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Terasology is an open-source survival and discovery game with influences from Minecraft, Dwarf Fortress, and Dungeon Keeper. The game is in a pre-alpha state, but it's already fun to play! Build #24 has been released!

Code changelog:

  • Lots more graphic wizardry by @begla - Terasology has never looked better (1, 2, 3)! Also may be performing better / working better on some systems, and audio got better too image
  • There is also a standalone "TeraEd.exe" now for easier 3d wizardry refinement where shader settings and such can be modified in extreme detail
  • Some more Gradle tweaks, checkstyle stuff, and Launcher prep by @mkalb
  • Fences and rails by @Adeon and @A'nW along with other block shape work and the tutorials (1, 2)
  • Chunk refactoring by @Panserbjoern
  • Couple nice changes by @Skaldarnar so you can now immediately replace plant type blocks and throw containers with their contains maintained within them! Which seems strangely neat image
  • Assorted improvements by @Immortius like how modules now can have dependencies on each others or how our volume controls actually work! Most his work is still on the multiplayer branch
  • Some jar switchery by @ahoehma
  • Initial clues by myself and @Stuthulhu for a content piece that'll hopefully become a substantial part of the next big build - involving creatures and primitive societal development (sort of like miniions but without the player)
  • A fix for an OpenGL issue encountered on multiple Mac systems by philip-wernersbach
  • Assorted minor fixes by @sdab + @Xeano + @jamoozy
  • And last but not least I finally went and grabbed the many new plants from @metouto that had made it into the forum a little while back image

So while not exactly the most interesting release for playing it lays a lot of needed behind the scenes stuff for the future!

QuoteOther stuff going on include multiplayer as mentioned, @aherber is still making updates to his combat branch and it is getting surprisingly sophisticated, @Adeon is playing with minecarts, and we did the Leap prototype

This game will be super fun once multiplayer is in, I will be playing a far bit of it I think. Especially since they actually focus on the graphics options as well.

Hope to see more out of this one, the progress is amazing and since it's free and open source - I would far prefer it over Minecraft!

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Superuser Apr 10, 2013
A rather more sexy, somewhat cel-shaded Minecraft? I like it!

I wonder why Minetest still exists considering this awesomeness is around. :( They should absolutely merge their efforts, if possible (okay, one's C++ and one's Java, but the algorithms could certainly be collaborated on), though granted, Minetest's net code is considerably more advanced (it exists, for one).

That would be simply the greatest of things. :)
Liam Dawe Apr 10, 2013
Quoting: SuperuserMinetest's net code is considerably more advanced (it exists, for one).
Terasology has net code too just not in the main build, in the post on Multiplayer it states this is already done:

QuoteWork Complete:
  • Basic network system and connection establishment

  • Bits of the connection handshake - server information flows to client during loading

  • RemoteChunkProvider

  • Transfer of chunks and block updates

  • Basic entity replication

  • Event replication

  • Simple chat

  • Basic Client/ClientInfo/Character setup

  • Inventory replication

So it's coming! :D
Sabun Apr 12, 2013
This game looks and feels amazing! Thanks to you liam, I've just discovered another gem :)

Minetest is definitely more optimized since it's coded in C++ and uses Irrilicht (if I'm not mistaken), but Terasology looks absolutely fantabulous! I got it to run in my Ubuntu machine too, come take a looksy:
View video on youtube.com

I fumble around in the video a bit, since I'm new to the controls (they do things a bit differently compared to Minecraft + Minetest). For anyone who reads this, you'll most likely need OpenJDK 6 Runtime AND OpenJDK 7 Runtime installed. With only 6 installed, it gave me errors. With 7, it works like a beauty.
Cervator May 18, 2013
Thanks for the post! We'll keep the builds coming :-)
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The comments on this article are closed.