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Apparently we missed the weekend and didn't ask you for your latest recommendations? Let's fix that. What have you been playing recently and what do you think about it?

For me personally, I've actually been doing something a little different. Since my 32nd birthday is coming up soon on July 30, I picked up a Raspberry Pi 4 (4GB model) and what a wonderful little device it is. I can finally join the world of tiny computers! Using the full Raspberry Pi 4 Desktop Kit, it couldn't have been any easier and what a joy it was to get going.

Snap it together into the little case, plug it in with the SD card that came with the 'NOOBS' installer so there's absolutely no fuss. Okay, that's a small lie, there was a tiny bit of fuss with KODI having a really slow mouse which was solvable by adding "usbhid.mousepoll=0" to the end of "/boot/config.txt".

Without much fuss then it was up and running—yes that's Halo: Reach with Steam Play Proton being streamed from a Manjaro desktop to the Raspberry Pi. Glorious. I also need to one day invest in a better camera but priorities…

So as you might expect, I've been testing out a lot of games with the Steam Link from my Linux desktop to my new Linux-powered Raspberry Pi 4 and so far it's handled it like an absolute champ. It's surprising how much better Steam Link works now than the last proper time I tested it, where it was quite rough, now it seems fantastic.

If you're also interested in the Raspberry Pi, Humble have a dedicated Raspberry Pi Book Bundle on until August 10.

Over to you: what have you been gaming on Linux lately? Serve up your recommendations in the comments.

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Redneck 21 Jul, 2020
Quoting: scaine
Quoting: RedneckI've been playing CSGO with my online buddies and Killing Floor 2!

I was also looking at the Raspberry PI to use it on the tv, is it smooth? Because I tried Steam Link on my Chromebook and it didn't go very well

How's KF2 these days? I'm thinking about getting back into it. I spent 8 hours getting to know it, but didn't feel the same love for it as I did for the original. But the gunplay is outstanding and very few games make zombie slaughter so enjoyable. My biggest issue with it is the same issue I had with the original - until you spend 100+ hours in the game, you don't know the maps well enough to be really effective.

One of the best coop shooter we have so far! If not straight the best. It feels great and runs smooth! Don't worry about the maps, just be with your teammates and only engage enemies according to your perk, eg: don't shoot scrakes/fleshpounds if you're playing swat, commando or firebug or don't focus on bunched crawlers as a sharpshooter.
Agree about the gunplay being awesome!

Feel free to add me so we can have a run together ;)
Dunc 21 Jul, 2020
Quoting: RedneckI was also looking at the Raspberry PI to use it on the tv, is it smooth? Because I tried Steam Link on my Chromebook and it didn't go very well
Aside from my audio issues, I was amazed at how good it was over a wired Ethernet connection. You really wouldn't know the game wasn't running on the Pi itself. I assume there must be some minor increase in input latency, but it's not obvious.

Quoting: scaineThere are optional puzzles you can do in each area, which cause physical effects outside of that areas boundaries. Like, one I did caused a laser/ray to shine outside of its play area, over another play area. I think the intention is that you could then use that laser/ray in that new area to cause yet another effect in another area. The love and attention to detail is astounding.
That was where I really fell for the game. There's a lot of “outside the box” thinking required - in precisely its original sense - and I like that a lot. (Maybe because I'm not very good at the metaphorical kind in day-to-day life, actually, so it exercises an area of my brain that needs it. Who knows?)
Solarwing 22 Jul, 2020
Quoting: Liam Dawe
Quoting: SolarwingHey Liam! check this out:
Thanks for the tip but I don't need my OS to look like another, I'm perfectly happy with the official RPi Debian-based OS on it :)

Btw one thing that sticks out in twister OS is that it runs Steam preinstalled. Not many OS can't do that on raspberry pi 4 - yet. But there are limits of course for using steam that stem from hardware. But for myself it would be interesting what it can do and what steam games really work in it. Of course 2 desktop enviroments(windows, MacOS) is not a good solution for some users and can be a very irritating thing. But this project I'll keeping an eye on and when I buy my own raspberry pi 4 maybe then I give it a try...
DrDickGind 26 Jul, 2020
Quoting: Creak
Quoting: DrDickGindDid you played the remastered version? I cant get it to work
Yep, it's the remastered version. Works fine here though.

It does also work now for me. Mira-nohb did the trick, even remote play via Chiaki is quite nice.
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