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RUINER officially released for Linux on Steam, coming to GOG soon

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RUINER, the absolutely brutal and damn fun action game is now out of beta and officially available on Steam, with a GOG release to follow. I have it confirmed from my GOG contacts it will land soonish, but if you doubt my own word, the developer said so on the Steam forum as well.

I already wrote some thoughts up on the game here, so I won't reiterate too much. As it stands, it's an excellent action game full of character customisation with tons of perks you can activate and deactivate any time, brutal take-downs and plenty of blood.

An additional point I will make over what I said before, is that the latest build seems to have improved performance even further than before. The city area that previously dropped down hard to 20-30FPS, is now giving me 40-70FPS so it is much smoother. Keep in mind that I'm playing it on the maximum settings.

Since I've been enjoying it so damn much, here's a fresh gameplay video that's further along in the game than the previous video I posted. Fair warning: It's a bit gory and NSFW at all.

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Performance was slightly reduced when recording.

There's only been one time that truly aggravated me, which was during a boss fight we killed each other and this was on my fourth attempt too! The action is just so intense, it's quite crazy. Thanks to how good the combat feels, it's still fun even when you're repeating sections after dying. RUINER is basically a game that makes you feel like the ultimate bad-ass.

Note: They are still working to improve the cut-scene quality on Linux, which is quite low at the moment.

You can grab it from: Humble Monthly, Steam and also GOG if you don't mind waiting another day or two.

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Corben 17 Apr, 2018
Very very cool game! This is the next gorgeous looking UE4 game after Everspace :)

Who is playing Ruiner with a Steam controller? I have issues getting the right pad to feel good. Mouse region isn't working (at least for me), as the mouse cursor is then in either left top or bottom right corner, and the character isn't turning around at all.

Using Joystick move or Mouse move kinda works, but depending on where I start the movement on the pad, without lifting my thumb it might turn out I can't turn in one direction, which is pretty unfortunate in certain situations. I guess Mouse region would be the best way if it would work.

It works perfect with an XBox 360 controller (or keyboard/mouse), but I'd like to use the Steam controller instead. Any ideas?
Shmerl 17 Apr, 2018
Good to hear that GOG release is coming!

Regarding Everspace - I'm still waiting for it too.

Last edited by Shmerl on 17 April 2018 at 3:18 pm UTC
MasterSleort 17 Apr, 2018
Fantastic game. Very similar to the Hotline Miami games, just spiced with dystopian blade runner atmosphere and environment.
It was to good, that I stopped playing it, because I had a sound issue when playing the cutscenes. Here the audio appears to be missing and only few sound effects and background music is heard. I hope they have fixed this bug with the release.

It'll be interesting to see the performance now. I was playing it with 40 - 60fps@4K with mesa 18 and Vega 64 last week on maximum settings. Definitely playable, but if performance has increased as much as Liam says, I can't wait to start it again!
cRaZy-bisCuiT 17 Apr, 2018
If Vega64 performs like that on 4k, I hope I could at least expect the same on 1080p with a RX 480.
drlamb 17 Apr, 2018
Quoting: MasterSleort40 - 60fps@4K with mesa 18

I can also confirm MESA works great as I got 65-120fps at 3440x1440P on my Vega FE last I tried (on Mesa 17.3 - come on Solus!).

Last edited by drlamb on 17 April 2018 at 7:23 pm UTC
Avehicle7887 17 Apr, 2018
Glad they're releasing on GOG, would have been a shame not to, especially after the great effort they made into porting it. Seems my wallet won't have any mercy these coming 2 months.
DoctorJunglist 17 Apr, 2018
Quoting: drlamb
Quoting: MasterSleort40 - 60fps@4K with mesa 18

I can also confirm MESA works great as I got 65-120fps at 3440x1440P on my Vega FE last I tried (on Mesa 17.3 - come on Solus!).
I'm using Solus as well, and the cutscenes don't work for me, here's how it looks:

Do you have any ideas how to make it work? Am I missing some dependencies or sth?

Last edited by DoctorJunglist on 17 April 2018 at 8:53 pm UTC
Shmerl 17 Apr, 2018
I'll give it a try on Sapphire Pulse Vega 56 if anyone is interested, once GOG will release it.
Shmerl 17 Apr, 2018
Quoting: DoctorJunglist

Try Mesa master? Check in console too, if any errors are shown.

Last edited by Shmerl on 17 April 2018 at 8:52 pm UTC
DoctorJunglist 17 Apr, 2018
I'm using Nvidia, here's the terminal output when I run directly (I have to do it with having Steam closed, because otherwise the output gets terminated once the game is launched).
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