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Day of Defeat and Day of Defeat: Source beta on Steam for Linux!

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Another push from Valve for Steam on Linux! We now have Day of Defeat and Day of Defeat: Source (Beta)!

Can't wait to get back into some Day of Defeat: Source! I used to play a lot of this game :), it's easily now one of the more interesting FPS games on Linux!

Sadly though since it's in Beta it seems for DoD:S there is only 1 server!

I hope they eventually do as they have done with Counter Strike: GO and give it an update!

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Guest Mar 14, 2013
Was never really in to DoD, but always good to see another of Valve's games ported :)
Liam Dawe Mar 14, 2013
It's one of the very few FPS games in the WW2 style I actually like, I only mainly like modern shooters but something about DoD:source kept me interested!
Guest Mar 14, 2013
Fair enough :)

I'll get this downloaded tonight and try and put out a video as soon as I can!
Sabun Mar 14, 2013
Woot, another set of cool games added to the Linux library!

I only have the oldschool DoD, not the Source one but I made a small gameplay video of it if you'd like to see it in action :)  (You might want to skip to 3:10 if you're just interested in watching a match)
View video on youtube.com

Another quality port from Valve. I really can't wait for CS:GO and L4D one and two. I remember trying so hard with Wine back when the first L4D was released, good times :P
Guest Mar 15, 2013
Nice Sabun :) I've just (finally) finished uploading my 20 minute DoD:Source video ;)

Sabun Mar 15, 2013
Wow, the Source version looks so much more sexy!
Awesome video man, I think I might just get DoD Source when it goes on sale. I like how the dead-camera has that vintage filter, and was someone running with a sword? Hehe :)
Guest Mar 15, 2013
Yeah, that was the first time I've played DoD in a good few years and they've obviously upped the engine version to the same as CSS -- has some nice effects and the addition of Domination etc is great (as well as all the achievements).

Not sure which bit you mean by sword, but the guy at the end killed me with a shovel :P (I got stuck on a crate).
Orkultus Mar 15, 2013
Also noticed Half Life 2 Deathmatch beta showed up in my list as well.
Guest Mar 15, 2013
Quoting: OrkultusAlso noticed Half Life 2 Deathmatch beta showed up in my list as well.

Yep :) I "installed" it when it had no binary assigned, then a few hours later I came back and there it was! I totally forgot how fun using the physics is :P

Anonymous Apr 5, 2013
I am interested in working with Linux users and custom files for dod:s linux.
Custom HUD's especially.
Please see here, I am about to add some test files for those interested...

INsane  dodbits.com
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The comments on this article are closed.