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Taking a Look at Goat MMO Simulator & Introducing The New Guy

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As one of Gaming on Linux's newest contributors I thought I'd introduce myself through the medium of gameplay video. In that spirit I take a look at Goat Simulator's latest downloadable content.

Goat MMO Simulator is a game which almost tries to break the forth wall in gaming. It's focus on gameplay is minimal and hopes to win you round by throwing countless inside jokes at you, which aren't as really groundbreakingly hilarious as it would hope. It's a flagship member of a new genre of video games often referred to as 'youtube fodder' or 'pewdie-bait' in where its entertainment value comes from watching online personalties play the game and get the jokes.

Find out more about Goat Simulator at http://www.goat-simulator.com Article taken from GamingOnLinux.com.
Tags: Casual, DLC, Video
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Segata Sanshiro Dec 2, 2014
Refreshing to see a video of goat simulator where the person hates it (or at least doesn't pretend to love it). Pewdie-bate is a good term, never heard it before but it makes sense, and like you say, says a lot about the state of the games industry.
Liam Dawe Dec 2, 2014
Loved it, and the description like Segata said is bang-on. It is complete youtube fodder, and pure sillyness, but that's why we love it right?
Eike Dec 2, 2014
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  • Supporter Plus
I like what you're doing! Hope to see more of it!
dude Dec 2, 2014
Great job Chritopher, I am looking forward to more of your vids/reviews and articles. Liam and the contributors here are really doing a great job, all of you! It's nice to see how more games come to linux, how GOL grows and hopefully more people coming to join the linux gaming community!
Beamboom Dec 2, 2014
Welcome to GOL Christopher! Awesome addon to the crew indeed.
Ilya Dec 3, 2014
I don't agree on Goat Simulator, maybe because it's just my kind of humour. The game is about experimenting with what you have available to attain poorly explained goals. And there is a lot of things that you missed, going straight past them.
I do agree however that the market can easily get saturated with such games: cheap to make and bring a lot of revenue. Also means the genre will quickly fall to a stable level.

Great to have you here!
Zelox Dec 3, 2014
Enjoyed this. Looking forword to more videos. Does Christopher have a "private" channel also?
Or are we going to see all gameplay videos on GOL?
Linas Dec 3, 2014
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"My goat got flaccid." -- official quote of the year. :) Welcome, Christopher.
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The comments on this article are closed.