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Garry Newman from Facepunch Studios has put out a new blog post detailing their final plans for the Linux version of the survival game Rust.

It's quite an open and honest post about the state of things, noting that they didn't really do a good job of actually supporting the Linux version. The post mentions how they never routinely tested it, unless they knew something was wrong. Newman also mentions how the "quiet majority" of Linux gamers accept that they're often a second-class citizen but we shouldn't be as we are paying the same. Which is why they made the decision to stop supporting Linux originally in July last year.

Their plan for the Linux version going forward is to split it away from Windows and Mac, along with getting no new features but it will see "maintenance patches". So Linux owners can still play it and play online together, but not with Windows and Mac players.

Facepunch will also not work on any future Linux games, as they "can't/won't properly support it".

A shame this happened, but nice to finally draw a line under it and know exactly what's happening.

If you are after a survival game that's supported on Linux, I can recommend 7 Days to Die which is really good fun [Humble Store - Steam]. Our livestreamer, Sin, regularly shows it off on our Twitch Channel.

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sigz 9 Aug, 2019
Well, fair enough. Now they could just ensure their game is fully compatible with proton.
Liam Dawe 9 Aug, 2019
Quoting: sigzWell, fair enough. Now they could just ensure their game is fully compatible with proton.
It uses Easy Anti-Cheat, so until that's fully supported in Steam Play it's not possible.
chui2ch 9 Aug, 2019
I understand, but it does feel bad. Most of the people I played rust with are windows users. I'm glad they are upfront about no longer supporting Linux with future releases.
Xpander 9 Aug, 2019
Meh :(

thats no good news. I Hope valve will hurry up with the EAC as the windows client in wine (last time i tried, non eac server) worked way way better anyway, with double the framerates of native client
dubigrasu 9 Aug, 2019
A Linux version with separated server/s will wither an die IMO. No point in maintaining it I believe.

Last edited by dubigrasu on 9 August 2019 at 6:20 pm UTC
eldaking 9 Aug, 2019
Well, I appreciate the honesty. This is not a "win" for Linux players by any means, but it is a somewhat fair solution: they will keep some support for the users that already bought the game, they will be upfront about the level of support, and they will not release future games they aren't willing to support properly. I agree with their assessment: the number of Linux users is small, but they paid the same and it is not fair to treat them as second-class citizens. I don't really think that not receiving new features is sufficient (for those very reasons), but I can understand separating the versions.

It is bad. But the previous news suggested it was going to be even worse... the idea that games sold with Linux support could suddenly stop having it is just scary.
Whitewolfe80 9 Aug, 2019
The lack of support and zero intention of future linux game development can be best as described as well duh since you never supported the one you had. But it is good that he has been upfront and honest and hasnt done his usual job of sniping at linux gamers. I was never going to play it to be honest sucks for the people that liked rust hopefully Easy cheat find a work around for valve.

Last edited by Whitewolfe80 on 9 August 2019 at 7:22 pm UTC
Thormack 9 Aug, 2019
Waste of effort in my opinion.

Simplest solution is to work with other parties aiming towards PROTON support. Much easier than maintaining a whole separate version of the game.
Thormack 9 Aug, 2019
Quoting: dubigrasuA Linux version with separated server/s will wither an die IMO. No point in maintaining it I believe.

Vortex_Acherontic 9 Aug, 2019
They could just start developing on Linux like Bacioiu Ciprian is doing and port thier game to Windows and Mac. I assume this would be a lot easier than from Windows to any other platform, as Bacioiu also confirmed for his game. o.o

I know they mentioned the cheater problem, but don't they relay on EAC, which would make the game break with Proton?
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The comments on this article are closed.