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No Man's Sky runs very nicely on Linux with Steam Play, huge online feature update and VR support coming
26 March 2019 at 4:24 pm UTC Likes: 4

LinasI understand the importance of Steam Play and Proton, but is this really Linux gaming newsworthy? I personally don't think so, but I'd like to hear other options.
It is a game, running on Linux. Buying with Steam Play shows the developer a Linux sale.

You say you understand the importance...yet you made this comment?
Sure, all of that is true. But there are a lot of games playable in Proton (which is a good thing!), and this one is not special. The game itself or its developers literally have nothing to do with Linux. That it runs on Linux is purely due to external efforts.

But that is just like my opinion man.
I agree. If this site starts to comment on any title that works through Steam Play, it might as well remove the word "Linux" from the website name.

Valve making steps to address 'off-topic review bombs' on Steam
20 March 2019 at 12:06 am UTC Likes: 2

devnullBit confused by this.. I already don't give any credit to people who have spent very little time actually playing the game. Why can't valve use that?

There's games where you can say you'll never like it in half an hour or less.

It's also easy to fake playing time.
That would require effort. Which requires motivation.
Something someone who has judged a game after half an hour if not liking it will only muster in extremely rare cases.

Yes, but if things change and you are required to play for one hour to leave a review, it is easy just to leave something running on your computer when you grab some lunch. That takes very little effort and people will do it if it is needed.

In general, only a small percentage of people leave reviews.

Factorio has sold over 1 million copies and has only 37,000 reviews. That is less than 4% of the players (though it hit 1 million almost 2 yearw ago and I think it is closer to 2 million which would make it only 2%)
Rimworld also has sold over 1 million copies and only has 30,000 reviews. That is only 3% of the players. (again, it is probably more in sales by now.)

Those are 2 indie games with highly motivated players. (both 98% positive.) It requires motivation to write a review... forcing a little in-game time is unlikely to stop someone from creating a review.

System Shock 3 may see Linux support, OtherSide still working on Underworld Ascendant for Linux
19 March 2019 at 7:43 pm UTC Likes: 2

Nice that some people are NOT relying on linux support through "SteamPlay."

Valve making steps to address 'off-topic review bombs' on Steam
17 March 2019 at 6:51 pm UTC

stuffWell, before just putting out pitchforks, we should remain objective. There are instances with games being review bombed and these reviews having nothing to to with the quality of the game. For example Metro series because Metro Exodus is an Epic store exclusive. This has nothing to to with the quality of the game and should not be taken into consideration for the rating in the store. Another example being Shadow of the Tomb Raider because it got a sale soon after release. Some other games because of some Youtuber.
Because of that, this feature might be not necessarily anti-consumer, but actually pro-consumer. So, if anyone has info which games' ratings were purged, it would be nice to know. Because then we can see if this system is used in a sensible way.
While I agree, the case of Metro:Exodus had nothing to do at all about the quality of the game. (although the Denuvo DRM part does screw up player experience and lower the quality.)

It was review bombed because of the Epic Game Store exclusivity agreement. However, as we all know, exclusivity agreements are anti-consumer.

Other than a you-tuber not getting his/her narcissistic fantasies fulfilled, I would argue that review bombs are generally pro-consumer as they notify the public to anti-consumer behavior, whether that is DRM, micro-transactions in paid games, broken or horribly programmed garbage, or exclusivity agreements.

Valve making steps to address 'off-topic review bombs' on Steam
16 March 2019 at 4:34 pm UTC Likes: 2

While initially I was not happy about this change, after some thought, I can live with the change.

For the most part, I do not rely on overall rating which is the only thing that this truly affects. I prefer to read the reviews to make my decision. In fact, if a an overall rating is "Overwhelmingly Positive" I make it a point to find and read the negative reviews for some objectivity.

As long as all of the reviews are out there, I do not expect a big difference to how this affects my evaluation of titles.

wvstolzingAnother automated system to contain highly erratic behavior?

How about adding a 'complaints & suggestions' box to the product page, in addition to the reviews? And moderating that space for high profile releases?
I doubt "complaints & suggestions" will ever happen. What publisher would ever be willing to put up an area of "please feel free to trash our game here." Most probably don't want an unbiased review section which is probably why Valve is doing this. (and as mentioned in a different comment why Epic Game Store doesn't have reviews.)

