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A bit of Croteam news to start the day with and there's multiple interesting items to go over in regards to their games.

I love how active Croteam are with their community, they're constantly replying to all sorts of random questions from players of their games. Thanks to this, we've been able to learn a few things about their plans.

Firstly, their fantastic puzzle game The Talos Principle is going to be moving over to their newer Fusion engine, they said it will be "Hopefully very soon". The VR version is actually already on it, so that's not surprising.

In response to another question posted in that same Steam thread, a user asked about DX11 and OpenGL being removed from their games, to which they said "2) Yes, OpenGL sooner, DX11 later.", so they're going all-in with Vulkan and DX12. You might remember they were originally going Vulkan-only (or at least, that's how it seemed), but DX12 gave them Xbox One compatibility.

Finally, as a little teaser and again in response to another user question about Serious Sam 4 they said "Why do you think we are doing all this - adding those things to the engine, improving stuff, etc - in the first place?".

Personally, I'm quite excited by Serious Sam 4! Having another quality FPS on Linux that uses Vulkan is going to be great, although it's likely still quite some time away from any kind of release.

Thanks for the tip mphuZ!

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callcifer 5 Jan, 2018
While more Serious Sam is always a good thing, what I'm really waiting for is Talos Principle 2. It was my personal GOTY 2014.
raneon 5 Jan, 2018
I think it is a good decision to go Vulkan only, at least on Linux :-)
Beamboom 5 Jan, 2018
Quoting: lucifertdark
Quoting: g000hAhhh Croteam... Happy Days ahead. Serious Sam 4 will do a great job of filling the Linux "DOOM" void.
Who needs DOOM when we have Serious Sam?

To be honest, I don't think the two are comparable - at all. Not unless everything with a gun and a first person view is interchangeable - and they are not. Serious Sam is rather comparable with Duke Nukem. We don't need Duke with Sam. That I agree with. But Doom? Oh man, how I'd love to see that flagship on our shores.
Shmerl 5 Jan, 2018
I'm waiting for GOG releases of their recent games.
ageres 5 Jan, 2018
Quoting: liamdaweHave you reported them and have Croteam replied?
I have, long time ago, but they haven't replied.
Liam Dawe 5 Jan, 2018
Quoting: ageres
Quoting: liamdaweHave you reported them and have Croteam replied?
I have, long time ago, but they haven't replied.
Might be worth going through their official support channel after posting again to see if they reply this time. They get a lot of replies, so it's possible they missed it.
GustyGhost 5 Jan, 2018
Quoting: tuubiI can't say I care about Sam, but I'm looking forward to The Talos Principle 2. I think Croteam already confirmed they'll be working on a sequel or at least another first person puzzle game.

Road to Gehenna was okay but felt like it was just standing in the shadow of the Talos Principle. But then again what should I expect from just DLC addon?
Quoting: ShmerlI'm waiting for GOG releases of their recent games.

I wish that too, but sadly the people at Croteam are DRM LOVERS...
Nanobang 5 Jan, 2018
The Croteam Army marches on, showing the way for all lesser beings!!
theRealPadster 5 Jan, 2018
I can't even play Serious Sam Fusion. Had problems with it freezing up my whole computer, and now I tried it again and it froze up for a bit but then I could alt+tab out and it was just a black screen.
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The comments on this article are closed.
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