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Sounds like everything is going extremely well for the crew behind Godot Engine, with quite a few announcements to go over!

Firstly, they just announced today that they've been awarded fifty thousand dollars by Mozilla, specifically from the Mozilla Open Source Support (MOSS) Mission Partners program. This rather hefty sum has been paid so that Godot Engine will have some hired contractors, to work on three major projects:

  • Getting first-class support for Godot Engine's editor to work in web browsers. This could open it up to so many more uses, so it's a pretty huge thing.
  • WebRTC and WebSocket improvements with documentation, demos and plugins along with better tools and debugging features for networked projects on top of further networking improvements.
  • Professionally made assets for two more impressive demos like the third-person shooter demo.

The Godot Engine team also recently announced some incoming improvements to the audio features available, they're going to allow you to disable features to make it simpler if you want to, pseudo 3D support was added to their 2D engine and also support for convex decomposition are all coming to Godot Engine 3.2.

Sounds like Godot Engine 3.2 and beyond are going to be huge for developers everywhere, it's already an impressive free and open source game engine and all this sounds pretty awesome.

You can find out more on the official site across various blog posts.

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Asu 6 years 11 Apr, 2019
I'm learning godot, just saying lol...
pb 11 Apr, 2019
Quoting: AsuI'm learning godot, just saying lol...

Can you recommend some good tutorials?
minkiu 11 Apr, 2019
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  • Supporter
Quoting: pb
Quoting: AsuI'm learning godot, just saying lol...

Can you recommend some good tutorials?

This guy (Nathan) is pretty good (mostly 2d I believe):

He also has a website with full-fledged tutorials. -

Gamesfromscratch is also a good resource:

Last edited by minkiu on 11 April 2019 at 9:36 pm UTC
Dunc 11 Apr, 2019
KidsCanCode (hey... if they can teach kids, they can teach me, right?) had some excellent tutorials for the 2.x series, although they were already slightly outdated even for later releases of that. Don't know if they've done any updates for 3.x.
Kimyrielle 11 Apr, 2019
I found a lot of good tutorials just by typing whatever I was looking for into Google/YouTube. Godot has this reputation of not having a lot material out there, but I found almost anything I ever needed. Don't forgot their own Wiki, which is pretty good too, if you need help with the API etc.
gradyvuckovic 11 Apr, 2019
The Godot project is exceptionally worthwhile. They're trying to hire a 3rd full time coder and are 85% of the way to that patreon goal. I've been learning the engine as well and can honestly say they're probably onto something big, and if they keep going Godot will be very successful. This could be for game development what Blender is for 3D design.

Once it has just a bit more dev time into it and some other refinements, this engine could be used by many indie game devs out there, and once that happens you have lots of game devs using an engine that can easily do a 1 click export to Linux and which will use Vulkan instead of DirectX. That's going to be a very positive thing for Linux, gaming, and open source.

If you can afford to eat maybe have 1 less takeaway meal a month to join the Godot patreon, $5USD/month to support Godot would go a long way.

If big AAA game design studios were smart, they'd drop a stack on Godot a few times over the next few years to help speed along the development process, because at the rate Godot is going, in the near time I can very easily see it displacing Unity, long term it could even steal marketshare from Unreal, and a project like this is almost perfect for open source since its users are coders who can help grow the project, and the competition is very expensive. It's not hard to imagine Godot becoming the most popular game engine to use for game development in just a few years.

Last edited by gradyvuckovic on 11 April 2019 at 11:36 pm UTC
Natedawg 11 Apr, 2019
This is really great news! Thanks Mozilla! :)

3.2 will also be using ASSIMP which will allow for more import formats. I believe it is only starting with adding fbx, but it also means more formats can be added more easily in the future. 3.1 and earlier was obj and collada only.
Shmerl 11 Apr, 2019
How is Vulkan support in it going?
Natedawg 12 Apr, 2019
Quoting: ShmerlHow is Vulkan support in it going?

I think Juan said he has a few things he wants to get done for the 3.2 release and then he'll be onto Vulkan support. :)
chris.echoz 12 Apr, 2019
All these news about Godot make me want to make a game.
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