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Today, hardware vendor Lenovo announced something quite huge for the Linux community with the addition of more Linux devices becoming easily available.

Back in April, it was announced that Lenovo and Fedora were teaming up to bring Fedora Linux to a few different ThinkPad models. That by itself was quite big. Now they're going a massive step further by announcing both Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Ubuntu LTS will be certified and available across their entire ThinkStation and ThinkPad P Series workstations.

When will it be available? Lenovo said to expect it to begin rolling out this month, and they will be fully customizable too. On top of that, Lenovo aim to build a bit of a community around it. Since this is a proper vendor-run effort, you get the whole package of support too including "security patches and updates to better secure and verify hardware drivers, firmware and bios optimizations".

This isn't a vendor just adding it as an option, they're clearly investing into it. We're going to see "full" web support, dedicated Linux forums, config guidance and so on. Lenovo say they will also "upstream device drivers directly to the Linux kernel, to help maintain stability and compatibility throughout the life of the workstation".

This is awesome. Hope to see more hardware vendors follow and eventually roll it out across more lines. See the original announcement here.

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nattydread 2 Jun, 2020
Quoting: da_habakuknow give me a xps 13 2-1 like thinkpad with ryzen 4000 and no compromises and i will be the first lenovo groupie ;) promise ;)

I just got an HP spectre 360 13 2-in-1 it runs ubuntu linux flawlessly out of the box, Function keys, screen brightness, backlit key brightness, screen rotation, everything. I don't think you can say that about the Dells. It's not got ryzen though... :(
Arehandoro 2 Jun, 2020
Great move. If they expand the support to other thinkpad models will be even bigger news. However, I believe we should still support companies like tuxedo, purism or system 76 instead. For the same reason that we should buy our groceries from the local shop :)
scratchi 2 Jun, 2020
Quoting: ArdjeNice... I have a refurbished thinkpad T430 from a second hand store... It feels like the best PC linux system I've ever had at home, except for the supermicro's.
Everything works. Except of course that nvidia crap.
Added an eGPU using express card. RX580. The system feels a lot faster than my zotac sn970.

Dude, this sounds fun! Which express card do you have? Can you send a pic of what this looks like?

I have a T530 with Nvidia NVS5400. It works fine in FreeBSD, but it's not a whole lot better performance than Intel IGP. Just upgraded ram to 16GB and an RX580 would make really make it complete :)
oldrocker99 3 Jun, 2020
I bought a lemon Lenovo L340 Touch, on which Manjaro was a garbled screen, and I could install EndeavourOS only, and then it started hanging during boot. I returned it and got another laptop. It had, of course, come with Win10.

Lenovo:'( was the last company I would have expected a lemon from.
I wonder when we'll start seeing linux preloaded on the more mainstream budget conscious models of laptops. With how much tech has advanced the vast majority of users are comfortable with laptops in the sub $500 range and it'd be neat if you could pick up one of these already low cost models and then save an extra little bit on sticker by opting for a linux distro pre-installed. Although to be honest I imagine OEM's probably only pay $10-20, or less, per install so it'd be a really insignificant savings for users.
CFWhitman 3 Jun, 2020
Many Thinkpads and ThinkStations have had Red Hat certification for a while, but you did have to check if you wanted to be sure. In my experience, the ones that had Red Hat certification always seemed to work well with Ubuntu and Debian variations as well. I'd guess they would work well with just about any x86/AMD64 distribution.
CFWhitman 3 Jun, 2020
Quoting: JuliusSo Microsoft finally stopped the vendor strongarming, or at least Lenovo must feel big enough for them to take the risk.

The anti-trust cases pretty much ended direct strongarming (exclusive Microsoft contracts or nothing) a long time ago. More recently, they've shifted to deals that require Windows recommendations be on every page of your Web site for discounts on Windows licensing, which tends to make the vendors not bother to sell anything else, so it's just a milder form of strongarming.
Guppy 3 Jun, 2020
Glorious - been eyeing the ideapad 5 4700u for work, but the entire 5 line up is out of stock.

Wonder what it will cost though, in the ideadpad 3 configurator the "free dos" option is about -59€ which incidentally is also the price difference between the 4500u and 4700u :D
grigi 3 Jun, 2020
Quoting: nattydreadI just got an HP spectre 360 13 2-in-1 it runs ubuntu linux flawlessly out of the box, Function keys, screen brightness, backlit key brightness, screen rotation, everything. I don't think you can say that about the Dells. It's not got ryzen though... :(

Odd, I have had 3 Dells in a on Linux, and the first one only had the issue of the touchpad not working right until the next kernel release. The others have been fine?
Firmware updates, every hardware feature they had, all native support from Linux.
Whereas the HP Elitebook was a trainwreck on Linux.

It probably has to do with the models. I know the Dell Vostros are not made by Dell, so they are very different.
mirv 3 Jun, 2020
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On a completely unrelated note (I need sleep), the picture in the article reminded me of my old work. Two monitors, laptop, Ubuntu everywhere. Except I had more clutter and cabling trailing to and from various pieces of hardware. And my dress wasn't quite so fancy. Nor was it quite so white everywhere (that would send everyone mad). I also wore my watch.
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