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It's coming to the end of another week on planet Earth. More games have released, tons have seen updates and it's time for another chit-chat.

You might laugh but a lot of my time has been spent playing Troll Patrol, I've actually found myself somewhat hooked by it. The simplicity of match-3 gameplay with a dash of RPG elements makes for quite a fun brew. I'm genuinely surprised by how fun it actually is and it seems the PC release has gone firmly under the radar with only one single user review on Steam.

I will also fully admit that Planetary Annihilation: TITANS has pulled me back in too. While the addition of a Unicorn commander was a little amusing, I found myself wanting to go back and throw an entire moon at someone. Such a huge RTS, the scale of it is crazy and it's really wonderful to see the newer developer (Planetary Annihilation Inc took over from Uber Ent) keep polishing the experience.

There's also a fair bit of Titanfall 2. I can't tell you how happy I am that it works so well on Linux with Steam Play Proton. It seems the Steam release has given the 2016 shooter an entirely new life, who would have thought? It's repeatedly breaking new player records too with over 11 thousand online in it right now.

Over to you in the comments again: what have you been playing and what are you clicking on across the weekend?

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Dunc 28 Jun, 2020
Quoting: TobyGornowStill toying with Godot, not as much as I should because of the former.
Oh, I hear that.
Plintslîcho 28 Jun, 2020
I was recently positively surprised by MewnBase, a fun little game that I really enjoy. Very relaxing, too.

Apart from that Battlefield 1 and I've also resumed playing Dishonored 2 again.
tpau 28 Jun, 2020
Desperados 3, and we will even get a native version eventually
ghiuma 28 Jun, 2020
I rediscovered Earthlock and Pine...
yokem55 28 Jun, 2020
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I just got a Valve Index and I tried to fire it up in Linux. The Steam VR Home was really, really jittery and not smooth at all on my 2080 to the point where I was not really interested in trying to get games working if the home performed that way. So, sadly I fired up my Windows install for the first time in almost a year to get some vr games going.

My question for the other 2 folks above with VR and NVidia hardware - is the bad performance just in the Steam VR home, or does it get better in game?
WJMazepas 28 Jun, 2020
Quoting: jarhead_hBE-A-Walker and "Ion Fury". Gonna fire up "Missile Command" and "Get to the Orange Door".

Quoting: WJMazepasI finally got to play Bioshock and now i understand all the hype about.
In the Summer Sale, i bought Call of Juarez Gunslinger that work with zero issues on Proton, Sunless Skies because it looked very interesting. Bastion, and MotherGunShip that looked really fun.

Gunslinger is fun. Might be the best of the series.

Im really liking this Gunslinger. Works like native and its really fun.

I have the Get to the Orange Door on my wishlist. Its good?
soulsource 28 Jun, 2020
I've made the mistake of restarting Cultist Simulator. So much things have changed with the new updates and DLC... The Apostle legacies seem to be quite a bit more demanding than the regular legacies. Let's see if - or, let's be honest: how fast I'll loose :D
Creak 28 Jun, 2020
Just finished Half-Life: Black Mesa, and now I am back on Transport Fever 2!
TheRiddick 28 Jun, 2020
I wish I could use SteamVR under Linux, but I have the Quest and it relies on stuff like Oculus App / VirtualDesktop / ALVR which are all exclusively windows coded desktop/steam wifi/link streaming apps.

You can however sideload steamlink to get basic game streaming going but its not VR support and doesn't look as good as VD or Link from what I've read.

This is kinda why I'm constantly FORCED back to Windows, and it sucks, but I don't see any light at the end of the tunnel. Unless someone who loves Linux and the Quest and can code good makes something for the sideload quest app, that be neat. (I would love to do this, but I'd be basically starting at caveman drawings level in education on howto, lol)

Really disappointed with the VD developer, he is getting a fair bit of coin for his app, likely making several hundred thousand a year, and he replied to me, "not interested in linux, ever."

Last edited by TheRiddick on 28 June 2020 at 11:08 pm UTC
edo 29 Jun, 2020
Titanfall 2, in w10 because doesnt work in proton. Awesome campaign

Last edited by edo on 29 June 2020 at 1:52 am UTC
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