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Half-Life 2, EP1, EP2 and Lost Coast hit Linux!

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You heard right, Half-Life 2, Episode 1, Episode 2 and Lost Coast are now available on Linux in Beta form!

Didn't see that one coming! The Linux versions come as part of their Steam Pipe beta versions!

That's a pretty heft list of Valve games we now have on Linux that's for sure!

To install you need to right click -> properties -> beta's tab -> select steam pipe beta to get the Linux versions.
Update: You only need to install not enter the beta as it's the only version out for Linux.

They all show up in my Linux list now too, downloading right now to test.

Considering all the titles we have now, it really can't be long until we see DOTA2, Counter Strike:GO and Portal 2! Article taken from GamingOnLinux.com.
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Guest May 9, 2013
Their ports are really speeding along now! Fantastic news :)
SimmyD May 9, 2013
Bring on DOTA2 :D  never finished ep1 or ep2 so now i can get that underway.  THANKS VALVE!
ElectricPrism May 10, 2013
I just bought all three of those on GameFly for 75% off two days ago :P

bth I've been playing through Black Mesa Source mod the other day and it's really fun.

I sure hope we see Golden Eye: Source, Garys Mod, Jedi Outcast and others ready for linux soon :).

Steam's got some mean green awesome mods out there.
ElectricPrism May 10, 2013
I also got Serious Sam 3 BFE and it's really fun on Hippie Blood Flower Mode. <3
Guest May 10, 2013
Quoting: ElectricPrismJedi Outcast and others ready for linux soon :).

ElectricPrism May 10, 2013

Looks like they forked the old jedioutcastlinux on github - Jedi Outcast seriously had some epic multiplayer back in the day - with some new paint and whatever upgrades they add I'll be stoked - can't wait for multiplayer. :)
oldrocker99 May 10, 2013
As an experiment, I downloaded HL2 on my Acer C7 Chromebook running Chrubuntu 12.04, 64-bit. And yes, it runs great. This little $200 machine, which costs less then most tablets, is a REAL computer running Linux, and I can also run GIMP, pan, LibreOffice, etc. And play a surprisingly large number of games. Screwabunchatablets...
Sabun May 10, 2013
Oh man, native Linux games overdose! First Portal then L4D2, then Double Fine now the entire Half Life 2 franchise. I've got a lot of gaming to do (not that I'm complaining) :D
View video on youtube.com
No bugs thus far, but fps is rather poor for my system. Without V-sync, at 1080p it only reaches 150fps. It is a Beta though, and 150fps is pretty darn nice so it's all good.
Guest May 10, 2013
Quoting: Sabun150fps is pretty darn nice so it's all good.

Do you have a monitor with a refresh rate to match? AFAIK the Source engine does not have triple buffering so there shouldn't be any visible difference between VSync 60 FPS and Non VSync 120 FPS on a standard 60 Hz monitor.

I realise your GPU will no doubt handle a stack of several buffered frames on it's own, but I personally don't see the big fuss about such high frame rates when the actual implications are next to zero outside of a statistic.

Just saying and curious about peoples opinion on it :)

Will be doing a LP of all three games (as one series) every Monday starting on the 13th (I've now got proper audio capture going!).
Sabun May 10, 2013
My screen's refresh rate is only 60Hz, but being able to view how high the fps can go in-game allows me to gauge just how well my card/driver can handle the game or not. It's not very important, but I like to geek out at this sort of thing a bit :D
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The comments on this article are closed.