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Latest Comments by Smoke39
Valve's card game 'Artifact' will be on Source 2, it's not free to play and will release this year
9 March 2018 at 11:38 pm UTC Likes: 1

Comandante ÑoñardoI'm 40 years old and I can tell you that Vr was a commercial failure, is a commercial failure and will be a commercial failure, because of the high price of the hardware needed, and because the human is an animal of habits...

Are you from an alternate reality where personal computing never happened? Where smart phones never happened?

Ion Maiden, a new 3D Realms FPS has launched in Early Access with Linux support
28 February 2018 at 11:16 pm UTC Likes: 4

Really sad to see people dismissing this as nothing more than nostalgia pandering. Most "retro" shooters these days are either linear sequences of arenas or rogue-likes, and most modern shooters are dull roller coasters more interested in spectacle than gameplay. If Ion Maiden can reproduce the intricate level design of Duke 3D, Shadow Warrior, and Blood, it'll be something special, irrespective of its visual aesthetic. Dusk is the only other game I know of that's even trying to do something similar.

It's cool if it's not your style of game, but I don't think it's fair to dismiss an entire style of FPS that's currently woefully underrepresented just because this particular one has pixels.

Steam now has a form of platform-specific wishlisting, to help developers see demand
6 December 2017 at 11:56 pm UTC

Leopardif this can help a bit ; why not?
That's the question. An "automagic" statistic could reveal interest that voluntary participation in an obscure +1 thread buried in a forum might not, but on the other hand false negatives like the ones I mentioned coupled with the confidence of the almighty "analytics" could do more harm than good.

I'm not saying this is gonna doom Linux gaming or anything -- we're a small niche no matter how you slice it -- I just question the implementation.

Steam now has a form of platform-specific wishlisting, to help developers see demand
6 December 2017 at 11:25 pm UTC Likes: 7

I'm not sure how useful this will be. It doesn't count people who dual boot but prefer Linux, and people who don't know about this feature may not bother wishlisting games they can't play (personally, I use the "follow" function for games I'm hoping get ported, and only wishlist them if and when they do). I kinda feel like this could actually make demand look even smaller than it actually is.

RUINER for Linux is now officially on hold (UPDATED)
6 October 2017 at 8:48 pm UTC Likes: 1

liamdaweAnd the word games continue!
This is getting comical. How many times can they ping-pong on this?

Speaking of cyberpunk top-down shooters, didn't Jydge just come out with day 1 Linux support? Anyone give it a go yet?

Game developer 'Atlus' issues a DMCA takedown against open source PS3 emulator
27 September 2017 at 7:08 pm UTC Likes: 10

I think attacking emulators is short-sighted and shows a lack of respect for games as an art form.

Also, the legality of emulators has been tested in court. Bleem died because of legal fees, but they won their case.

Valve makes adjustments to user reviews due to review bombing with 'histogram' charts
20 September 2017 at 7:23 pm UTC Likes: 3

I'm not sure I agree with even using the phrase "review bombing" in the context of Steam. To me, review bombing is when a bunch of people with no first-hand experience with a product leave negative reviews to jump on some kind of bandwagon, but on Steam you need to own a game to leave a review. I think if you bought a game, you have every right to voice your opinion on it for whatever reasons you see fit.

Besides, what's important, and what's good or bad is totally subjective, so I don't really see that there's any fair way to distinguish between "malice" and "genuine discontent." As others have already pointed out, if you want to know why a game has the overall review score that it does, and judge those reasons for yourself, that's what review bodies are for.

2Dark released without a Linux version despite promising it during crowdfunding
13 March 2017 at 7:22 pm UTC Likes: 1

scaineThe worst part is - the whole point of going for Kickstarter, at least in its infancy, was so that the public becomes the publisher. So this is a double let down - to kickstart with campaign promises, then seek a publisher anyway is itself pretty abhorrent, but then to chose a publisher that forces you to break those campaign promises... well, Gloomywood have lost a potential customer here even if their future titles support us.
I disagree that using a publisher is necessarily always abhorrent. A successful crowdfunding campaign reduces a publisher's risk, which increases your leverage in getting what you want. You better be damn sure you'll maintain the freedom to fulfill your promises, though. Failing to do so is no different from promising Linux support, then using middleware that lacks Linux support.

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