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The Humble Botanicula Bundle

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New Humble Indie Bundle yaddda yadda blah blah blah, you've heard it all before, so a link to the webpage and a video. Go out and buy it and enjoy it.
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Liam Dawe Apr 19, 2012
Hmmm some interesting games....that don't tickle my fancy, first one I won't be buying!

Be nice to see them pop up on Desura after this which is what usually happens.
Bestia Apr 19, 2012
The new game from Amanita Design is named Botanicula not Botanical and please write all of the first letters big: Humble Indie Bundle (it looks better this way).
Hamish Apr 19, 2012
Mostly just old games that were included before, as well as a film. Not the most impressive bundle ever done.

Can't they try and get new developers?
Alex V.Sharp Apr 19, 2012
The most important thing to mention about this one is that they're supporting [URL='']The World Land Trust[/URL] organisation.
Basically they said that for every 160$ contributed to the cause they will be able to preserve an acre of rainforests.

So not as interested in this one for the games, but I am into the whole ecology thing. :D
Kame Apr 19, 2012
Quoting: "Alex V.Sharp, post: 4106, member: 136"for every 160$ contributed to the cause they will be able to preserve an acre of rainforests.

Wait. Can ANYBODY just go around buying random acres of rainforest for $160? Because I would definitely buy some rain forest if offered.

On topic: Was never much into Adventure game but Machinarium was pretty good, so I'll probably pick this up.
Alex V.Sharp Apr 19, 2012
Quoting: "Kame, post: 4107, member: 102"Can ANYBODY just go around buying random acres of rainforest for $160?
Sometimes in some places. Not sure how the whole things works. What I do know is that, if it has to be bought, then I'd rather it goes to some ecological organisation than a tycoon - though personally I'd prefer it wasn't for sale in the first place. You can read up more on the subject [URL='']on their website[/URL]. The HiB page states "This is our humble estimate for acres preserved, based on payments that are coming in. It does not account for merchant fees, canceled payments, or other merchant related issues. It takes approximately $160 to preserve one acre."
Liam Dawe Apr 20, 2012
Pitty but their games dont interest me anyway just i know plenty of people would like to see them on Desura.
Xpander Apr 21, 2012
bought it...its damn worth imo. Botanicula is a masterpiece. freaky interactive game:) love it
Bestia Apr 21, 2012
Botanicula is a masterpiece (it's from Amanita so that's not a surprise), loving everything about it. Even the use of Adobe technologies didn't go against this game.

Although I had problem with installation because it needs very much free space. The installer unpacks files to /tmp and then creates .deb package for installation and I had 3,4 GB free but still it was not enough (so I unpacked relevant files manually from that .deb).

Botanicula doesn't have problems with jerky mouse movements in fullscreen that are appearing in Machinarium.

I've recently stumbled upon another very promising game that is made in AS3 and developer is interested in releasing it for Linux. The game is titled [URL='']The Floor is Jelly[/URL] and this is from it's About page:

QuoteWhat platform(s) is this for?

Right now I plan to release for Mac and PC. I’d love to do a Linux release as well, but I am building the game with Flash and I’m not sure if there’s a good option for putting flash games on Linux. I will if I can!
Xpander Apr 21, 2012
i made a short gameplay video also
View video on

adobe air is quite pain in the ass tho, only version 2.6 and older have linux support. recent versions seems to not have.
other than that.. once air is installed, it works really good
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The comments on this article are closed.