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GOL Asks: What have you been playing on Linux & SteamOS recently?

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It's time for another edition of "GOL Asks", and today I am asking about games you have been playing and loving or hating recently.

I will open up the floor to you, my lovely users to tell everyone what you have be doing. I haven't asked this question for a few months, so it will be interesting to see what people have moved onto.

Personally, I got a little bit sucked into Galak-Z recently, as you might have noticed by the article. I'm the worst pilot in the word, but I love it. I really need to do another Alien: Isolation livestream, but my god, there's not enough RUM in the world to make me do that ;) Article taken from
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N30N 25 Nov, 2015
Quoting: DebianeerPA:TITANS <-- (omg so good)

Have to agree. I've an ever growing library of games but I only want to play Titans. :D
BlackBloodRum 25 Nov, 2015
Well according to steam:

Men of War: Assault Squad (Got from humbly bundly works well through WINE) - Spent two hours in the game so far.

Cities: Skylines - I accidentally sunk 26 hours into this one! Kinda ashamed of my self for wasting so much time instead of working in my spare time but meh I can take a break from time to time :-P I actually am glad this game works so well on my system even though I have a relatively weak GPU (GTX 650) which is below the minimum spec but the best thing about city builders is they mainly need a powerful CPU and lots and lots of RAM. And that's cool because prior to steam coming to Linux this system was built with development purposes in mind which also require a powerful CPU and lots of RAM.. so yup this game runs nicely, typically now using around 7GB of ram and 4 out of 8 cores, either way it's barely scratched the surface of my system :-). But due to my total play hours so far I have banned myself from playing this game for a while :-P.

I've also been playing DiRT Showdown with a total playtime of 13.8 hours, but 1 hours in last two weeks.

Then there's the other game I've banned myself from: Tropico 5, 48 hours on record... Thankfully 0 hours in last two weeks thanks to my ban :-P.

Played some of alien isolation, sunk 4 hours into it so far, but been playing other games also so not yet finished it..

Hack N' Slash, this game is actually quite cool contrary to popular belief I actually really enjoyed this one!

I have 6 hours on Secret of the Magic crystal.. BUT don't worry! I didn't actually play this one, it got given to me by humble bundle as a "surprise" for paying more than the average. Suffice to say I left it running to sell the trading cards. It is now un-installed and removed.

Think that's about it for "recent" games. :-). Total play time for last two weeks is: 27.9 hours. You can guess which city builder stole those hours from me :-P.
potatopete 25 Nov, 2015
Quoting: stanI have a GTX 660 and can run A:I maxed out in 1920×1200 at a good framerate. I have disabled a few things though (chromatic, blur, these kinds of things) and the game runs always > 60 FPS.

It’s a really good port.

Good to know, thanks Stan. Guess I have no excuses then...

....other than being really scared. :D
malkien 25 Nov, 2015
Lots of Chaos Reborn.
pmadzik 25 Nov, 2015
Recentely I play again mainly (after small break): Hero Academy (definitely my number one, best game ever, etc., above 420 hours).

Otherwise: Chaos Reborn (demo), CS:GO, Invisible Inc., Borderlands 2 and immortal Enemy Territory.
pr4vus 25 Nov, 2015
Pillars Of Eternity
Alien Isolation (literally and figurativley just bought it)
Don't starve together
Space Hulk
Transistor (Can't compliment this game enough.. totally beautiful)
Dying Light (it seems there still are FPS drops and Choppy gameplay on the linux port)

Also gonna try Not A Hero and the Shadowrun: Dragonfall expansion.

Happy gaming!
Edmene 5 Dec, 2015
In descending order of time played.
DIRT Showdown
The Talos Principle
Audiosurf 2
PA: Titans
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