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(Game in Focus) ToME

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ToME (Tales of Maj'Eyal: Age of Ascendancy) version 4 beta 18

Seeing as though it has been slow on the Linux gaming scene at the moment I thought I would write a short slot about a game that has come to my attention lately.
Whilst surfing the internet I found a very good rogue game I had not tried out ToME (Tales of Maj'Eyal: Age of Ascendancy), so I proceded to download it and was delighted to find such a fine game.

ToME is a free open-source rogue-like that is available on Mac, Linux and Windows.

Upon loading to the title screen what first becomes apparent is the excellent musical score that accompanies the game.The music in this game is superb. Upon starting a new game you will have to create a character for your adventure starting with his/ her name. You choose its cast the choices being human, elf, halfling or dwarf. Then pick his/her race, sex and finally its class the choices being warrior, archer. rogue and mage.

The graphics are the usual affair for a rogue game, tile based but this one is also partly ASCII. I don't think its partly ASCII by design but it does give it an endearing quality, i think the ASCII characters are there as place holders until graphics have been produced, never the less I could be wrong and I actually like the part ASCII design. If you want though in the graphics settings you can go completely old skool and play ASCII graphics entirely.

As with other rogue games dungeons are created randomly on each play, as are enemy encounters, where this game differs though is it's fixed unrandom world map which has fixed locations, where users travel from one randomly generated area to another. If on the world map the dungeon is a forest it will remain a forest between plays it's just the layout of the dungeon and not the style that is random.

Because its a rogue the play is turn based so play happens on your terms and not the games. There are side quests to complete, npc's to talk to or interact with, treasures and equipment to find and the all important random encounters with the many hostile creatures. Victorious battles gain your character valuable experience until your character levels where his statistics can be increased to help with more efficient creature ass kickings.

User interface is much better than other rogue games and can be entirely mouse based which makes the game more user friendly than most other rogues, and you not having to remember what every key on the keyboards action is.

If you like rogue type games be sure to try this one out, if you are new to the genre and are undecided there is also a good tutorial to introduce you to the game, so you have no excuses not to give it a whirl. ;)



QuoteTales of Maj'Eyal (ToME) is an open-source, single-player, tactical role-playing roguelike and action game set in the world of Eyal.
This is the Age of Ascendancy, after over ten thousand years of strife, pain and chaos the known world is at last at relative peace. The Spellblaze last effects are now tamed, the land slowly heals itself and the civilisations rebuild themselves after the Age of Pyre.
It has been one hundred and twenty two years since the Allied Kingdoms have been established under the rule of Toknor and his wife Mirvenia. Together they ruled the kingdoms with fairness and brought prosperity to both halflings and humans. The King died of old age fourteen years ago, and his son, Tolak, is now king.
The elven kingdoms are quiet. The Shaloren elves in their home of Elvala are trying to make the world forget about their role in the Spellblaze and are living happy lives under the leadership of Aranion Gayaeil. The Thaloren elves keep to their ancient tradition of living in the woods, ruled as always by Nessilla Tantaelen the wise.
The dwarves of the Iron Throne have started a careful trade relationship with the Allied Kingdoms for nearly one hundred years, yet not much is known about them, not even their leader.
While the people of Maj'Eyal know that the mages helped put an end to the terrors of the Spellblaze, they also did not forget that it was magic that started those events. As such mages are still shuned from society, if not downright hunted down. Still, this is a golden age, civilizations are healing the wounds of thousands of years of conflict, even the humans and the halflings have made lasting peace.
You are an adventurer, looking for old powers, treasure and glory. You boldly go in lost and forgotten places, untamed forests and sealed ruins. What will you find in this age of supposed peace ?
Will you meet your destiny, or your own end ? Go to the download page and find out!

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