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What have you been playing and what are your thoughts?

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It's been a while since I last asked and plenty of games have been released or updated since then. Let's get talking.

For me, the usual Rocket League has been played a lot recently. Especially with the new in-game event going on, the Spike Rush game mode (video) is a huge amount of fun and it's pretty ridiculous. Even the normal game modes continue to keep the game as my #1, it's gotten to the point where I'm attempting all sorts of insane goals. It's still free to try until tomorrow at 5PM UTC with a 50% off sale on Steam.

Plenty more Dota Underlords as well of course, I'm absolutely terrible at it but it's also stupidly engrossing. I like that I can quickly go for a toilet break or to grab a drink when needed, since you don't have to be at your PC during the battles if you have to run for a minute.

Apart from that, Eagle Island continues to pull plenty of my attention. Such a sweet game and really quite a challenge at times. I've especially enjoyed jumping into the Roguelite mode to continue playing after the story is all done.

I also let the mini-me try out Bastion, while it's not a game I personally enjoy as I find the narrator a little irritating, he seems to love it on the more casual game mode and he's getting surprisingly good at it.

Do let everyone know what you've been playing and if it's worth picking up in the comments.

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jury 14 Jul, 2019
Just finished Victor Vran for the second time. Wonderful hack'n'slash, didn't have this fun in this genere since quite some time. Its pretty nice game with one quite flaw, its really short. Haven't bought any add-on yet ( there are two ) but today I will decide if to buy an add-on for Victor named Fractured Worlds or go for Ion Fury/Maiden :) and I think I will go for the the later :)
on_en_a_gros 14 Jul, 2019
I will Begin my gaming Sunday with a bit of insurgency, and these evening I will probably dive in saints raw IV again, I really need to finish it. I just looked at supraland, and I may test the demo later if I have some spare time.
nullzero 14 Jul, 2019
In the last weeks I have played:
  • Everspace - Got it in the summer sale to play in BPM but can't seem to get the hang of it with a gamepad. I'll try to get back my Steam controller and try a custom config later.

  • Jupiter Hell - Tried the free weekends. It got the feel of DoomRL just right. Sound effects are not as good as Doom, but everything else about it is top notch. It will be an insta buy later.

  • AER Memories of Old - Backlog cleaning. Flying around floating islands on a bit screen is such a magical experience

  • Basingstoke - Everything this small indie studio does has a great atmosphere. It's really bad it didn't succeed commercially, as it won't get further updates. Bought it in the summer sale along with the Slayer Shock Buffy-like from the dev of Eldritch which suffered the same fate. Is it indie apocalypse saturation, bad promotion or are the games too niche?

  • Minit - This small B&W 1bit ground-hog day fantasy is truly a masterpiece

  • And every once in a while Magic the Gathering Arena.

    Last edited by nullzero on 14 July 2019 at 2:55 pm UTC
ageres 14 Jul, 2019
Resident Evil 2 and 3 with HD textures:

You'll need to compile special Dolphin from GitHub, download archives from the project's website and unpack textures from there into corresponding folders (don't forget that PAL and NTSC versions of games use different names for folders). Then check Graphics → Advanced → Load Custom Textures (and Prefetch Custom Textures if you have several free gigabytes of RAM).
axredneck 14 Jul, 2019
Some Duke Nukem 3D wads grps and maps with EDuke32
Xpander 14 Jul, 2019
DiRT Rally - Taking part of the GOL League we have had running for more than a year:

DiRT Rally 2.0 - New Season just Started:
Obviously not many people have this game as its not native, but it does work well in proton but without FFB support, for that you need custom proton or run through wine and steam.

Surviving Mars - Just started playing it. Completed the tutorial and Started a New game. Still learning. Love the details on the environments and it has some amazing music as well. Ofc Gameplay seems really nice also.

Warhammer Online - Tiny bit of RvR Action i managed to squeeze into my weekend as well. Needs wine to run this and works with D9VK also.
kaiman 14 Jul, 2019
Civilization VI. With all the add-ons. I like the series ever since I played the first installment on the Amiga. I've bought (almost) all releases since. Civilization: Call To Power, then ported by Loki, had been my first commercial Linux game.

Technically, Civ VI is running great, including a multiplayer match with my Cousin, who's on the Windows version. Gameplay-wise, it's ... Civilization. The details vary from release to release, but at its core it's still the same as its 1991 grandfather (which isn't bad, actually). Currently working my way towards a science victory, and losing a bit of sleep over it. "Just one more turn" and all of a sudden it's 1 am :-).
Dunc 14 Jul, 2019
Elite Dangerous: On the upside, it's a 21st Century take on Elite. And that's quite an upside.

But that always-online thing... my connection is rather erratic, and at times the game's just completely unplayable. Which would be forgiveable if it was a pure MMO, but there's a “solo” mode, and that's just as online as everything else. Elite ran on 8-bit machines with 32K of RAM, with the entire game loading from tape in one go. Even in the early '90s, it was unusual - and a deliberate choice - that Frontier came on a single floppy (880K, in the case of the Amiga version). The whole point was that you loaded the game once, then nothing got in the way of your exploration of the galaxy. They've thrown that away with Dangerous, making you dependent on the availability of the server, and... it kind of doesn't feel like Elite any more.

That said, I've put more than 60 hours into it in two weeks, so it must be doing something right. :)

Project Cars: Oh my good Lord. Where has this game been all my life? I need a racing wheel now. And VR. And the sequel. You can live on bread and water, right?
calfret 14 Jul, 2019
Pathfinder: Kingmaker has been really fun. The devs seem very active with patching issues as they arise.

Minecraft Picked this up again for the first time in years. It's fun and somewhat relaxing, but it's an entirely new game. The mechanics for everything are completely different, but that doesn't take away from my enjoyment. Very detailed wiki's have gotten me through all the new snags. I did need to remove an argument from the Java Settings (Advanced) section on the profile editor of the launcher. The game would simply not launch until I removed it.

Borderlands 2 has me sad. I haven't played that one in awhile, and now it seems that the client version is different from the Windows version. I am no longer able to play with my friends with my character. :'(
Corben 14 Jul, 2019
Atm I'm playing Doom 3 BFG with Proton. It's still enjoyable, though it didn't age quite well.

Quoting: nullzero
  • Everspace - Got it in the summer sale to play in BPM but can't seem to get the hang of it with a gamepad. I'll try to get back my Steam controller and try a custom config later.

Everspace was designed for Keyboard and Mouse, it's in fact a first person shooter in space. I couldn't play it at all with a Steam Controller so far, as I'm really bad at FPS games with controller :D I can kinda cope with Everspace and the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, but Everspace on Switch has a better aim assist than on console/PC.

Nevertheless, let me know if you got a "good" custom config for Everspace.
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