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Latest Comments by peta77
A developer from Bohemia Interactive wants to know your interest in the Arma 3 Linux port
7 August 2018 at 4:22 pm UTC Likes: 1

Sadly, I feel much of the lack of interest is due to the fact that the ports are so delayed. I really feel them going with eON was a poor choice simply because ARMA III is a moving target and continually gets updates. Due to the fact, VP has to wait for a released product to start porting makes the entire process less than ideal. I'm all for eON for ports of games that are out fully and only get bug fixes but I don't think it's a good model for a title like this that is continually updated month after month.

The only way to easily have simultaneous releases for all platform on same is to have a the core of the game designed to be multiplatform and continuously develop with that in mind. Otherwise there sadly will always be delays. As that is a design question which you have to make early in the process (think mainly of the graphics API), it can't be easily changed later on. So chances are very low that with the current development-model we will see any change, or only if BSI is willing to do a major rewrite of its code (very unlikely given the current user numbers). So best chances will be that they are really willing to commit to multi-platform availability and design the next version to make this directly possible without the need of porting stuff. From my personal professional experience in the field of CAE software this is possible and actually not that hard. But user numbers there are different (like the ca. 50% linux users the company i work for has, is something we will still be long dreaming of in the gaming sector) and many migrated from the old unix workstations some time ago, so the situation was very different from the beginning.

A developer from Bohemia Interactive wants to know your interest in the Arma 3 Linux port
3 August 2018 at 10:57 pm UTC Likes: 3

another account? for discord? to post on this subject only??? no, thanks... I hope they'll read the replies to this articles too...

so i bought arma3 a long time ago while using mainly ms-windows for gaming... in the course of time, while more and more significant games got ported, ms-windows got less important, linux became my main gaming platform; as much as i actually use my 2nd pc, which runs ms-windows, only very rarely, and only for a very few games that are completely unavailable on linux..
so when arma3 appeared for linux i was very happy.. and while in the beginnings there were a couple of issues - which are solved for me now - some significant things remain, which make it not recommandable for the general public, which are:
1. update cycle: when you're behind the latest official version for most of the time, you practically can't join any multiplayer/coop event; and as that's one of the main reasons playing arma3 long-term, it's a significant drawback.. there's also a lot of single player stuff in the workshop, but in the end, that's not it...
2. controller support (configuration): especially if you want to be flying in the game (helicopter or plane), you lack the amount of sufficient support for configuration like in the ms-windows version inside the game.. I'd like to have my tm hotas warthog and saitek pro flight rudder pedals configured for flight (and my logitech g25 for driving)... x-plane and war thunder are showing that it can be perfectly done without using any of steams stuff.. but without, reasonable flying is next to impossible...
3. rotor-lib: the more realistic helicopter physics are not available on linux... that's most confusing.. that's physics stuff only, which is usually the easiest to port (and actually the thing which linux and unix system are most used for besides web servers)... how come this is not available... ok, actually makes no sense while point 2 is not fixed... but still doesn't make any sense..

but it's not like i totally hate it and don't play it anymore; i've got almost 130 hours on this game (where approx. at least half of it was on linux), but as the strategy isn't very clear and bsi says (seeing it pessimistically): expect support to stop at every moment, i'm not very motivated to invest more into it (on a monetary basis), like bying more dlcs (though there are some interesting ones)... so having a more clear and dedicated vision, while trying to keep all players fully in the game, would help a lot to improve the reputation of the port and the game.. at least for me.. and, as i'm not buying games anymore that support ms-windows only, it would be nice if could at least make that happen for arma4 if there will be one, otherwise i won't be interested..

oh, and btw: would you mind porting 'take on helicopters' to linux (but with full features)?? would be great!

Arma 3 1.76 for Linux is planned, work on it to start "soon"
20 September 2017 at 10:09 pm UTC

with the 1.70 update it's now running good... but I'd like to see them have the basics finished before getting to the next update, especially full joystick support & rotorlib.. that's what makes it a bit ridiculous that the jets DLC is now working with the ports as having to fly with mouse and keyboard is a joke for that kind/depth of simulation...
so, according to the anouncement, for now it seems it will stay playable infantry-only on linux... sad and kind of dissappointing considering the time span they are already working on the ports.....

Arma 3 for Linux updated to 1.70, it’s now 64bit and solves the texture issue I had
19 September 2017 at 5:30 pm UTC

BrisseLooks like they are still committed to the ports.

"In cooperation with our external partners at Virtual Programming, we plan to start working on updating these experimental ports to the current main branch release (1.76) soon™."


I wish they'd be more committed to get the basics on par, especially input device support (essential for flying planes or helicopters); otherwise it will stay an infantry only game for linux...

As there's wonderful examples that it can be perfectly done - see i.e. X-Plane or WarThunder - they should stop publishing excuses but get the work done... the game isn't much fun if you have the same version as ms-windows, so you can join all multiplayer games, but have only half the options to act in the game... you could as well prohibit all users not using ms-windows to make use of any weapons.... but then again we'd still have Altis Life, which isn't that bad...

