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Steam Now Has Over 600 Linux Games

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It only took around 2 months to do it, but Linux has gained another 100+ games on Steam. We mentioned on the 5th of June that Linux had hit 500 games, and to see us climbing this fast is amazing.


It looks like there is no stopping the Linux gaming train right now, and we can all agree things have never been better to be a Linux gamer.

It is just a number though, and a lot of the games won't be to many of your tastes. We still lack some bigger blockbuster games, but with things like Darksiders, Tropico 5, CS:GO, Homefront The Revolution, Project Cars and a ton more to come things are looking up.

Personally I still wait for CS:GO, so I can just sit back and mong out with Gun Game and a rum.

I imagine with the release of GOG on Linux, and GOG Galaxy to come that GOG will build their Linux game library up more quickly now too.

What has been your favourite release this year so far? Article taken from
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killeri404 Aug 3, 2014
Quoting: geminiMy favourite this year so far is Civilization 5, a true AAA game which takes a lot of time before becoming boring, it´s also one of the best ports I´ve played, which is admirable by Aspyr.

I will probably change my mind though once Project cars is out, unless it´s a bad port or something else.

Civ V is awesome port but I'm still missing the Steam workshop support and the lack of anti-aliasing.

I wish at least the workshop support was added
There are still very few games on linux I find worth playing though unfortunately. I grew up spoiled on AAA games and unless it's pokemon you probably won't find me playing a 2D game. My most anticipated linux game release is the new Warhammer 40,000 Eternal Eden. MMOFPS FTW.
lave Aug 4, 2014
not really "this year" but i really like the nonAAA co-op titles that let me play campaigns together with a friend. forced, hammerwatch, starbound, thrine2 were all neither expensive nor too time consuming and a great bit of fun.
oldrocker99 Aug 4, 2014
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My favorites this year? Lovely to have Linux support (even though there were complaints) for The Witcher 2, and I jumped up and down over CIV V and X-COM's native releases.

Besides that, Don't Starve, Planetary Annihilation. Space Hulk, Adventurenator: When Pigs Fly,
EKRboi Aug 4, 2014
This year, as in the last 12 months, I would have to say Trine 2 The Complete Story. For 2 reasons.. It's a beautiful game that runs extremely well even spanned to 5760x1080. Plus it is/was not a type of game in my "comfort zone" and I probably would have never tried it if I wasn't looking for native linux games to play. I picked it up on sale to show my supprt for the linux gaming movement in general and found it to be great fun and a PC game my gf actually enjoys as well.. so a win/win that was worth every penny. Also as I already own it I can't wait for the linux version of Trine 1 enhanced.

While I have not paid for it yet because they still have a couple minor things to work out on the linux version I found the Painkiller HD demo to be a good looking and fun, no brain required shoot-em-up. When/if they fix those minor issues or next time it goes on sale for <= $10 ill be purchasing it. This was also a game that I had never even heard of until I went looking for native linux games to play, so I likely would have never played it on windows.

All the praise for the Civ 5 port makes me want to try it because I own it.. though it's not really a game in my "comfort zone" either.. it was another game I picked up because of all the praise as well to show support for the linux movement.

Metro: LL would absolutly be on my list if it fell into the last 12 months category. While the visuals can't hold a candle to it's dx11 brother.. it's still one of the best looking linux titles I have played.
flesk Aug 5, 2014
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I learned yesterday that the original Blackwell trilogy from Wadjet Eye has been ported to Linux by a contracted third-party and is currently being tested, so that's also something I'm looking forward to.
DrMcCoy Aug 5, 2014
Neat, looking forward to that.

But why would you need to contract someone to "port" it? It runs on AGS, ffs! AGS has already been ported by the community.
flesk Aug 5, 2014
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  • Contributing Editor
I don't know. Maybe to speed up the process or out of convenience? They started talking about it over a year ago and so far only Gemini Rue and The Shivah are available I think. Wadjet Eye are just Dave Gilbert and his wife so it might be that they've just been to busy working on the latest Blackwell game to consider it.
philip550c Aug 5, 2014
Quoting: geminiMy favourite this year so far is Civilization 5, a true AAA game which takes a lot of time before becoming boring
Id have to vote for XCOM this year and Metro Last Light for last year, for me personally with Civ 5, Im bored right off the bat. I dont think Ive played more than 5 mins before I quit.
oldrocker99 Aug 6, 2014
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A I Kickstarted several games, and so far have gotten Akaniero:Demon Hunters (fun for a while), and War For The Overworld (which is stillin beta...), Planet Explorers, Planetary Annihilation (in gamma!), and the original Wasteland. Waiting for Wasteland 2, Pillars of Eternity, and, also from the same people as PoE, Torment:Tides of Numenaria, which is the one I'm really waiting for.

in the meantime, CIV V and X-COM, Desktop Dungeons, Dominions 4, Garry's Mod, Goat Simulator, and, yes, Portal are keping me happy and busy until the others are released.

And to think I called 2013 The Year Of Linux gaming. It looks like 2015 will be when the floodgates open.
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