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ID Software Moving Further Away From Linux, QuakeLive Going Native

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So id Software are moving Quake Live from a browser game to a native game, the bad news is they won't be supporting Linux (Or Mac).

This is after their most recent game Rage not getting a Linux client at all.
QuoteWill there be Mac/Linux support?
We will be unable to support Mac and Linux clients with this transition. While we have reports from our testers that the game works through emulation or virtualization software, we are unable to support native Mac and Linux versions. If you’re using Mac and Linux and have a paid subscription, you will only be able to access the game using emulation or virtualization software.


Is that a joke, Quake Live is not going to support Linux, sadly not a joke. I wonder what exactly they are doing to make it not be compatible with Linux and even Mac.

With so many companies jumping into bed with Linux id's stance lately is quite shocking. One of our previous champions has fallen folks.

With Team Fortress 2 out on Linux now anyway is it really that big of an issue? I find TF2 to be all around a far better game than QL.

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HadBabits 8 Nov, 2013
Meh, I was in diaper when Quake came out; I never really got into it or Doom for that matter. However, I did recently purchase Duke Nukem 3D on steam for a couple bucks. Surprisingly, it's been quite a blast :)
Mike Frett 8 Nov, 2013
Sadly, ID is pretty irrelevant now. Quake Live looks like Quake 3, so why not just play Quake 3, It works and I see plenty of severs with no silly sub needed.

I don't see ID making it in the future gaming industry by only supporting one platform. I expect them to disappear as a company in the coming years.
tuxisagamer 8 Nov, 2013
I don't know how many ID linux titles I've played. Quake II is still one of my favorite shooters of all time.
manny 8 Nov, 2013
No lost here.

More players to the source games (from linux and mac) and to Xonotic, alien arena, etc. !

go play them ! :)

View video on
Anonymous 8 Nov, 2013
TTimo and ID have done a lot for Linux/open source gaming. I appreciate their past but have to frown on their current stance.

A note to ID: I'm sorry you're losing the FPS wars as your early games defined fast paced arena shooters. Wolfenstein, Quake and Doom will always have a place in my memories. Just as with friends who move away, I will try to remember the best of what you did and not what you have become. Unfortunately I can't wish you well as you are now just another Windows game company but if you decide to see the light I will still be here on Linux.
Half-Shot 8 Nov, 2013
Quoting: Quote from mannyNo lost here.

More players to the source games (from linux and mac) and to Xonotic, alien arena, etc. !

go play them ! :)

Second this. Xonotic has enough players, features, maps and options to replace quake live. No subs needed. Also IMO its prettier.

Anyone who looks at linux like a percentage of users is ignorant. We could look at windows in relation to contributations to the operating system ecosystem and then i wonder who has a greater perentage. This statement is just a mix of bad marketing decisions and quite honestly laziness on the part of the developers (Yes, developing cross compatible games is much easier these days than developers care to mention)
Anonymous 8 Nov, 2013
Quoting: Quote from Mike FrettI don't see ID making it in the future gaming industry by only supporting one platform. I expect them to disappear as a company in the coming years.
I share the same point of view, really id made some great games in the past and was important for the early days of FPSs but what innovation did they bring to games? I mean, they made Commander Keen series and they kind of got stuck on FPSs, nothing new, Rage wasn´t the success they expected, nowadays we have a lot of options (example how Valve refreshed FPSs with the excellent Half-Life series), they forgot to innovate in my opinion, this news don´t affect me at all, once more they are getting stuck, the future is multplatform development, it can be very risk to concentrate in one platform in my point of view.
titi 8 Nov, 2013
Now, without Linux, the big success of quake live can start! OMG a "reinvented game from 1999" , why should people play it?
For me this is really no loss and I think the OpenSource games are MUCH better nowadays. For example Xonotics(Nexuz) Alien Arena ....
fabertawe 8 Nov, 2013
I concur with a lot of the sentiment already expressed, so I won't repeat it.

Quake blew me away at the time and is still one of my all time favourite games. Admittedly I've not played that many FPS as I've only been a sporadic Windows user but it was about the only one I can remember where I thought the music added to the experience, superbly atmospheric. Without wanting to sound patronising, unless you lived through these changes in computing it might be hard to imagine how exciting something like Quake was! Super graphical games are the norm, run-of-the-mill now. That's for another thread though!

ID innovated at that time but since have stagnated somewhat. I really enjoyed Doom and Quake 4 also. Thanks for the memories ID.
Smilex 8 Nov, 2013
One of the best games ever.
So what about a GOL QuakeLive gaming session before we lose the game?
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The comments on this article are closed.