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What have you been playing on Linux? Come and have a chat

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Ah Sunday, that special day that's a calm before the storm of another week and a time for a community chat here on GOL. Today, it's our birthday! If you didn't see the post earlier this week, GamingOnLinux as of today has hit the big 11 years old! Oh how time sure flies by.

Onto the subject of gaming on Linux: honestly, the majority of my personal game time has been taken up by Into the Breach. It's so gorgeously streamlined, accessible, fun and it's also ridiculously complex at the same time. Tiny maps that require a huge amount of forward thinking, as you weigh up each movement decision against any possible downsides. It's like playing chess, only with big mecha fighting off aliens trying to take down buildings.

It's quite surprising how much room there is for coming up with a strategy, as the game continues surprising me many hours later with what's possible. Made by the same team behind FTL, Into the Breach reminds me of the same feeling I got when first discovering FTL and having that nagging need in the back of my mind calling me back to play more. Fantastic game.

I've also been quite disappointed in Crayta on Stadia, as it so far hasn't lived up to even my smallest expectations for the game maker. It just seems so half-baked, with poor/stiff animations and a lack of any meaningful content to start with. I'll be checking back on it in a few months but for now it's just not fun.

Over to you in the comments: what games have been taking up your time over the last week? Let us know what you've found to be particularly interesting.

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scaine 5 Jul
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  • Contributing Editor
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I feel like a dirty traitor - almost no Linux native titles in my play list the past week:

1. Noita (it's like a whole new game with the "no more death" mod)
2. Elite Dangerous (stunning game... just... stunning. And for a fiver?? Or another fiver if you want the planetside expansion)
3. Grim Dawn (bought it for four quid in the sale - superb)
4. Outer Wilds (only played an hour, because Elite keeps calling me back)

For Linux native - I'm playing Battlestar Gallactica with friends on Tabletop Simulator. The scripting is very clever, much like when we play Gloomhaven - really takes the edge off the complexity. Great game, steep learning curve. Am totally not a cylon.

Also, of course, the A19 of 7 Days to Die dropped. Lovely enhancements all round, and they've already dropped a bug fix, so I'll be playing a bit of that to bring myself up to speed. And it's 66% off right now. Definitely worth a punt for the sheer amount of content you get.
Cane 5 Jul
Diablo III, StarCraft II
ghiuma 5 Jul
Thanks to Steam discounts I'm playing with Assassin's Creed Black Flag and finally with Ace combat skies unknown, they work great with Ultra settings...
namiko 5 Jul
Eheh. Funny you mention Into the Breach, because I was playing FTL: Advanced Edition from my old GOG directory this morning. This game is still hard on Easy, I need to brush up on how to win.

Also recently 100% CGed Coming Out on Top, a very funny and surprisingly witty (and very adult) Visual Novel about a young (American) college senior who's just come out to his friends. It's English-speaker made, so there's no awkward dialogue, except where you'd expect it in a sitcom.

Still trying to wrap my brain around Cultist Simulator. I used to remember how to play to progress a little bit, but the logic and/or opportunities for progression are just too scarce without earning more money. Only established a cult twice, IIRC... I suck.

Also trying to finish the last Mission level of Startopia, which works perfectly with Proton 5.0. Hope I won't crash my machine doing it, though... it's potentially a very resource-heavy game despite being so old, if the entire space station is filled with buildings, animations and special effects, all rendering even out of view to a degree in your enemy's sections.

Hope everyone else is doing as well as they can, considering. :)

Last edited by namiko on 5 July 2020 at 4:59 pm UTC
bruno.tux 5 Jul
CS GO, Injustice I, Dota II, Universe Sandbox II, Battle Chess, Horse Racing Rally and Puzzletime.
randyl 5 Jul
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In addition to the summer sale games I've bought, a friend gifted me Hellblade and Boundless. Hellblade I checked out and it is really intense so I'm shelving that for a bit until I can really sink into it.

Boundless - MMO + minecraft + rpg + stuff I haven't figured out yet. Works well through latest Proton with no tinkering on my part.

Townscaper - A whimsical city-scape designer. There isn't a game play loop, win condition, or obstacles. The purpose is to create interesting city designs. As the user adds objects they attach and morph the existing structure. Works well through latest Proton with no tinkering.

Outward - It's an open world RPG. I'm not far enough into to clearly describe it but so far it feels a bit like Gothic + RPG survival elements, only more solid. There are consequences to decisions including exploring without proper preparation. It seems very meaty in a satisfying well conceived manner. Runs well with latest Proton, but it doesn't exit well and I must kill the process afterwards.

Megaquarium - Aquarium sim builder/management. It's hard to describe but engaging, flexible, and deep come to mind. On the surface it is easy to play casually and the tutorial concepts are well integrated into the main campaign. The development studio is actively working on and improving the title fixing bugs and adding content. Megaquarium has a native game client that runs really well.

Last edited by randyl on 5 July 2020 at 5:32 pm UTC
Dunc 5 Jul
Quoting: scaine2. Elite Dangerous (stunning game... just... stunning. And for a fiver?? Or another fiver if you want the planetside expansion)
I've dived back into it myself lately, beginning to discover the exploration side and the engineers (after a year of playing it basically like the 1984 original, on and off). I didn't realise it was so cheap at the moment. It's a steal at that price.

Quoting: ghiumaThanks to Steam discounts I'm playing with Assassin's Creed Black Flag
Hands down, without a shadow of a doubt, the best Assassin's Creed. Yaaaar, me lads! Haul the mainsail and splice the anchor! (Or something. Insert your own “poop deck” joke.)
Eike 5 Jul
A Normal Lost Phone. Too much message, too little game, but ok, it was cheap and not bad.
I will be playing more of Albion Online (doing an actual character)

I have Dark Souls III and Oddworld to play through.
Would like to complete RAGE and then get RAGE 2.

Just purchased OXygen Not Included, Wither 3, also to play.
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It's Battlestar Galactica Deadlock on Proton.
With the latest Glorious Eggroll Proton release it now runs perfectly out of the box, with videos and all.
And man, it's the best space fleet strategy game I know!
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