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Epic Games have awarded the FOSS game manager Lutris with an Epic MegaGrant

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The Lutris team announced yesterday that Epic Games have now awarded them a sum of money from the Epic MegaGrants pot.

In the Patreon post, the Lutris team announced they've been awarded $25,000. While this might be quite a surprise to some, Tim Sweeney the CEO of Epic Games, did actually suggest they apply for it which we covered here back in April. To see it actually happen though, that's seriously awesome for the team building this free and open source game manager.

While it's a shame Epic Games have no current interest in officially supporting their store on Linux, at least this way the Lutris team has some extra funding towards getting it nicely running with Wine and their Lutris application.

As for what they're planning to to with the funding:

The funds received will go forward improving the platform as a whole but in particular towards the development of tools ensuring the stability of games or launchers installed through Lutris.


Lutris has come a long way in a short time too. It's an extremely handy application, allowing you to sort through games gathered across multiple stores like Steam, GOG, Humble Store, plus Emulators and Wine/Proton for everything not available on Linux (like the Epic Store).

Running the Epic Games Store through Lutris/Wine doesn't mean every game will work though, that will depend on the individual game. Fortnite, for example, won't work at all due to the anti-cheat and it's likely going to take a long time before Wine gets to a stage where it can work with it. Still, it's nice to see steps like this taken by Epic Games.

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TheSHEEEP 30 Nov, 2019
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  • Supporter Plus
I don't know what the current Lutris state of EGS integration is, but if this leads to a very good usability, it might actually make EGS more interesting to some.
Schattenspiegel 30 Nov, 2019
Well deserved!
einherjar 30 Nov, 2019
So finally a little nice move from EPIC.
It does not really heal the harm they caused to Linux gaming (pulling games with Linux support exclusively to their non-Linux-store), but it is a nice move anyways.

So lets be friendly and thank them, it is a move in the right direction and every way to go starts with the first (small?) step.

Perhaps Mr. Sweeney can be more linuxfriendly in the future. I can remember, that EPIC once was a linuxfriendly company.

Last edited by einherjar on 30 November 2019 at 12:06 pm UTC
pete910 30 Nov, 2019
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  • Supporter Plus
Whilst great for lutris, Surely 25k would have covered the cost of making their game launcher/client run native along with fortnite ? Or at least a good way toward it .
GBee 30 Nov, 2019
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  • Supporter Plus
IMHO a cheap brush off for Epic. They can say they are supportive of linux, but without actually providing that support in-house. $25,000 really is just a small fraction of what a single software engineer would make in a year and therefore significantly less than Epic would spend hiring a team with linux experience to provide a native store (and games).

"Here's some pocket change, now leave us alone ..."

I guess we should be supportive of any engagement with the community, but I'm just very cynical about Epic.
Nanobang 30 Nov, 2019
Although suspicious, Epic's support of Lutris is a thousand times more welcome than anything that they could have spent that money on in-house. Nothing they do can undo the way they gave gamers the finger by kidnapping titles from wider release and holding them hostage as "exclusives." Nothing short of immediately releasing their prisoners---and maybe super-gluing all of master Sweeny's orifices shut---will see them out from under the banner "Heinous Beasties."
mylka 30 Nov, 2019
sweeny should give them the epic store source code, so they can make a linux version of it within lutris
FhilipeCrash 30 Nov, 2019
I believe epic will eventually help the wine project with anti-cheat
yokem55 30 Nov, 2019
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  • Supporter Plus
Quoting: pete910Whilst great for lutris, Surely 25k would have covered the cost of making their game launcher/client run native along with fortnite ? Or at least a good way toward it .
That might be enough to fund a small team for a few weeks to get a proof of concept build of the store out. But once you start getting a QA process rolling and either adding a proton like infrastructure or supporting native ports in the store, then the costs go way up in the context of a big company of people with decent salaries.

And in those kinds of companies (especially ones with public shareholders or outside investors) the costs have to have a compelling ROI model. Valve can do what they do precisely because they are incredibly profitable and privately owned.

The lutris grant is a pretty good start to fund a community supported approach. Obviously it's not ideal for us. But improving the tooling around the wine ecosystem can't hurt.
Swiftpaw 30 Nov, 2019
Supporting Lutris/WINE means they have no plans for supporting or releasing for Linux.
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