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Getting back to normal

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So now that the main holidays are over, how did everyone enjoy their time off for the holidays? Much gaming done?

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Bumadar Dec 27, 2011
finished (none linux) on ps3 the 3 uncharted games, well i was almost done on 1 and 2 & 3 really sucked me in ;)
Hamish Dec 27, 2011
Well, as I shared in the talk box, I finished Shadowgrounds: Survivor and moved on to Trine, where I am currently stuck because I can not figure out how to move forward in the Forsaken Dungeons level. After three days of banging my head against the wall, I am finally downloading a video play-through.

I also gave Dungeons of Dredmor a whirl and had some fun, but I am waiting for the upcoming Linux/Mac hot-fix to correct the problem with the save games. That is expected tomorrow.

Plus I am very close to winning Deus Ex through WINE, I am already deep into Area 51 and everyone is trying to be my friend. I think Helios is making the best offer at the moment...

EDIT: Hmm.... it seems I have a show-stopper bug with Trine. At least I know it is not me being thick...
Hamish Dec 29, 2011
Okay... right.


Sorry to hear. This sounds a little odd, it's probably a temporary bug of sorts that just happens on your system more often that it should. Not sure why, and at this point we'll probably not look into it too much...

However, we can get past this with some tricks. I've used these with the Windows version but I am hopeful they work with the Linux one as well.

Open the ingame console terminal with the F8 key (could be F6 as well). Then write:


and press enter. This will warp the character up and forward a bit. So basically, go where you are supposed to go in the level, and then use this to get past the obstacle. _up, _forward, _back, and _down work, adn they can be chained with semicolon.

This should help, even if it's a bit unorthodox - let me know!

Frozenbyte team

Well, it got me past the obstruction at least.:rolleyes:
Hamish Dec 30, 2011
Well, it looks like I got my problems solved on my own. Here is my message to Frozenbyte:


Well, I have made progress and found out why the lever did nothing, as well as solving some other problems I was experiencing such as the jerky and overpowering winds and why certain objects were not solid (or non-existent).

Like with Shadowgrounds, I had to remove libraries to get the game to start. Unfortunately, I removed both and from the lib32 directory, and these libraries are needed by the game to perform certain functions, even though it will start without them.

In doing so, I also isolated which libraries specifically impaired my Frozenbyte games from launching on my Fedora 16 system:


Shadowgrounds and Survivor:

If you could make this information public somewhere I would be pleased; it took a lot of tedious effort to isolate which particular ones caused the problem. I understand you are busy with the release of Trine 2, which looks to be doing very well I am glad to say, but if someone could add this information to the Linux FAQ or something I would be grateful.

Thank you,
Hamish Paul Wilson
Liam Dawe Dec 30, 2011
Hrmm I wander if they will actually do anything.
Hamish Dec 31, 2011
QuoteLibraries to remove if the games don't launch

If the games don't run, you can try removing the following libraries (this may be the case for e.g. Fedora 16). Please note that all games also require the PhysX libraries (i.e., in the lib32 directory) - if the PhysX libraries are missing the game may start but you may experience odd physics-based behavior.




Shadowgrounds Survivor l
Liam Dawe Jan 1, 2012
Well it's good of them to put it up would be nice of them to give you some credit though...
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The comments on this article are closed.