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Wasteland 2 Confirmed for Desura

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In a recent conversation with them on Kickstarter, Wasteland 2 developers confirmed they would release on Desura. I do not know all the stores they will use, but this is still good news for Desura supporters like me.
I used the small url just for size reasons, but still. Here is your proof. Article taken from GamingOnLinux.com.
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Hamblo Jan 15, 2013
I don't understand why not more people are promoting the Humble store.
It seems from the consumer/developer point of view the best choice.
It offers direct payment to developer, and DRM free downloads for consumers.
It even supports other distribution platforms..
Liam Dawe Jan 15, 2013
The problem with humble store, is that you have to view every website directly to find the games. There is no front to the store itself to list all the games they sell.
hardpenguin Jan 16, 2013
Ya liamdawe but at least you can download all games you purchased from the one place, when you create an account in the Store.

However I agree that separate website just for store would be an awesome idea. Did you ask Humble Team for that?
s_d Jan 17, 2013
I prefer Desura over the Humble Store. It has community features (discussion forums), it's easier to browse the game catalog (nice website), it's integrated with other very useful gaming community sites like IndieDB and ModDB, and it has a nice (optional!!) desktop update client. Also, Desura support is much more personable and helpful than Humble Support (which itself is pretty good).

If one doesn't like or want the desktop client, they don't have to use it. They can just download installers directly (at least on the ~50 games I own on Desura), and manage all their DRM-free updates by hand. I've mostly stopped doing that, and am now using a Desurium release-candidate (the GPL version of their desktop update client).

So, yeah... W2 on Desura is a huge plus for me, and a relief as well. However, the point made about revenue is definitely a strong one; to my knowledge, all the large-ish triple-A and indie digital distributors (Steam, Origin, Gamersgate, GOG, Desura, etc) take a 30% premium, versus Humble taking (I think?) 5%.

Still, for me the convenience on Desura is worth a slightly higher pricetag (which I've yet to notice yet, BTW).
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The comments on this article are closed.