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Eschalon Book2 Secret of Fathamurk addon

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Extra free downloadable content for those that bought Eschalon book 2 will hopefully be up for download this Friday.

QuoteWe'll be doing a final test of 1.05 on Wednesday. Probably all 3 versions, and we will probably will make it a semi-public test (links will only be posted here on the forums, not announced to the rest of the world).

After our first test which was run a couple weeks ago, we've added a bit more content to extend the amount of gameplay the add-on provides. It's still not as long as I had originally hoped, but it will give most players 3-5 hours of new area to adventure in and it is certainly challenging to those of you who do not cheat. :wink:

If there are no major problems found, we'll put it up for the rest of the world to download by Friday.
Quote[Q] What is "The Secret of Fathamurk?"
[A] It is a new, high-level adventure for Eschalon: Book II which gives the game an additional 5-10 hours of gameplay.

[Q] Is it a seperate game?
[A] No, it's an extension of Eschalon: Book II. If you already have Eschalon: Book II, you'll be able to play The Secret of Fathamurk.

[Q] Ah, so it's another scheme by you wealthy, money-grubbing developers to get us to buy downloadable content, right?
[A] No, it is a free extention to the game. You just need to own the original game Eschalon: Book II.

[Q] So I don't have to pay for it?
[A] Nope. We love you and this is our gift to you for being a customer. But if you really want to help us, please mention our games on your Twitter feed, or on your Facebook page, or your blog. Or if you've been playing Book II and you didn't actually buy it, please consider purchasing a copy now. Your support allows us to make make more games for you!

[Q] How do I get it?
[A] The additional content will be included with version 1.05 of Eschalon: Book II. When this version becomes available in October, you just need to redownload the game and install it. The new content is already integrated into the game.

[Q] How do I see the new content?
[A] Once inside the game, you need to go to the Farrock Caves. In the western part of the caves is a sealed hallway, beyond which is a stairwell going down. The new content is down there, in the dungeons of Fathamurk.

[Q] The Farrock Caves? Where/what is that?
[A] It's a series of caves southwest of Port Kuudad. Using the Quick Travel function, you can jump to "The Farrock Monolith" to reach the southeast entrace of the caves. The stairs down to Fathamurk are in the western section of the caves, beyond a sealed wall (take some powder kegs with you!). If you need more help, the nice people who hang out on our forums will give you some guidance.

[Q] What skill level is this new content intended for?
[A] The new content is designed for high-level characters- level 15 or above. So you have three options:

1) Start a new game and build your charcater up to at least level 15.
2) Load a previously saved game (any game saved before you reach the end of the main storyline in Eschalon: Book II) and use a character that has already reached that level.
3) Try your luck with a lower-level character. Perhaps you'll have the smarts and fortitude to make it through alive, but don't send us hate mail telling us the add-on was too hard for your level 3 Theif. Trust us, Fathamurk is a tough place!

[Q] Is this additional content part of the main storyline in Book II?
[A] No, it doesn't affect the main storyline at all. You can play the game and never even visit this new dungeon, and it won't change your game one bit. But for true fans of the game, there will be some clues in Fathamurk regarding the true nature of the Orakur!

[Q] What else is notable about version 1.05 of Eschalon: Book II?
[A] Quite a bit, actually! There are a large number of updates to the game engine as well as additional content to other areas* of the game world in addition to Fathamurk dungeon. For example, the Zoological ruins outside Port Kuudad have been expanded and additional enemies have been added to several areas of the game, just to list a few of the updates.

Edit -> You can find the BETA links here:
BETA Forum Topic

Our forum post link -> chat with other gamers. Article taken from
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