you do is constant grinding? Think that is too extreme and won't happen, think again... its similar to when the movie industry won't allow any reviews of a crappy movie before it gets released... "but the trailer looked good... who knew everything else sucked."

Major pirates always have broken DRM... Always. DRM is used to screw a company's customers; i.e. you and me.

Microsoft is rumoured to be looking to buy Valve, EA and others
23 February 2018 at 12:46 am UTC Likes: 1

c704710EA purchased by Microsoft would be a fitting fate.

I sadly still have some nostalgic feelings toward Electronic Arts. Back when they had a ECA as their logo. Great games like Lords of Conquest, Racing Destruction Set, Starflight, etc. That was before they became a sports game publisher and all the other crazy money making schemes.

Not sure if Origin is as shit as G4WL though, is it?

I remember those days too... EA used to be a distributor of independent games when the industry was very young. Archon, Populous, M.U.L.E., Pinball Construction Set, plus the titles you mentioned. I still remember they used to package floppy disks (5 1/4" at the time) in a sleeve similar to record albums (I'm also old). This was back in the 80's during the time of Atari's and the Commodore 64, before "IBM compatible" became a thing and made it out of the office into people's homes.

I miss some things about those days, and I miss EA of old. Now I wonder (with glee if the rumour becomes true) which (EA or Microsoft) would get the worse part of the deal in any buyout. This type of deal would not impact linux, its not like either company would support us in any case.

But lets face it, the EA of old is long dead... the SecuRom controversy, forcing solo players to play online (SimCity anyone?) turning off authentication servers so no one can play old games, buying exclusive sports rights so no one else can compete with the crap they spew out, and killing good IP by buying it and letting it die... Westwood, Origin, and the old Dungeon Keeper game that they turned into a crappy Free2Play/Pay2Win phone game. YES, the EA of old is dead. May they merge and hopefully both die a little sooner.

The Humble Classics Return Bundle is a really good deal for Linux gamers
21 February 2018 at 9:59 pm UTC

I will probably get it... It really does seem to be a great value for linux this time. Shockingly, the only one I have is Age of Wonders 3. (though I wonder if Broken Sword might be in my library from old HIBs.)

Railway Empire adds a free new scenario and plans a huge map for the free play mode
20 February 2018 at 9:44 pm UTC

I'm glad they are working on the big complaints...

I will give it another look when they update the AI.

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