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What play button have you been clicking on lately?

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Oh, hey! We didn't miss the weekend this time. Time for another community chat and giving out your latest recommendations.

After mentioning last time about my current love affair with the Raspberry Pi 4, that has very much continued. Everything seems to be holding up nicely on it. There's been plenty of Steam Link game streaming, which has been quite the highlight due to how smoothly it has been working.

For actual games though, I'm going to take this moment to totally plug CARRION again (see my review) because it's just wonderfully crafted. I'm now onto my second play-through to see if there are any fun things I missed. Sounds like it's been quite a successful launch too.

Here's a bit of trivia for you: the levels in CARRION were almost entirely made using Tiled, a free and open source general purpose tile map editor.

If you're stuck for something to play, here's a quick reminder on some good deals:

Over to you in the comments: what have you been gaming on Linux lately?

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I have been getting into Paradox games lately, but man, I have never played anything as complex as these games. Crusader Kings II is weird and cool, Stellaris is more accessible, but Europa Universalis IV is just really hard to wrap my head around. The last thing I played otherwise was Total War: Warhammer.
RafiLinux 27 Jul
SEGA Mega Drive & Genesis Classics - Steam

Never got into consoles so I pick this one up since most of my Steam friends had it. I've had a blast ending Comix Zone. Been playing Golden AXE 1 to 3 with friends online and home with my wife. We love beat-em-ups but never tried this series before. It's OK and I prefer part 3 more than the first 2 but it's all pretty fun. The Steam workshop mods have added other ROMS that I never messed with and those are fun also. I can see why people like these games so much. Growing up it was arcades and/or computers. Maybe I would have liked the Genesis back then.

Fantasy Strike - Steam

Put down Tekken for a bit, was running back to back into rage quitters and lag cheaters for a bit. Got back into Fantasy Strike just in time to join the recent tournament. I won 1 round but got eliminated my 2nd time at the bat. Love this game a lot. I learned so much playing with these other players and friended many and been back and forth in friend matches since. My main is Grave and Rook.

Tekken 6 - PPSSPP

Went back to Tekken 6 to explore more of the character, lores and difference btw 6 and 7. Going to see this weekend if I can get the online working via of the PPSSPP servers to play against friends. My main is Miguel and Marduk.


I used the $10 credit that Stadia gave all users and both this game a few days ago when it was on sale for $10. I'm not into MMOs and this game is largely empty but I'm totally OK with that for me. I'm not that much of a DBZ fan but I did watch DB growing up. So this game has me checking out the older shows with the family. Two other friends picked it up as well and we plan to play together on Saturday night either this week or the next. In the mean time I'm practicing combat at the school and it's crazy fun.

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night - Steam

I tried this one and was feeling it til it got to point where I had to find save rooms in order to save. I had to refund this one. Looks good but I'm an all or nothing type of gamer when it comes to saves. Either I can't (Rouge-like/Start back from the beginning or save point you auto get) or I can (save state anywhere and come back later) when it comes to SP games.
oldrocker99 27 Jul
Got Torchlight II running on Manjaro and got lost in the mines with my level 54 Embermage for 45 minutes. God, I love that game.
CFWhitman 28 Jul
I have finally finished The Talos Principle. By the time I finished it, I had pretty much had my fill of it. Don't get me wrong; some of the puzzles are really great, but others had gotten kind of old.

Now I just have to finish Bioshock Infinite, and I can move on to other games.

Except, of course for all the other things I have to do, which will take much of my time. I'm obligated to practice and record a part on the ocarina for a virtual music performance that will be mixed recordings of each member of our group alone since we can't meet together right now (I'm the only ocarina player; the others use more conventional instruments). Getting the piece right and then a properly timed recording will be fun since I've never done that kind of recording. I guess I should be thankful since I only have to learn one or two pieces of music instead of a dozen like usual.
appetrosyan 6 days ago
Quoting: Howard-Thrash_Metal_Computers
Quoting: ysblokjeCARRION & Brutal Doom (I & II). I must be out for blood lately ;) Ohhh good one I should play more of that game too.

