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Xenonauts confirmed for Linux

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Okay so I am still catching up on the news, Xenonauts the game heavily inspired by one of my all time favourites X-COM has been confirmed it will head to Linux! It's another kickstarter project but has already hit way over it's goal so it's confirmed it will come out!

Here is the latest game play video I could find;
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The confirmation came from update number 4;
QuoteMac / Linux port – The game will be ported onto Mac / Linux platforms for release, and hopefully for beta too.

They have stated on their page what they will add when they hit each $$ milestone, two of those bug me - the motion sensor and tall grass...both where an integral part of what made the original X-COM good, so I hope they decide to add them anyway! Article taken from
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Bumadar May 19, 2012
I am not sure where you read that part, I checked update 6 but cant find that line...... anyways am backing since it runs perfect under wine (tried the demo)
Rustybolts May 19, 2012
Update 5
QuoteThe poll results are in – we’ve had some 1,101 votes in less than 24 hours and the survey has capped out. It’s great to see so many people giving their opinions and so quickly, so thanks for giving us your time! We weren't expecting to have anywhere near this number of people voting!
Here’s how the poll results look (image at the bottom of the page):
1) Hire Level Designer (10.56)
2) Indoor Missions (10.21)
3) Soviet Town tileset (9.31)
4) Military Base tileset (9.30)
5) Reaper Hive tileset (8.78)
6) Female Soldiers (8.44)
7) Tileset-specific NPC soldiers (8.08)
8) Motion Detector (6.95)
9) Soldier Memorial Screen (6.71)
10) Vehicle Combat Experience (6.45)
11) Pilot Portraits & Callsigns (6.15)
12) Proxy Grenades (6.10)
13) Tall Grass (5.94)
14) Human Psionics & Blaster Bombs mod (5.38)
15) Mac / Linux Porting (4.57)
I suppose this shows the value of asking people what they want – more maps and tilesets, apparently! As mentioned in the previous Update, we were already planning to put more maps and tilesets in the game, but we probably underestimated quite how important they are to people. It’s good to know that.
Ironically, the two features that had the most vocal supporters did not do very well - the female soldiers came 6th and Mac / Linux porting came dead last. A victory for the silent majority?
Actually, it’s a victory for everyone. We’ll also be putting female soldiers into the game, and providing a Mac and Linux version of the game too.

and i think that particular line was located in update 4
QuoteMac / Linux port – The game will be ported onto Mac / Linux platforms for release, and hopefully for beta too.
Liam Dawe May 19, 2012
My bad I put 6 and meant 4, the link went to the right one though.
Alex V.Sharp May 19, 2012
It's nice that we'll be getting the game. However I was extremely unhappy with this "poll of priorities" of theirs. I consider it unprofessional and very biased.

Firstly I'm crossed with the developers who mixed porting a game to other OS, an important decision, with obviously mandatory features like tile-sets and the likes. It shows absolutely no interest other than earning money and leaves the fate of the few in the hand of the uncaring many. Thus if the porting didn't make it into the final stretch (which it barely did, mind you) they could always say something like "there's not enough interest" - we'll obviously Windows folks aren't interested cause, you know, they are a majority and obviously don't give a damn about other OS. Hence the results showed just how selfish the gaming community is since almost every Windows user put all the other features as more important than allowing more people to play. It's just mind-boggling! In fact, it got me so riled up that I'm considering writing an extremely heated critique about their selfishness as soon as I have time to spare... :mad:
Hamish May 19, 2012
Sounds like an interesting read. ;)
Bumadar May 19, 2012
Liam, get the lodestar post to the front-page :) will be 1st coming to Linux and no if this or that so it deserves a front-page post :)
Rustybolts May 19, 2012
Quoting: "Bumadar, post: 4305, member: 93"Liam, get the lodestar post to the front-page :) will be 1st coming to Linux and no if this or that so it deserves a front-page post :)

I put it up earlier on today... take another look ;-)
Bumadar May 19, 2012

Henry May 20, 2012
Alex, just wanted to say I rated Linux support very highly in this survey (even though I use windows) out of solidarity with my fellow gamers. I know I wasn't alone.
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The comments on this article are closed.