Arma 3 for Linux updated to 1.70, it’s now 64bit and solves the texture issue I had
14 September 2017 at 5:13 pm UTC Likes: 1

finally, was waiting for that one as I had problems setting higher texture quality too.. and with a 4K display and only lowest texture available this looks really outdated...

Kithop...did they finally fix HID support? Like, can I use a controller to fly a chopper without right trigger being double-mapped to yaw right and 'fire guns', with no way to remap it? :p

Better yet, can I use my G27 wheel+pedal combo to drive ground vehicles and my X52 Pro HOTAS for flight and mouse & keyboard for on-foot without them all messing each other up, like I can under Windows? ;)

I guess I'll have to test these at some point and report back. I can live with being a bit behind the Windows version in terms of raw features/patches, but that was an absolute deal breaker for me playing under Linux. What's the point of having a HOTAS + wheel if I can't use them, etc.

and that's the second most pressing issue, I'd like to fly helicopters again, loved that on windows, but that demands full support of a hotas system and rudder pedals... well, and rotor-lib... they should do additional changelogs for the experimental linux/mac ports, so one knows what is now actually supported and not having to do guesswork reading through the windows release notes...

Surprise, F1 2017 for Linux appears on SteamDB
26 August 2017 at 10:16 am UTC Likes: 1

ryadOT: Is there a good casual-arcade racing game on Linux like NFSU or Distance?

you might try "jet racing extreme".. it's a little bit different - not the usual type of racing - but very cool stuff anyway and lots of fun... can be a bit hard to master... though it's in early access currently it can already be played quite well and for the current price you get very much content with reasonable hardware requirements...

Surprise, F1 2017 for Linux appears on SteamDB
26 August 2017 at 10:08 am UTC Likes: 1

KimyrielleSo they managed to port the game more or less overnight after asking if people wanted? Including securing permissions?

That or they decided to port that game LOOOOOOONG before asking in public.

What's more likely?

very good question.
it actually makes the poll on peoples interest of a port look extremely ridiculous...

I'm still more into GT/Hill Climb and long tracks, lost interest in formula one a while ago.. so it's not very likely i'd buy it... but it's good to see high quality games being ported, that improves the attractivity of linux overall, though the response here for the port was mixed...

Did you miss Shadow Warrior for free last month? It's free again on Steam this time
24 August 2017 at 7:25 pm UTC

wojtek88AFAIK the game was released 10 months ago - did you preorder or fund this game?

okay, this will not be nice at all...
but: they anounced the game to be definitly released on linux! So: do we need to have funded/pre-ordered the game? I don't think so. They made clear anouncements about what's going to be available and we should not support such a behaviour by supporting them (in terms of adding apologies for not releasing SW2 on linux. That doesn't mean you should refrain from buying the linux version of SW1).

The ARK: Survival Evolved launch trailer is here, more tests done, no Vulkan support soon
24 August 2017 at 7:07 pm UTC

TheRiddickWe need parity performance with Windows, and Vulkan can deliver that!
If you compare OpenGL-only performance on both systems (having same engine and shaders) it is exactly the same. So - if you're experiencing problems - it's either the port that isn't optimal or the engine that is working well only with a (rendering)-specific system. Thinking Vulkan would be some kind of a magic spell that would fix all issues instantly is ... well.. very optimistic... the hardware is one thing (which fortunately doesn't depend on the OS), but the layers/APIs that are the gateways before the hardware are something to consider too.. and they can have a huge impact on what implementation strategy works the best! So the same base and GPU code may behave differently on another platform as the one originally intended. A lot of learning - on both sides, application and OS developers - is needed to get that things to be running at comparable speeds or beyond (and you should allocate a few years for that process to finish). So for now we'll have to stick to OpenGL ports which are close to other APIs performance. Which isn't that bad, as OpenGL drivers are pretty stable in most cases and we get something we can use instead of something we have to debug.

The ARK: Survival Evolved launch trailer is here, more tests done, no Vulkan support soon
24 August 2017 at 6:36 pm UTC

In the long run I don't think there's gonna be a question if it's either DirectX or Vulkan on MS-Windows either, as all others are supporting Vulkan and the X-Box (why X-Box, it's not about X-Windows!!! or is it??? maybe it's running some kind of heavily modified Linux/Unix version...) is the only one to support DirectX only, it'll be a simple economical decision to move to Vulkan (just remember, when talking about gaming we have to take into acount all consoles and then MS market share is dropping below 50%, so they're not untouchable!). The java-like concept of Vulkan makes the transition easy for most developers, but you have to implement much of the stuff the driver did before on your own. At that point you're conquered with decades(!) of experience/know how. So assuming Vulkan would instantly make anything better on a grand scale is delusionaly naive. But everything needs a starting point; and it is only fair to give the guys a chance... Which also means having to wait for an official release, as most of the drivers need some additional work to get proper support and eliminate overhead that isn't needed anymore. But as there's (supposedly) no OpenGL 5 anymore it surely is necessary for engine developers to focus on Vulkan.

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