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What have you been playing on Linux? Come and have a chat

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Ah Sunday, that special day that's a calm before the storm of another week and a time for a community chat here on GOL. Today, it's our birthday! If you didn't see the post earlier this week, GamingOnLinux as of today has hit the big 11 years old! Oh how time sure flies by.

Onto the subject of gaming on Linux: honestly, the majority of my personal game time has been taken up by Into the Breach. It's so gorgeously streamlined, accessible, fun and it's also ridiculously complex at the same time. Tiny maps that require a huge amount of forward thinking, as you weigh up each movement decision against any possible downsides. It's like playing chess, only with big mecha fighting off aliens trying to take down buildings.

It's quite surprising how much room there is for coming up with a strategy, as the game continues surprising me many hours later with what's possible. Made by the same team behind FTL, Into the Breach reminds me of the same feeling I got when first discovering FTL and having that nagging need in the back of my mind calling me back to play more. Fantastic game.

I've also been quite disappointed in Crayta on Stadia, as it so far hasn't lived up to even my smallest expectations for the game maker. It just seems so half-baked, with poor/stiff animations and a lack of any meaningful content to start with. I'll be checking back on it in a few months but for now it's just not fun.

Over to you in the comments: what games have been taking up your time over the last week? Let us know what you've found to be particularly interesting.

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ageres 5 Jul
Duke Nukem 3D: 20th Anniversary World Tour. This edition has few good elements, like True 3D mode, but also downgrades, and I still prefer EDuke32. I've started its new Episode 5, it's nice so far. Randy, where are the old DN3D expansions?!
Praxach 5 Jul
Been playing a lot of Mass Effect Andromeda lately. There are a lot of games on my wish list now. Didn't want to buy a console or switch to windows for these games, so I am really happy that EA games & Origin are now working through Proton.
Faalagorn 5 Jul
Project Zomboid, wish the multiplayer was there already but it's still a lot of fun solo with the new animations in beta :)
Xpander 5 Jul
Haven't had much time to play games these days but:

Completed Titanfall 2 story mode (campaign). Story was generic as hell, but gameplay and not too dumb AI made up for it. Did few PvP matches also, but no progression there, so it got boring.

and ofc still playing a bit of Warhammer: Return of Reckoning - Nice to jump in and have some cool PvP battles, either small scale scenarios or big Keep sieges.
RafiLinux 5 Jul
Tekken 7 - Steam

Been going online against others in RANK and Player Match. Currently, my main is Gigas. I have Initiate rank in Ranked Online matches. Been doing weekly matches with my friends and family. I have two rival in my circle that has been giving me a run for my money with King and the other with Leo Kliesen.

The SP portion of this game is mixed for me. There are great moments in the main story fight but it's a slog to get there. The side story battles are lack luster and should have been fleshed out more.

The VS mode both online and offline are excellent.

Geneshift - Steam

Been playing this a lot and really enjoying it with some friends. We came out on top online a few times and it was a huge smiles and claps on the online web with everyone. Some of us picked up the supporters edition since we got the game for free and planning on checking out the co-op campaign mode.

Xeno Crisis - GOG

Wife and I been playing this and ended it a few times. We keep doing some run backs on it because she's starting to get the hang of twin-stick shooters with gamepad. Maybe now we can get back into Crimsonland with her having to rig up a kb and mouse. Love the art, sound and gameplay of excellent game.
Mostly Playing Minecraft, The Long Dark, Master of Orion, Skyrim, and Graveyard keeper.

When I have my 6 yr old around, we play Gang Beast, Granny 1 + 2, Hello Neighbour and 5 Nights at Freddys. He loves the spooky ones.
Shadow Warrior 2 and Company of Heros 2, all with Steamplay.
Thanks Gaben
Godot, Krita, and my Tablet. Only.
It's one of these period where no games really stick with me : Started Doom, it's great but it's been a week since I last touched it. Started Mass Effect Andromeda, I love it but no motivation to go back in. Same with project Warlock, Halfway...

Quoting: tmtvlChrono Trigger on the SNES. Still one of the best, if not simply THE best jRPG around. I like the PSX version as well with the Toyama cutscenes, but unfortunately it's not quite as nicely optimized.
You're so right ! It's one of my favourite, close second to Xenogears, you should give it a try you hadn't already.
Rage 2 (It feels like a mix of Mad Max and Doom)
Ori and the Blind Forest
Hollow Knight

I was looking for something different and dug some games from my backlog.

Last edited by Mohandevir on 5 July 2020 at 4:09 pm UTC
chomwitt 5 Jul
Started playing Universim and Megaquarium.

Both look cool and childishly cute. I struggle in Universim with the navigation chasing nuggets to see what are they doing..!

Also i'm curious to find how and in what level Universim handles resources managament and ecology.

..also i kind of was hooked a little in the steam card-badge thing and i got a little philosophical of that kind of systems... that gamification kind of urge exploitation is fun but also scary. I mean would you leave a kid exposed to it (+1 to steam for parental lock)?

Last edited by chomwitt on 5 July 2020 at 4:24 pm UTC
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