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Games on sale list!

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So here is the current list of games that are for sale, time to grab yourself a bargain. If I have missed any please let me know and I can add it to the list. I will try to keep updating the list over the holiday period. Keep an eye on the latest comments as sometimes people update before I do!

Blocks That Matter - £0.77
Three Dead Zed: Enhanced Edition - £1.91
Wizorb - £0.49
Cardinal Quest - £0.99
Hacker Evolution Duality - £3.24
Hacker Evolution Untold - £1.74

Helena the 3rd - £2.39
Gentrieve 2 - £3.49
OverLight - £2.49 - ALPHA
The Platform Shooter - £2.99 - ALPHA
Rotion - £3.49 - ALPHA
Ensign 1 - £4.89
Survivors of Ragnarok - £3.39 (settlers edition) - ALPHA
Kings Arthur's Gold - £7.19 - ALPHA
in Space - £1.79
OGS Mahjong - £1.49

FTL $7.50 - buy from their website to get Steam key and access via Humble Store
Starfarer - $10 - 50% off while in Alpha.

Tripwire Bundle includes lots of games, Killing Floor (Plus lots of DLC for it!) and Red Orchestra support Linux and Dwarfs is apparently on it's way too! Dwarfs is apparently coming to Linux as well. - £24.99
Steel Storm: Burning Retribution - £2.39
Amnesia: The Dark Descent - £3.24!
Serious Sam 3 - £7.49
Trine 2 - £2.99
World of Goo - £1.74
Defcon - £1.49

FireFlower Games - All prices in Euros
Age of Conquest 3 - 6.99
Desert Stormfront - 4.99
Non Flying Soldiers - 2.99
Tropical Stormfront - 4.99 Article taken from
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kigucdoshu 5 Dec, 2012
Neither Limbo nor Braid work in Steam for Linux yet. The only Steam game currently on sale (via Steam) that already works in the Linux client is [URL='']Serious Sam 3: BFE (9.99[/URL][URL='']€)[/URL].

There are also several games on sale which have native Linux clients, but have not been entered into the CDR as supporting Linux:

[URL='']Tiny and Big: Granpa's Leftovers 2.49€[/URL] (shows up in the Steam for Linux library, but complains about missing executable when installed)
[URL='']Super Meat Boy 6.99€[/URL]
[URL='']Wizorb 0.62€[/URL]

As well as a couple with Linux clients confirmed, but not yet released:

[URL='']Vessel 4.76€[/URL]
[URL='']Left 4 Dead 2 4.99€[/URL]

There is also the [URL='']Winter Bundle[/URL], which includes two Linux titles (BIT.TRIP RUNNER and Conquest of Elysium 3), both of which come with Steam keys. Current price is >4.04€.
Anon 5 Dec, 2012
Also, Serious Sam 3 is now on sale on Steam, so go get that. Awesome game.
Travis 5 Dec, 2012
Quoting: "kigucdoshu, post: 6980, member: 396"Neither Limbo nor Braid work in Steam for Linux yet. The only Steam game currently on sale that already works in the Linux client is [URL='']Serious Sam 3: BFE (9.99[/URL][URL='']€)[/URL].

Killing Floor works in the Linux Steam client.
kigucdoshu 5 Dec, 2012
Quoting: "Travis, post: 6982"Killing Floor works in the Linux Steam client.

Right, but it's not on sale through Steam. I edited my original post to clarify this point.
MyGameCompany 5 Dec, 2012
Not exactly a sale, but my Dirk Dashing 2 game is now available for half-price $9.99! And it should be available on Desura very shortly (just noticed that all the files I uploaded have been approved, so it should be added to the release queue soon). Of course, you can get it direct from [URL=''][/URL] without waiting!

Edit: It's now available on Desura!
Hamish 5 Dec, 2012
Awesome Troy. ;)
MyGameCompany 6 Dec, 2012
Thanks! And I just updated my post above: it's now available on Desura!
flibitijibibo 6 Dec, 2012
Eversion is in the current Bundle In A Box:

They seem to only support Windows/Mac downloads directly from their site, but the Steam key should give you Eversion in the Linux beta.

Also, Vessel is on sale now if you didn't get it in HIB6:

Still working on getting it to RC, but ask any of my testers, it's a real thing! :P
motorsep 21 Dec, 2012
Steel Storm: Burning Retribution is on Christmas sale on Steam:
FireFlower Games 21 Dec, 2012
We have a couple of games for [URL='']Linux[/URL] on sale. :)
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The comments on this article are closed.