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Jane Jensen's Moebius and Pinkerton Road Studio

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Another Kickstarter project this time by Jane Jenson (from Gabriel Knight fame) has reached well over it's target of $300,000, they wanted at least $400,000 to do a Linux version which they have also hit over so I am pleased to announce Moebius will be coming to Linux! The good thing is they will be throwing in their second game to you as part of your pledge.

Art Style & Mechanic: 2D, graphic novel look and feel (like an updated GK1). It will be a 3rd person adventure game with a point-and-click mechanic and lots of sophisticated puzzles. It will have two modes: Casual Mode (with hints, a hotspot finder and a simplified interface) and True Adventure (more challenging -- like the Gabriel Knight games).

Size: Moebius will be about the size of GK1 – 50 rooms with 10-20 hours of gameplay (depending on your level and gameplay mode).

Jane and her husband are setting up a new studio called Pinkerton Road Studio to focus purely on story driven adventure games.

Are 2D adventure games really that fun? I can honestly since I haven't played one myself since before my teens and even then I didn't enjoy them all that much, what is so good about them that people put this much money into them? Is it the story for you? The graphics? What?

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Hamish May 20, 2012
I got introduced to point and click by Yatzhee's old adventure games (Rob Blanc and Arthur Yahtzee) and I played those mostly for the humour, which is a good compliment in such titles. That said, I have grown a little fond of point and click in general, even if I have never been all that good at finding the puzzles (though I am getting better!).

The thing you got to consider is that ten years ago many genres were said to be "commercially unviable", but slowly but surely the Indie revolution has proved them wrong, with platformers being the most prominent example (which is why we have some many!). Out of all of them though, it was the point and click adventure that was cast away from the commercial market the fastest, and was most considered something which could only be supplied by the hobbyist.

Double Fine and Moebius and The Journey down to grab something from another thread are just like Braid and Cave Story - they are trying to prove that such titles can still be viable. That is why they generate all the money and the like - the idea of restoring the genre seems worth saving to many people.
RBolts May 20, 2012
Monkey island on the amiga was my first point n click and is still probably arguably the best one to this day
Rustybolts May 20, 2012
Rob blanc was based on the original spacequest series i think i read, Personally out of the AGS engine games i liked Larry Vales Dead girls are easy. There was also a kingsquest remake made with AGS.
Bestia May 20, 2012
If somebody didn't make it to the Kickstarter than it's still possible to pledge through [URL='']PayPal[/URL] up until 25th May 2012.
MaximB May 22, 2012
As I've written in LGN, while the 1st game will support Linux, the second game might not - it's publishers call.
So I dunno if it's wise to pledge $50 in hopes that the second game will also have a Linux client.

I've pledged for only one game, if the second one will have a Linux version - we can always decide to buy it later.

Plus - I suck at quest/adventure games ;)
Xpander May 25, 2012
seems like Carmageddon: Reincarnation might come to Linux as well.
but the bar is pretty high for the port. namely 600k

prolly wont reach to that point. but u never know..would be fun to play it on linux.
i remember good old carma 1 and 2 days:)...tdr wasnt so great tho.
Bumadar Apr 1, 2013
Just an update, they released their alpha build this weekend for windows and Mac but they will only do the Linux build when the game is released:

QuoteWe will do a Linux port of the game at release, but unfortunately it's not feasible for us to provide Alpha builds in Linux.
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The comments on this article are closed.