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Eureka offers a new option for Doom mappers

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A friend of mine on another forum sent me a message to ask for my opinion of Eureka, a new free software map editor for Doom engine based games that is itself based on Yadex, which was the classic option for Linux mappers back in the day.

QuoteEureka is a map editor for the classic DOOM games, and the main target is Linux operating systems (although a version of Windows may come later).

It started when I made a fork of the Yadex editor and attempted to make it use a proper GUI toolkit, namely FLTK. I also wanted to implemented multiple Undo / Redo, which is something you greatly miss when it's not there. These changes required rewriting large portions of the code, and the more I work on Eureka the more I replace (or at least rework) the existing code.

While Eureka began as a fork of Yadex, it is NOT intended to be a continuation of it, nor to be compatible with its file formats, keyboard shortcuts, configuration items (etc). Eureka is an indepedent program now, and it has a different workflow than Yadex or DEU.


It is actually quite nice, offering new features such as a 3D preview mode, undo/redo support, some interface changes, and best of all a built-in nodes builder. As someone who did actually use Yadex back in the day, these are some really nice improvements to see.

It should also be noted that this can be used to make levels using FreeDoom, meaning that one does not even need to own any of the classic commercial Doom engine titles to try their hands at a little mapping.

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Hamish Paul Wilson is a free software developer, game critic, amateur writer, cattle rancher, shepherd, and beekeeper living in rural Alberta, Canada. He is an advocate of both DRM free native Linux gaming and the free software movement alongside his other causes, and further information can be found at his icculus.org homepage where he lists everything he is currently involved in: http://icculus.org/~hamish
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Rustybolts Dec 16, 2012
Now that is pretty cool, i wish i had some free time to have a play at making some freedoom levels. I once had a dabble at wolf3d when I used windows many moons ago.
Hamish Dec 16, 2012
For what it is worth, here is the map I made while testing Eureka:

This took about an hour and a half to build and test, so do not expect anything that elaborate. The map itself is quite difficult as you have absolutely no cover, so you have to be fast on your feet and make sure you do not get stuck on trees
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The comments on this article are closed.