Puppygames are making all their games free for Linux, with Basingstoke first
7 March 2019 at 10:29 pm UTC

TcheyRevenge of the Titans was, is, one of the best tower defense i've played until today.
Revenge of the Titans is NOT a tower defense game…
No?!?, thats a shock to me.

If not tower defense, what do you call it when you build offensive gun/laser turrets to prevent the enemy from reaching and destroying your base/buildings, especially when the enemy follows a predefined path towards your base?

The Humble Indie Bundle 20 is now officially live!
7 March 2019 at 12:47 pm UTC Likes: 3

buckysrevengeAmong the Sleep has been on my wishlist for a while, no excuse now I guess :-)
Same here. Nice surprise.
However it would be nice to get the game DRM Free. I hope the recent changes in GOG rules mean that we'll receive some interesting third-party bundles with GOG keys soon.
This Humble Bundle has DRM Free builds of each game (in addition to steam keys.)
For the DRM Free version, you download it directly from Humble.

Puppygames are making all their games free for Linux, with Basingstoke first
7 March 2019 at 9:05 am UTC

Not to distract from the value, as this is generous of the developers...

But, as pointed out linux is not a huge market share.

Also, other than Basingstoke, the games are quite old and are probably close to market saturation... Not likely selling much due to age and the people that want them have them. Maybe a few sales from time to time, but not much continued revenue anymore. (And after looking at Steam DB, I am guessing that Basingstoke did not do as well as they hoped it would.)

According to Steam DB...

Titan Attacks, $9.99/$0.99(sale), 100k-200k sold, Released Feb 3 2012
Revenge of the Titans, $14.99/$0.99(sale), 200k-500k sold, Released Mar 16 2011
Droid Assault, $9.99/$0.99(sale), 50k-100k sold, Released Jan 9 2013
Ultratron, $9.99/$0.99(sale), 50k-100k sold, Released Mar 18 2013
Basingstoke, $29.99/$10.19(sale), 0-20k sold, Released Apr 27, 2018

Note: I bought a triple pack of Titan Attacks, Droid Assault, and Ultratron directly off the developer's website before Revenge of the Titans was released... So this means SteamDB is showing the release date on Steam... Not the original release dates. Also some of the titles were on Humble prior to steam as well, so it is likely SteamDB's numbers might be underreporting estimated sales of the older titles.

Puppygames are making all their games free for Linux, with Basingstoke first
6 March 2019 at 1:19 pm UTC Likes: 1

I really enjoy Puppy Games. I found out about them (and their linux support) back from one of the first few Humble Indie Bundles, well before Steam for Linux was a thing.

Of course I already have all their games for linux already, so this offer does nothing for me. But it is all the more reason to enjoy the developer, and lets just say if I didn't have them all, I would get them all now.

(I admit that even though I bought it for practically full price, I did not care for Basingstoke; however, that is because I don't particularly care for that genre of games, nothing specifically about that game.)

The Humble Indie Bundle 20 is now officially live!
5 March 2019 at 11:31 pm UTC

PitWow, that is indeed (and unfortunately, I have to say) unexpected. I really had given up on HB by now. But then there came HIB 20. Sometimes it's nice being proven wrong
So I of course decided to get this (I have all the other ones IIRC), but TBH they almost made me cancel that decision again. Trying to tweak the payment details (where your money goes) is a major PITA, really. Change one option, all the others change, too. It takes MANY iterations to set things the way you want it Finally managed, pressed OK - and was confronted with a chimney-selection-captcha. F***, don't you want my money, or what? Sorry for the rant (even more as it's rather useless here ), but a nice user experience looks different....

Now let's hope that at least the games are fine. Some I don't know at all, but that had sometimes been the ones I liked most in previous HIBs. And that is one of the nicest things about those bundles - getting games that you wouldn't consider to buy separate, just to find out they are really gems.
I agree wholeheartedly...

I do miss the good old days, where everything was a indie spectacular. And there was no need to check for linux support, as all the original Humble Indie Bundles had support for linux on all the games. I was afraid that was going away completely when they sold out to IGN.

This particular bundle does bring back memories of the bundles of the past.

And yes, quite often, an overlooked title within one of the indie bundles turns out to be a real gem. HOWEVER, I'm still not going to get Dream Daddy.

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