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Kerberos Productions Inc. creators of the 'Sword of the Stars' games will activate the Linux build for Ground Pounders a hex-based, turn-based strategy wargame tomorrow the 21st of March.

Press Release
QuoteMarch 21st, 2013

Kerberos adds Linux Ground Pounders to Steam Early Access.

With the first month of Ground Pounders Early Access completed, Kerberos has implemented a lot of fixes and feedback from players and now they are looking to include Linux gamers in the process with the addition of a Linux build to the game. Players who own a copy of the turn-based, cross-platform, Sci-Fi strategy Wargame will automatically have access to both the Windows and Linux versions of the game on Steam.

“We hadn’t planned on releasing Linux until after Early Access ended.” says Kerberos producer Christopher Stewart, “When we found we were further ahead with the Linux build than anticipated and we decided to give Linux gamers the chance to jump into Ground Pounders at the Early Access stage. And stay tuned for Mac/iOS/Android versions!”

The game is available for an Early Access reduced price of £5.99/€6.99/$9.99. The Early Access release is feature complete and players can test their military minds against one campaign and five scenario battles – with the final release, early adopters will automatically gain access to a second campaign and five more scenarios.

Take control of a futuristic army of land, sea, and air units, then battle alien factions to control a variety of worlds! Turn experience into veteran unites and unlock event cards to turn the tide in your favour!

Look for Ground Pounders via Steam, GamersGate, and other fine online retailers. Android cross-compatibility will follow soon, and Mac/iOS compatibility will follow the game’s final release.


· Control one of 2 armies – Human and Hivers (Humans available in final release, after Early Access)

· 80+ units covering land, sea, and air

· Battle across alien worlds on exotic battlefields, including airless moons, lava plains, and meteor-blasted wastelands

· Seize orbital superiority and call down bombardment on your foes

· Build airfields, fortify areas, and repair or destroy bridges

· Improve your unit’s experience and abilities over 2 campaigns (Human campaign available in final release, after Early Access)

· Unlock and collect combat cards, including faction-unique cards!

· Build unique combat card decks and even tune them for specific battles

· Ten scenarios to play in skirmish mode or cross-platform multi-player (first 5 available in Early Access)

· Enjoy a SotSdex filled with Lore details on famous units, personalities, battles and weapon systems



Kerberos Productions is a gathering of experienced video game developers based in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Before forming their own company and IP, the team was involved in the development of both Homeworld: Cataclysm for Sierra and Treasure Planet: Battle at Procyon for Disney Interactive. Kerberos has released two games and four full expansions to the 4X Sword of the Stars series, as well as the indie-Roguelike hit, Sword of the Stars: The Pit and its expansions, Mind Games and The Gold Edition. For additional information, please visit

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s_d 20 Mar, 2014
Wow! TBS! I hope we'll get to play The Pit someday too.
Liam Dawe 20 Mar, 2014
Quoting: s_dWow! TBS! I hope we'll get to play The Pit someday too.

They are working on it, we covered the news a while ago, but no ETA.
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The comments on this article are closed.
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