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Dirk Dashing 2 v0.9.1 is out!

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I'm pleased to announce the release of Dirk Dashing 2: E.V.I.L Eye version 0.9.1! This update features a whole heap of enhancements, bug fixes and gameplay tweaks - and a new public demo!

If you want to see the full list of changes, trot on over to But here are the highlights:
      Night vision goggles are now introduced in the 2nd level, so all of Dirk's stealth tactics are now available from the start of the game
      Major revisions to the 2nd level to improve gameplay
      Lots of little changes to all of the levels, to try to balance ammo, health, and gadgets for the 3 skill levels
      Guards now shoot blindly in the dark at anything they hear (Normal and Hard skill levels only), so if you decide to turn out the lights and go "invisible", you better be quiet too!
      Default to Windowed mode on Linux when played for the first time
      Lots of bug fixes and tweaks to polish gameplay

If you haven't played the game in awhile, download the updated Linux demo and give it a try!

So what's next?

At this point, the main storyline is done, and I've fixed nearly all of the major bugs that have been reported so far. Next week I'll turn my attention to the game's remaining content. I'm hoping to release v0.9.2 in 2-3 weeks, containing the remaining 2 secret levels, 2-3 new enemies that will make the gas grenades and stealth tactics more integral to the game, the final mission summary comic page, and a new gadget for Dirk.

Then, between v0.9.2 and v1.0 I will focus on minor bugs and requested enhancements that I've slated for the June 30 release. These include updates to the menu graphics, some fiddling with the game's control scheme, and adjustments when replaying levels.

Meanwhile, have fun with the new demo! Article taken from
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MyGameCompany May 29, 2012
Wow! Thanks for the heads-up. I hadn't seen that yet!
MyGameCompany May 29, 2012
Just uploaded a brand new video trailer (the previous one was from February):
View video on

This one shows off the night vision goggles, the new explosive charge used to destroy mission targets, and more!
Brandon Smith Jun 1, 2012
Nice, like Bionic Commando meats Chips Challenge.
MyGameCompany Jun 2, 2012
Hm, I've never heard of either of those games before. I'll have to google them.

My inspiration for the Dirk Dashing games was mainly Apogee's Secret Agent and id's Commander Keen (2 of my favorite platformer series of games), plus bits from Bio Menace, Crystal Caves, Duke Nukem (the old 2D platformers), Mega Man, etc and a few ideas of my own.
Brandon Smith Jun 2, 2012
You've never heard of Chip's Challenge?! I mean, Bionic Commando I get, not many people know that game, but I thought everyone know's Chip's Challenge!

[sarcasm there], you should really know Bionic Commando!
Hamish Jun 2, 2012
I definitly see the Secret Agent, Commander Keen, and other Appogee influences there.

For what it's worth, I do know and have fond memories of Chips Challenge Brandon. ;)
MyGameCompany Jun 2, 2012
I googled it, and I kinda remember it now - especially after it mentioned that it was part of the Microsoft Windows Entertainment Pack. I had that pack, but never played this particular game - I must have tried it at one point but didn't care for it.

I was more into games from Apogee, Sierra, and Interplay at the time. Those had better graphics, engaging stories/characters, and fun gameplay. That's where the inspiration comes for my games (at least the action-based ones). I also happen to love comic books (even drew a bunch of my own in high school and college), which is why my games have a cartoon/comic visual style and are very story-driven. I kinda carried my passion for drawing & reading comic books over into my game development when I started making games.
Hamish Jun 2, 2012
You do not need to explain the allure to me Troy - I grew up playing Apogee games. Chips Challenge too, but anyway... ;)

My uncle had a disk full of Apogee game demos given to him after he gave us a fridge back in the day, so it is a kind of family interest in a way (though he is mostly a Civilization fanatic). Not quite the same as what was brought up here, but he taught us a few things about how to play Pagantizu, for instance.

I was more personally interested in the side scrollers like the original Duke Nukem games though. I may mostly be a FPS player but I still have time for a good side-scroller.
MyGameCompany Jun 3, 2012
That's a nice treasure trove!

I still have some of the original 3-1/2 floppy disks I got from Apogee when I ordered Commander Keen: Goodbye Galaxy from them in 1992, as well as the official hints and tricks sheet. It was printed in black ink on red colored paper, and had an ad for Keen 6 "Aliens Ate My Babysitter" on the back. They also sent a floppy with demos for Secret Agent 1 and Crystal Caves 1.

I immediately purchased Keen 6 through them too, and I've still got the floppy disk, the instruction book, and the hints and tricks sheet for that game (2 sheets, printed on green colored paper and stapled together). They also sent a floppy with a demo for Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure.

Those games were like gold... been addicted ever since!
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