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The Cheapskate's Corner 21 (Oct 12th-19th)

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Welcome back to The Cheapskate's Corner! We aren't very glad to inform you that the most crowded section this week is the What Happened? one, so that means that a lot of deals are over and there aren't as many new ones to take their place. As usual, we'll start by reviewing those expired deals:


· Last week's Humble Weekly Sale featured games from Nordic Games included a titlecoming to Linux: Painkiller: Hell & Damnation. You could pre-order this game for $6 or more.

· ShinyLoot's Launch Sale is finally over after many weeks of awesome offers. However, sales are not over there and you can still find some good games at a discount.

· The SavyGamer Bundle exired last Monday. You could pay $10/7.40€ or more to get Frozen Synapse, Richard & Alice, and SpaceChem. The bundle also included Derrick the Deathfin, which is still coming to Linux.

· Flying Bundle's Flying "Welcome" Bundle is also over. Paying at least $1 you got BEEP and Plith, but if you payed $3.50 or more you also obtained Ittle Dew and The Polynomial - Space of the Music.

· FlippFly's Not On Steam Sale, where many developers offered their games at a discount, has also expired but some of its participating games are still on sale: Drifter, Dungeon of Elements, Full Bore, Mousecraft, Richard & Alice, Tug: A Space Trucker's Odyssey, Voyage to Farland, and Will Fight For Food.

· Indie Royale's The Debut 5 Bundle ended after revealing a bonus Linux game. So it finally included The Curse of Nordic Cove and Expander.

· Green Man Gaming's Multi Buy Week, where they offered many Steam games in a 2x1 and 3x2 fashion, expired last friday. You could get them for £10/12€/$15 or for £5/6€/$8, respectively.

· Those of you who lack some of the games in the Half-Life franchise missed the oportunity to complete your collection with last weekend's Half-Life Complete Steam sale. It included Half-Life, Half-Life 2, Half-Life 2: Deathmatch, Half-Life 2: Episode One, Half-Life 2: Episode Two, Half-Life 2: Lost Coast, Half-Life: Blue Shift, Half-Life: Opposing Force, Half-Life: Source, and Team Fortress Classic, only for £6.74/$9.99/6.99€.

· Groupees' Build A Bundle 7 ended without any current Linux game. However two of its titles are bound to be released on our OS, Zack Zero and Frogatto & Friends' commercial version, so you could decide to get it nonetheless as a sort of pre-order.

· FireFlower Games' Sci-Fi Sale has expired recently so you no longer can purchase Kaiser Earth or Zigfrak at a discount.

· And finally, IndieGameStand keeps featuring Linux titles on its 96 hour-long deals. Last week we got the chance to get Inverto and Rktcr.


image is featuring 4 bundles with Linux titles in them. We're going to review the 3 ongoing ones and we'll leave the recently launched one for later:

· Despite what we said last week the Phoenix Horror Bundle is still available, and it offers you The Cat Lady for $5; remember that this game can be played natively on Linux using the AGS Linux port. Additionally, the bundle also includes the first 2 episodes of Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller, the first one in the $5 tier and the second one in the $7 Bundle+ level. Both games are allegedly coming to Linux whenever the developers finish the 4 games for this series and upgrade their Unity license to v4. Last chance to get ahold of this bundle as it will be ending in just a few hours, and this time for real!

· The Anime Bundle contains Planet Stronghold at the $5 level, and QuestRun at the $7 Bundle+. Besides, Fatal Theory is going to be ported to Linux, so here's another reason to go for the bull bundle.

· Finally, the SciFi 2 Bundle is only offering one Linux game right now: Snorms. However, 3 out of the other 4 games in the bundle could be available for Linux someday: Exoplanet: First Contact could be ported to Linux if there's enough demand, BrokenEarth was allegedly coming soon, and the developers of Compromised are currently switching to use MonoGame and will eventually release the game for Linux.


Bundle Stars' Atomic Indie Bundle will still be around for more than two weeks, so there's still time to get SpaceChem for $5 or your local equivalent. We always encourage you to reward those developers that chare about Linux and thus getting the game elsewhere, but this week it cannot be purchased at a discount anywhere else so we leave the decision up to you. :P



The new Humble Weekly Sale featuring games from Focus Home Interactive is yet another Steam-only deal, but at least it includes a Linux title although it's on the beat-$6 tier: Wargame: European Escalation:


Even if only for this game, it supposes a 70% off discount over the listed price. As usual, this sale is ending next Thursday at 6PM UTC.


The Indie Gala October has been recently launched with two Linux titles on the second tier (the price to beat being currently around $5.50): Knights of Pen and Paper and Crusader Kings II:

image image

Additionally, Two Worlds II and its DLC Pirates of the Flying Fortress are also included in the bundle and it's been recently known that they are coming to Linux, so here's another reason to get this bundle, that will remain available for 11 more days. All the aforementioned games are only available through Steam, though.


