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Ah yes, now I can live out my dream of not just walking with the dinosaurs but to actually live and breathe as one. Path of Titans is planning full Linux support.

Path of Titans is a multiplayer dinosaur survival video game being developed for home computers and mobile devices. Survive as a dinosaur in a rich ecosystem filled with intelligent AI creatures and up to 200 other players. Explore a realistic, detailed environment and complete objectives on your own or with members of your pack.

This one has my serious interest. For starters, the developer is firmly committed to Linux support, with one of their team in our Discord often sharing details and talking about it. Even before that, I followed their development posts and their progress has been impressive.


  • Permanent characters with in-depth skin and trait customization
  • A complex questing system.
  • Group and Guild systems that allow for pack hunting and herd migration, with servers supporting up to 200 concurrent players.
  • Lush environment filled with AI dinosaurs and smaller prehistoric creatures
  • Swimming, diving, and fishing in both lakes and rivers.
  • Cross platform functionality, play the game from your PC with your friends on mobile and vice versa.
  • Powerful modding tools with extensive documentation, and a backend allowing modders to deliver their content to other players.

It looks damn good too. Seriously, just look at this, the work on the actual dinosaur models and animations is great:

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They're not planning to release it on Steam. They're doing their own cross-platform launcher, which you can already test from the official website (you need to register an account first) - offered as a Snap or AppImage.

Testing it myself, the launcher works without issues on Manjaro so that's a good start:

The release is expected next year, with backers of at least $30 getting pre-release access in December.

Find it on IndieGoGo for more info and if you wish to back their crowdfunding campaign. They're looking to raise at least $25,299 although it's using the Flexible Funding method, so they get all funds even if the target is not met. They've nearly reached 50% too, so that's great.

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Rooster Jul 16, 2019
This needs a Battle Royale mode. I'm not even joking.
Liam Dawe Jul 16, 2019
Quoting: RoosterThis needs a Battle Royale mode. I'm not even joking.
Holy crap I'm so down for that :O

With the modding support, that should hopefully be possible.

Last edited by Liam Dawe on 16 July 2019 at 11:27 am UTC
Jahimself Jul 16, 2019
Dinosaurs + linux, so cool :)
Zlopez Jul 16, 2019
  • Supporter Plus
This sounds awesome.
Xpander Jul 16, 2019
dpanter Jul 16, 2019
Appimage ^_^
x_wing Jul 16, 2019
World of tanks with dinosaurs? Will be fun if they add the "human hunter" as DLC :P

EDIT: this could be the Carnivores revival!

Last edited by x_wing on 16 July 2019 at 3:35 pm UTC
Purple Library Guy Jul 16, 2019
Quoting: PatolaVery very nice, but it needs feathers and vivid colors for scientific accuracy.
Yeah, I was wondering if I could go feathery with my character. I think I did see one feathery dinosaur slinking through the underbrush, but they don't seem to be doing it much. (Edit: There is one playable dinosaur type with feathers; they're pretty drab though)

I was watching the video and when they talk about the stegosaurus they refer to it as having a spiked "thagomizer" on the end of its tail! I would forgive them much just for that. Been a while since The Far Side. :D

Last edited by Purple Library Guy on 16 July 2019 at 4:40 pm UTC
Draconicrose Jul 16, 2019
Ooooh hope it does end up coming out. Sounds interesting!
dpanter Jul 16, 2019
Quoting: x_wing"human hunter"
A.k.a. lunch. :P
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The comments on this article are closed.