Brutal Doom was soooo good, absolutely transformed how I played Doom. Such a great carnage fest!

Quoting: AcrophobicI'm happy to mention that I still playing Euro Truck Simulator 2

Right now I'm still working from home which means I don't have a fixed work time. Thanks to this, sometime I forgot to stop working which leads to burn out in the next day. In other hand, I can't afford to play game for too long because it might took me a long time to push myself back to work. With that said, ETS2 hit the good spots for me.

So far in ETS2 I still don't have any truck, so I still took the quick job which is about 30-60 minutes for me. It's long enough for me to take a break from my job, but still shorts enough so I don't lose motivation to work.

Out of interest, what is the pull for Euro Truck Simulator for you? I know those games have a huge following!

Quoting: appetrosyanStarCraft 2 . No brainier. Active competitive scene, runs smooth (if you get fsync, e.g. Linux-zen), and has a lot of depth.

Witcher 2. The game isn’t balanced at all. It’s too hard in the beginning, too easy at the end. But it runs great and has some of the best implementations of bokeh in gaming.

Doom 3. One of a select few games that have an actual engine on Linux. It’s missing features, but if you get the Non-BFG edition, you’re in for a treat.

Dead Space 2. Not the same horror masterpiece that DS1 was, but on the other hand, it has a few creature comforts, and a remarkable selection of challenges. (I got the foam finger BTW).

Quake 4. Same deal, but better. It’s got wonderful set pieces, remarkable combat, and a lot of atmosphere.

I have watched countless hours of SC2 eSports and can't enough. I would love to try my hand at the competitive ladder myself someday. What rank are you on the ladder and how long have you been playing for?

Quoting: alejandro-bringasI am currently playing Fortnite, Apex and Team Fortress 2, the latter is my favorite online game.

Yep, Team Fortress 2 is incredible and I love every second of it! Medic for life :) I got to help my Heavy brothers ;)

Quoting: TobyGornowYesterday, I've finished Ion Fury and my opinion is that it's awesome.
Another FPS but with one of the best level design I ever saw, the music is so great and fits the fast paced action you're put through, graphics are finely crafted pixel arts with lots of variety.
About the gameplay, I've had more fun with this one than Doom eternal, to hell with flame thrower this and glory kill that, me see me shoot and that's what I want. Doom is still very good don't get me wrong...

And I also finished Shadowrun Returns, a fallout-ish squad based T-RPG. It's good fun, not transcendent, writing is good, found it a tad boring in the end.

Finally, I've started a memory refresher of Beneath a Steel Sky, works great with ScummVm.

I really want to pick up Ion Fury, I'm just waiting for a nice price cut on GOG and I'll most likely pick it up.

I was never a fan of Doom 2016. For me, every time I tried to play it, it didn't capture the same feel as the original Doom games. The weapons in the original Doom felt truly meaty and dealt out a lot of damage, whereas many of the guns in the 2016 reboot didn't have that same feeling (the shotgun for one). Plus the glory kill system became very repetitive after a while (I know that was the way you got health and armour back, but having to keep doing the same thing over and over with the same animations).

Doom Eternal from what I have seen seems to carry on the same systems from Doom 2016, albeit with more movement options, use of the flamethrower for collecting armour etc.

Of course, some people absolutely loved Doom 2016 and that's awesome! ID put a lot of work into those games and it shows.

The soundtrack however is simply incredible and I happily headbang to those tunes during any occasion. Mick Gordon is a genius.

I have been playing Telltale's The Walking Dead - Episode 3 and finished it over the weekend.
Spoiler, click me
In my playthrough, Duck and Katja both died and I felt terrible for Kenny.
Everytime I say this, but it's true, Telltale (or what is left of Telltale after some of its assets were acquired by LCG Entertainment) make some truly believable characters.

To answer your question, I’m a 2v2 master. I never played solo, but shouldn’t be far below diamond (which is the solo rank of my 2v2 partner).
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