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For those itching to see Rise of the Tomb Raider live on Linux before release, next week Feral Interactive will be showing it off.

It will be on April 10th at 5PM UTC on their official Twitch Channel. Here's a handy timer to help you:

2018-04-10 17:00:00

We've also added it to our Livestream Calendar for you to keep an eye on, as I reminder anyone can submit their own streams to that page.

They also said on reddit, that this month they are aiming to announce a release date and the system requirements that will be needed to play it.

We should have a review of it on the day of release if all goes well, we will also likely do a livestream on the day of release. It's really exciting to have another huge game come to Linux, will you be buying it when it releases for Linux?

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Leopard 6 Apr, 2018
I'm seriously curious about it and will buy it when it is available for Linux. But interesting part is ; this game also using D3D12. So Vulkan conversion of that game will be interesting.
UltraAltesBrot 6 Apr, 2018
The predecessor wasn't that good imo, just mediocre and way overhyped. Played more like an interactive movie with annoying QTE's here and there. Forseeable story, crafting, hunting mechanics (that were never used again after the first 30mins of the game), skilling and exploring were rather meh.
But I'm still going to buy the game and support Feral, though.
Corben 6 Apr, 2018
I've waited with buying this game, though I was hoping it gets a port from Feral like the first Tomb Raider did. Like with Life is Strange... and maybe even Shadow of War.

So yes, when Rise of the Tomb Raider is released for Linux, a copy will be bought form their own store!
BlackBloodRum 6 Apr, 2018

I've really gotta upgrade my computer so it can play all these new games! (still running a GTX 650)

PS: Liam, is that countdown timer just in there so you can show off that your articles can have timers?:D

Last edited by BlackBloodRum on 6 April 2018 at 11:29 am UTC
Kohrias 6 Apr, 2018
I will definitely buy it on the Feral store on release!
Jahimself 6 Apr, 2018
I agree with what's been said about the Tomb Raider reboot. In tomb raider underworld (despite the bugs) and the first trilogy (also anniversary), Lara Croft was a cultivated, passionated and lady of a certain form of elegance due to her education and her life in the Croft Manoir. She was an true archeologist and the game was more about exploration, enigma and platform mechanics. But I will support feral as well.
jens 6 Apr, 2018
  • Supporter
I was never really much into the original TR games, if I remember correctly I only finished the 2nd one. The 2013 reboot though is one of my all time favorites, really loved presentation, story and game-play. So I'm really getting excited about Rise of the TR coming to Linux. Seems release date is coming closer now.

PS: Really hope this will be a huge financial success, then we can hope for Shadow of the TR too. (Once story and artwork is complete/all DLC's are released and when our Windows friends are finished with beta-testing ;))
sbolokanov 6 Apr, 2018
This reminds me…
If you want to see Feral and Aspyr games in GOG do spare the time and click the +1 button in this wishlist entry:
It won't change anything, but I suppose if we can get high numbers maybe we will push both sides to at least consider it.
MayeulC 6 Apr, 2018
I am really pleased by this, but I will probably wait until the cryptocurrency craze is over to buy a new GPU capable of playing it ;)

That said, I started the campaign on Xbox 360. Is there any way to carry the save files over?
Raymond 6 Apr, 2018
Yes, will buy it but it's so stupid that Square Enix recently had a very good deal on the game (70% off I believe) so close to the release on Linux. I guess many bought the game then and they wont buy the game twice of course, all these sales are already Windows sales....
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The comments on this article are closed.