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What are you clicking on this weekend? Come tell us

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It's the weekend and hopefully some of you will find the time to relax and play some games. There's been a lot of new releases lately too!

For me, I'm a little torn.

The new Stoneshard update is really good, filled full of new content to play through and a lot of new weapons to try out. The brutal combat and setting certainly takes getting used to, along with the health system. I've lost count on the amount of times I've died in it over the last few days.

I also want to play a whole lot more Burning Knight simply because it's so incredibly fun to blast through. So much insane action when you manage to build up a list of items. Just look at how ridiculous it can be!

You know what? I'm clicking Play on Burning Knight as soon as this goes up…

Over to you: what will you be clicking on across this weekend and into next week? Let us know in the comments and suggest some good picks for your fellow GOL reader.

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shorberg 6 Jun
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Splendid JRPG/Fighting/Platformer-mix from the creators of Skull Girls. The dialog and character design alone is worth the time and the gameplay and music aint too shabby either.
Tchey 6 Jun
Mainly Drox Operative 2, but also i start a new game with TerraTech, and a few others.
Also, i’d love to play Shadow Empire, but it needs help :
Redneck 6 Jun
Killing Floor 2 which thanks to Proton works like native and CS:GO!
PatolaFreeCAD is an excellent Constructive Solid Modelling CAD package. It allows really professional work. However, it is not geared towards mesh modelling and organic features like Blender, it is better for engineering parts.

I've given up 3d on this geriatric laptop since even Godot is running at 1 Fpm (frame per minute) and is not usable, but thanks nonetheless, I've changed my mind, I will try Orx and assets made on Inkscape.

scaineIf you enjoyed Halfway, their Indiana Jones-like follow up, Pathway, is also worth a look. It's also 50% off right now.

Thanks, already mine !
Corben 6 Jun
Not many games this weekend, but those two are currently my most favorite ones:

  • GTFO:

    This is a very interesting one, from former Payday 2 devs, a 4 player sci-fi based horror, stealth and very difficult fps game. Interesting about this is, they call the current set of levels "rundown", and they re-use the assets for new levels, but cannot maintain compatibility with the old levels. So when a new rundown is released, the old one gets replaced. If you were not able to complete all the levels, you're out of luck. And you have to beat the early levels to unlock the later ones. Of course the difficulty increases with each level... we have to hurry a bit, as next Thursday the new rundown gets released, and we have still 2 level to beat

  • Beat Saber:

    One of the killer apps for VR (well, nowadays the VR killer app has to be Half-Life: Alyx tbh) ;) A great community, for streamers a great integration for streaming services to request custom songs and replace notes with bombs, which explode into the name of the viewer who triggered the command.

    Honorable mentions are Synth Riders, OhShape and Pistol Whip. All nice rhythm based music VR games, which give you also a nice workout. There is even YUR integration for BS, SR and OhShape from within the game, to count your burnt calories. And the Synth Riders as well as the OhShape devs are looking into a configurable 3rd person cam by my request, so a mixed reality stream would be feasible.

Yeah, not native Linux games, I know, but GTFO works flawless (platinum rating) and Beat Saber is whitelisted by Valve for Proton.
Gooda 6 Jun
Into the Breach.

Hundred hours in, I've unlocked every achievement there is, and it's still fun to play.

The game serves up an infinite amount of interesting and challenging scenarios to play with, and the elegance of gameplay and UI never ceases to amaze me.

I cannot recommend this game highly enough.
jens 6 Jun
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I received a gift two days ago:
Now I'm enjoying Assetto Corsa Competizione even in online/multiplayer sessions.
Retroarch, VICE and dosbox are taking me for a ride on memory lane this weekend. So many games that still hold up today - it's amazing!
soulsourceFor me it will likely be Elite Dangerous via Steam Play. I've started messing with the background simulation, trying to get an independent star system to join the Alliance.

What do you mean by that? How are you "messing with the ?background? simulation"?

I meant that I'm currently exploring the gameplay the background simulation offers. Not that I'm trying to break it or anything. I'm just doing missions, battles, etc. to help a currently completely irrelevant minor faction to become the controlling faction of a star system, and later on maybe expanding to neighbouring systems.

soulsourceAlso of course for the noble goal to replace a theocratic government by one where every citizen is equal, and some are even more equal than others. :P
Let me guess, you got harder into Elite because of the awesome announcement that they will finally have Space Legs? I found it amazing but on the other hand it will not initially have VR. One up, one down :'(
Nah, I just bought the game a few weeks ago and got absorbed by it. The space-legs announcement is nice, but I would mostly like to walk around inside the ships. Exploring the planets by foot doesn't get me hyped...

What really got me hyped though is that the planet they are walking around on in the trailer obviously has an atmosphere, so the DLC will probably offer the option to land on atmospheric planets. I guess it will only barren worlds because getting earth-like planets landable would require a whole lot more work, but still, beautiful blue skies and maybe even gameplay related to aerodynamics.

I personally don't miss VR, because I simply don't have the hardware for it. Also I am quite certain I would need a bucket next to my VR station, because I am very vulnerable to motion sickness :(
For players who enjoy Elite in VR currently it's of course a major disappointment, to only have the option to either play VR, or play the new DLC...
Dunc 6 Jun
On to KOTOR 2 now. Ironically, Aspyr's native port seems less stable and buggier than the original was in Proton (although in fairness, I've heard that it's a bit flaky on Windows, too).

I was playing GTA 5 from the Epic giveaway. After a bit of a struggle installing it, it worked really well (although launching it is tricky because the Epic Store doesn't play nice with DXVK), but in the last couple of days, when I start it up it seems to go into an update which only gets so far then just... stops. No errors, no crashes; it just grinds to a halt, sometimes after about a quarter of the progress bar, once as much as 90%.

Easy come, easy go, I suppose. I'd be annoyed if I'd paid for it, though.
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