As we announced in our previous column, Groupees' Build A Casual Bundle went live with only a Linux title in it, Crazy Belts:


Since this is a Build-A-Bundle kind of deal, you need to pick at least 2 games. Luckily, there's another title in this bundle that is coming to Linux. It's Pickle Frenzy, whose Linux version is set to be released in December, according to its developers. Additionally, the developers of Smash Cat haven't completely ruled out the possibility of porting it to Linux, although their current top priority is releasing their latest game on Steam.

The bundle is ending in little over 12 hours at the time of writing, so be fast if you're interested!


As we told you before, there's a new bundle, the Horror Bundle. It only includes a Linux title, The Grave Digger:


It's included in the $5 level, so that constitutes about a 16% discount over the listed price. However, this bundle includes other games that have some chances of coming to Linux some day:

· Into The Dark ($5 level) and Into The Ice (Bundle+ $7 level), there are plans for both of them but it´s still subject to tech evaluation, according to the developers.

· Enola is being developed with the UDK so it cannot be ported to Linux as of now. However, its developers told us there's a possibility that a "Director's Cut" would be developed using a different engine, or maybe make a port using a different engine after the Windows version is released, so not all hope is lost.

Like other bundles this one is going to be around for quite some time, so we'll keep an eye on it for any development regarding Linux support for the aforementioned games.


Finally, we've just noticed that Get Games has begun to announce Linux compatibility for the games they sell. Mind you, they've been selling Steam games with Linux versions for some time, but now they are actively noting it in either the games descriptions or even in the titles: you can check it out on this weekend's special offers. So here you go, before the weekend officially ends you can purchase PixelJunk Monsters: Ultimate, PixelJunk Shooter, or Montague's Mount:

image image image

Interesting to note that the last one is not a Steam game yet, and what you get is a DRM-free copy. Let's hope this store continues to do so and soon it features many more Linux games.



The Big Bad Bundle is still going on until next Tuesday. As we told you last week this bundle contains two Linux titles whose Linux versions aren't on Steam yet, and since only Steam keys are provided we cannot play them: Hack, Slash, Loot, whose developer told us he's looking for a solution to the problems he's had but he doesn't think one will be found anytime soon, and Vessel, the developers of which have assured us they are working on it although they didn't specify any estimated date.

Additionally, the $8 min. Level 3 also contains Cargo Commander, and according to its developers they are definitely thinking about releasing a Linux version on Steam within a few months.


During all this weekend ShinyLoot is hosting the Side Scroller Weekend, with 17 games at 50% off. Unfortunately, none of them are available for Linux although some of them could (or should) be coming soon:

· Aztaka, which should have been already available on Linux by now according to what the developer said back in March.

· RADical ROACH, which will be available soon according to its developer.

· And Micy Roll, which will be available for Linux if the developer manages to overcome some technical difficulties.

This deal is ending in about 10 hours so you haven't got much time to decide if you want to gamble your money on any of those games.

DISCLAIMER: As we always say in these occasions, purchase anything in the Games Roulette section at your own risk. There's no absolute guarantee those games will ever get Linux versions, so don't come complaining at us if you buy any of these deals and it ultimately backfires.


There's nothing we can think of so let's just review our list of candidates for future IndieGameStand deals: SickBrick and Great Permutator as already available games, or Party of Sin (allegedly coming to Linux) and Little Racers STREET (it will be ported to Linux whenever gets greenlit) as hypotheticals.

And that was all for today. There haven't been many new deals this time around, so we hope next week comes loaded with exciting bundles and sales. Until then remember to check our sales page to keep up to date about any new deal including games for Linux. Bye! ;)

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Sabun Oct 13, 2013
Quotetitlecoming to Linux: [Painkiller: Hell & Damnation](
It really feels like this game isn't coming... I read somewhere that it's sales weren't so good, which is likely why the Linux release is delayed. I was certain they said it would come out months ago. I hope it does come out for Linux though, I really do.
QuoteFinally, we've just noticed that Get Games has begun to announce Linux compatibility for the games they sell.
Now, that's news to me! Nice catch muntdefems :D
On my end though, I'm still only seeing Windows and Mac being referenced.
scaine Oct 14, 2013
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  • Contributing Editor
  • Mega Supporter
Quoting: Quote from Sabun
Quoting: Quotetitlecoming to Linux: [Painkiller: Hell & Damnation](
It really feels like this game isn't coming... I read somewhere that it's sales weren't so good, which is likely why the Linux release is delayed. I was certain they said it would come out months ago. I hope it does come out for Linux though, I really do.

Funnily enough I was on SteamDB earlier today and noticed that Painkiller just updated its linux build. I guess you never know, right? Fingers crossed - I'd like to play it, and I long ago stopped buying games until they have their little penguin logo on Steam. :)
SteamDB reference is here :
Sabun Oct 15, 2013
QuoteSteamDB reference is here :
Thanks! Needed some reassurance it was still coming. :D
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