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XLEngine for Dark Forces and Daggerfall is now open source

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XLEngine is another project to allow you to play classic games on modern systems, this one is for Dark Forces and Daggerfall and it's now open source. The project is also aimed at Outlaws and Blood, but it doesn't sound like they're finished with the wording of "soon" being used for those titles.

The XLEngine was actually started quite a few years ago, so it's not exactly new, but the source was previously closed-off. The person responsible said "this was originally released on April Fool's Day as a genuine release disguised as a prank" from the OpenMW forum post.

Find the code on GitHub. Hopefully with the code now open, it can turn into another great project for those wanting to play some classic games.

Thanks for the tip in our Discord, Magamo!

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Dolus 9 Apr, 2018
Quoting: DrMcCoy
Quoting: Dolus/home/desum/Downloads/XLEngine/networking/NetworkMgr.cpp:7:10: fatal error: enet/enet.h: No such file or directory
#include <enet/enet.h>
compilation terminated.

Looks like your missing enet. On Debian and Ubuntu, the relevant package is libenet-dev. On Arch, it's enet. On Gentoo, it's net-libs/enet.
I happen to be using Fedora 27 atm, but that seemed to do the trick.

Last edited by Dolus on 9 April 2018 at 4:56 pm UTC
Dolus 9 Apr, 2018
Seems the engine is having problems reading/loading the data files even if you point them to the right place.

Last edited by Dolus on 9 April 2018 at 5:47 pm UTC
Guest 10 Apr, 2018
Quoting: Patola
Quoting: RafiLinuxI hope Galaxy crashes and burns. Not interested in a client for Linux unless it's as simple as the client. Let me buy and install my games and get out of my way.

I think GOG did not make the right move by making that client. They should have made their "client" browser based - friends list/chat/game, list games owned - list game being played (optional) and call it a day.
Then you will like games_nebula. It's an unofficial GOG Client. When coupled with my time-logging scripts, it satisfies all my non-social needs.

Interesting, this is almost exactly what I was thinking as a client. How stable is it, anyone tried it as of yet? Would definitely get me buying from GOG more if it worked decently. Love client, can say what you want but sometimes simpler is better.
axredneck 10 Apr, 2018
Quoting: x_wingUnfortunately Blood doesn't work (or at least I get a black window using game data from the GoG version).
Try BloodGDX
Keyrock 10 Apr, 2018
Never mind graphics, I wonder if this engine could allow you to change the control scheme of Dark Forces to something more in line with today's shooters (e.g. wasd movement and mouse aim). Having to deal with the awkward and antiquated controls is my biggest hurdle to playing this gem again.
nullzero 10 Apr, 2018
yes! yes! yes!
psi29a 10 Apr, 2018
Hey there... psi29a here, just to give a heads up on the status and call for help!

With a bit of work, we've managed to get something compiling on Linux. Sadly there is more work to be done to get XLEngine to 1:1 parity with the Windows counter-part. That being said, there seems to be a lot of missing functionality that was available in the very last build. Not to mention the individual game plugins (DarkXL, DaggerXL, etc.)

We're thinking that the dump we got (with no SVN history) seems to have been in the middle of a re-write with many things commented out. We know that LuciusDXL had abandoned this version of XLEngineV1 and took what he had learned to create XLEngineV2 which was using the DosBox debugger to decompile the running game engines and re-implement those functions in C. This was started in 2011, so many of the features he showed off in the videos are not in the dump we got.

That being said, we're making progress and focusing on Linux support of Dark Forces and Daggerfall. We do have someone working on the Windows side as well but we would love to have others who have experience with OSX to help out there as well so we have the support of the "Big Three". I'll personally be pushing for Raspberry Pi support like I have been with OpenMW.

We haven't even looked at BloodXL nor OutlawsXL, but they do compile. If anyone is interested in picking these up, please do.

To be more explicit, if people want to help... come, help us test this, write bug reports (github's issue tracker), send us pull-requests... even for low hanging fruit, there is plenty of it.

If you have questions, want to help or otherwise keep in the loop, we're all on the OpenMW forum thread here:

Bret (psi29a)

Last edited by psi29a on 10 April 2018 at 10:35 am UTC
frakswe 10 Apr, 2018
Quoting: psi29a....That being said, there seems to be a lot of missing functionality that was available in the very last build....

Maybe that was the april fools joke...cruel to give out half finished code.
Anjune 10 Apr, 2018
Not sure I'm doing this right just yet, but it definitely does something
psi29a 12 Apr, 2018
For those interested, here a short screencast of the status of XLEngine...
View video on
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The comments on this article are closed.
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