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Two Tribes Are Hunting For Linux Interest

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Earlier today, Two Tribes tweeted saying they were keen to catch up on the latest Steam developments after focusing on Toki Tori 2 development.

When asked if that included Steam for Linux, they responded with a playful indication that they were keen to know how many Linux users were interested (If you're keen on something a little more retweetable, you can try this).
QuoteNot if you're the only one interested in it. #hint

Toki Tori and Edge were ported to Linux for the first Humble Bundle for Android (courtesy of Edward "urkle" Rudd). Edge (originally developed for Mobigame, but ported to PC platforms by Two Tribes), is currently available to Ubuntu users via the USC, but Toki Tori has not been made available to Linux users on any distro. Rush, Two Tribes' other puzzle title is yet to see a Linux release.

What do you think? Would you be keen to see their games on Linux? Is Twitter an effective way for developers to reach out and gauge interest from Linux gamers?


Update: It seems that the response has been overwhelmingly above what Two Tribes were expecting. They've tweeted saying that they're looking into it ^_^


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Liam Dawe Jan 18, 2013
Well i chimed in!
s_d Jan 20, 2013
Wow, Cheese... I see what you did there :)
Cheeseness Jan 20, 2013
It seems to have have had some kind of impact. I've updated the first post with some subsequent tweets by Two Tribes.

Quoting: s_dWow, Cheese... I see what you did there

It wasn't me. All I did was ask if they were finally thinking about it, and then got the word out when they asked if there were more who were interested. It was everybody else who made the difference (I know this because I'd previously had this discussion with them on my own a couple of times).

For anybody who can't see the whole picture, there are many, many more tweets that aren't tied to anything linked to in the first post (I retweeted a few dozen before deciding that I'd spammed my followers enough ^_^ ).
KIAaze Jan 24, 2013
QuoteWhat do you think? Would you be keen to see their games on Linux?
Having missed the "Humble Bundle for Android 1" with "Toki Tori" and "Edge", I would like them to make it available somewhere else. On their website, Desura, Gamolith, Steam, somewhere!
("Edge" I got in one of the later bundles it seems)

So, yes, I would be keen to see their games available on GNU/Linux, but it would be nice if I could try the already ported games first!

It's not even available on this page somebody posted on reddit: http://calvein.github.com/humble-games/

QuoteIs Twitter an effective way for developers to reach out and gauge interest from Linux gamers?
Not for me, as I do not use Twitter. I do have an identi.ca account, but even that I don't really use much.
Therefore, just posted on their website instead: http://twotribes.com/message/toki-tori-2
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The comments on this article are closed.