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What's that? It's the weekend? It can't be already can it? Yes. It's time for the weekend chat about what we've been playing and what you've been playing.

There's been so many good Linux supported releases lately I've been a bit spoilt for choice including these just in the last week: DemonCrawl, UnderMine, The Battle of Polytopia, LittlewoodMonster Crown, Core Defense and Hellpoint (plus plenty more I've missed).

Recently though, I've been having masses of fun in Orcs Must Die! 3 on Stadia with a co-op partner. Getting to test out all the different trap combinations, it's genuinely good fun. It was fun enough by myself but now with a partner, it's far more amusing especially trying the later difficulties. Good manic entertainment.

As for actual Linux-desktop games, Jupiter Hell sucked me right in once more. Jupiter Hell is the spritual successor to DRL (D**m, the Roguelike) and it's one of the most furious roguelikes I've ever played. While turn-based, it's so streamlined and fluid it feels almost realtime. It's also quite gorgeous in places. Jupiter Hell has evolved quite nicely during Early Access and it's easily worth a look.

I also spoke to the developer of Haque, a rather fantastic glitch fantasy roguelike from 2017. As great as it is, the Steam build had a bug where a file was named "" but the game was looking for "". Linux case-sensitivity strikes again. They mentioned they will fix it as soon as possible.

Additionally: it appears that there's another big CPU security issue, this time not just affecting Intel. According to the paper it should affect Intel, ARM, IBM, and AMD CPUs.

Lastly, NVIDIA put up a new Vulkan Beta Driver 450.56.06 with the sole change listed as new support for the VK_EXT_4444_formats extension that landed with Vulkan API spec 1.2.149 that we reported on here.

Deals Reminder:

Unless something big / important comes up, we shall see you Monday for another week of Linux news.

Over to you in the comments: what have you been gaming on Linux lately and what are you looking forward to the most across this year?

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derhass 8 Aug, 2020
I do not click any play buttons. I start my games from the terminal.

This weekend, as every weekend since 2 years or so, it's Overload. Multiplayer action via olmod, a few league games, but mostly just for fun.
The_Aquabat 9 Aug, 2020
Quoting: scainePlatinum:
Genesis Alpha One
Little Big Workshop
Through the Darkest of Times

I'm playing vampyr works great but with proton 5.9 ge stable works better. I'm half the game.
RafiLinux 9 Aug, 2020
Hellpoint - GOG

I played and enjoyed the DEMO so much on Steam that I picked it up from GOG because it was on sale. The game has so many issues with input lag that I had to put in for a refund. So did my brother who also picked it up and experience the same issues but on a different distro.

Torchlight II - Steam

Picked it up with some friends for the online play via of the Fantaical bundle sale...Another game going into the refund pile as the online could not work well for all of us - Our Windows friends had firewall errors. This was an all or nothing buy for us and if we all can not play it's a no go.

Tekken 7 - Steam

Been using my main, GIGAS, online in ranked and have a great time. I think with news of the Season 4 more and more players and getting in and practicing. So far with 4 days of ranked play I've not had any lag or other issues (toxis ki chargers or what not). My Gigas is now Genbu which I am very happy about. I start re-learning Marduk.

Street Fighter V - Steam

Free weekend - Works great - Like the story line stuff in arcade. The online is terribad :( Uninstalled.
My experimental days are coming to end with all the bad game experience I'm having and I'm about to cut my game spending budget down to zero for the few years while I enjoy all of the stuff I already have.

Return to Castle Wolfenstein - GOG

This one was a great hit. Been my personal favorite for a while but my friends jumped on and picked up a copy and we ran a few match Friday and Saturday night. Excellent times.
rezzafri 9 Aug, 2020
Playing Crucible with Proton, this game has a lot of potentials, the devs work really hard to make it right. I hope they add wine64/wine32 eac binary just like Squad does, so in the future if they decide to fully implement EAC, we still can play it on Linux.
on_en_a_gros 9 Aug, 2020
These weekend I'm digging my way with nostalgia through black Mesa. Technically the game is not perfect but the magic still operates.

And with the release of EA titles on steam I was finally able to give a shot to titanfall 2, and oh boy am'I happy with it.
nattydread 9 Aug, 2020
Quoting: CFWhitmanI also fooled around with Eye of the Beholder from the GOG sale recently

If you liked Eye of the beholder and Dungeon master also check out The Legend of Grimrock (native linux) and The Legend of Grimrock 2 (platinum proton) as they are more modern interpretations and just as good if not better.
inckie 9 Aug, 2020
I'm playing Squad ATM.
Dodger 9 Aug, 2020
I'm playing Hellpoint, 13 hours in and I like it so far. The art style is nice and from time to time the score is going to shine too. I'm not a Dark Souls Likes games gamer but Hellpoint feels doable.
Tchey 9 Aug, 2020
As "playing seriously", mainly Last Epoch.
As "testing, lurking", dozens of games as usual.
oldrocker99 9 Aug, 2020
Last Epoch, an action RPG with tons of atmosphere (Early Access).

Popup Dungeon, to be released officially 8/12. I'm a backer, and it is one charming little TB dungeon crawler with a nice sense of humor. Recommended.
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