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Another week down, most of us are still in lockdown with the Coronavirus and there's plenty of time to play games. Playing games can be a truly wonderful way to get your mind off everything too!

Personally, I've been very surprised by Iratus: Lord of the Dead which recently left Early Access with added Linux support. The mix of party-building from body parts, with reverse dungeon crawling as you're trying to escape is quite a wonderful. It's quickly become my new go-to game for a few rounds, replacing Slay the Spire. Apart from that, jumping into a few rounds in PUBG on Stadia (article info - see video) has proven quite fun.

Over to you in the comments!

What have you been playing recently on Linux and what do you think about it? What's tickling your fancy this weekend?

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Quoting: Feist
Quoting: PatolaAh, another Spiders fan! Have you played Technomancer to compare?

Does it run well on Proton? I have not finished Expeditions: Conquistador yet... How do the two compare?

Sorry to say, I haven't played "Technomancer" yet. I've had it on my wishlist forever but first I was hoping for a native linux port and then proton arrived and I almost forgot about it in the flood of new gaming possibilities. I will get around to it in time without question.

As for "Expeditions: Vikng",It runs great with proton but you must switch to "Proton-5.6-GE-2" for everything to work properly. The combat and camping mechanics are very similar. but there is also much more focus on resource gathering and building up strength & prosperity in your danish "home base".

Technomancer works fine under lutris, I cant speak to spiders other games but for some reason technomancer clicked with me so i ve played through it a couple of times now
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I love to fly in space, so alot of X4

With steamplay ARM3, at server without Battleye , Capture the Island .
Xpander 2 May
Quoting: Whitewolfe80
Quoting: XpanderWarhammer Online - Return Of Reckoning Private server. Been playing it for the Last 6 months or so. Love the epic PvP Battles in this game. Keep Sieges, Fortresses and City Sieges. Currently also leveling an alt, Sorceress Class, which is really powerful, but dies quick if caught :)
Spoiler, click me

is warhammer still going thought they killed the game off

Its a Private Server that has been running since 2014. Official game was shut down at the end of 2013, yes. Honestly in this private server the game is even better than it was during the live. Class balance is much better, Lots of server optimizations also that let you actually have 500+ people on the screen fighting with decent framerate etc. Also its free with no cashshop or anything :) Lots of people playing also.. prime times there are 3000+ people on the server fighting

Last edited by Xpander on 2 May 2020 at 3:54 pm UTC
Redneck 2 May
I streamed some Saints Row 4 2 hours ago and I will be mostly playing csgo with my team! We're always on the lookout for new players. DM if interested!
mrdeathjr 2 May
Testing some things with d9vk and wine 5.7 i386 (no staging)

But this time uplay legacy client begins work :O in my case (windows xp in windows to imitate)

And assasins creed brotherhood (multiplayer) works very good with around 40% of cpu usage in all cores for show 60fps with vsync

Meanwhile wined3d use two cores around 95% and 3 core around 85% for show around 30fps without vsync and need close uplay webcore process for gain some performance


Last edited by mrdeathjr on 2 May 2020 at 4:43 pm UTC
Feist 2 May
Quoting: Whitewolfe80Technomancer works fine under lutris, I cant speak to spiders other games but for some reason technomancer clicked with me so i ve played through it a couple of times now

Thanks! That's great to hear, I really liked 2 of their games and the latest one I played wasn't bad either. So, I'm moving "Technomancer" up to "Top 10" on my wishlist. That's together with titles like "Disco Elysium", "Dying Light 2", "Empire of Sin" and "Cyberpunk 2077", so it should be in fine company until I buy.
damarrin 2 May
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I’m trying to wrap up Indivisible, I must be nearing the end now. It seems to be better technically post the recent update, with shorter loading times, but now I can’t set my native res (1080p), with 900p the maximum I can get. Still, it’s very good.

I’m also playing Deadly Premonition on the PS3. It’s horrendous technically and a total rip off of Twin Peaks, but a really good game nonetheless.
Quoting: Liam Dawe
Quoting: einherjarCan you play that together with friends on Steam in some way?
No, PUBG on Stadia is Stadia to Stadia with keyboard/mouse or Stadia + Consoles if you're using gamepad.
I might be wrong but I think Stadia players using keyboard+mouse can also play with consoles as long as said console has plugged in mouse+keyboard :)
What am I playing this weekend?

- Even The Ocean (Steam Play)

- Anodyne (Steam Play)

- The Elder Scrolls: Legends (Android, Steam Play )

- Call of Duty: Warzone (Windows 10 on Shadow, streamed with Parsec Linux client)

jens 2 May
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.Net Core and GTK, updating Fedora for two machines is also on my list ;)
When time permits, once in a while a few laps in ACC.

Last edited by jens on 2 May 2020 at 9:23 pm UTC
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