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20 years officially today, Counter-Strike 1.0 was officially released and it went on to change the way many of us played games online. 

Truthfully, the true original was just a little bit before my time. I really came into it with Counter-Strike Xbox Edition on the original bulky Xbox back around 2003, to this day it might still be my most played Xbox game. When it comes to the PC, it was Counter-Strike: Source that really helped me appreciate competitive PC gaming. So while I may not have many memories of the original, from the Xbox and Source version onwards, it found a special place with me.

Looking at it, the original to this day still has an incredibly active player-base. It's kind of insane just how popular it remains. Checking over on the always useful SteamDB, their charts actually show that the original classic Counter-Strike has seen a consistent regular amount of fifteen thousand (and often above) players online at any time. Amazing!

To put that into some perspective. A game released 20 years ago is currently as popular as the likes of Fall Guys, and sees often far more players than No Man's Sky and plenty of others. It is impressive the kind of staying power Counter-Strike (and other Valve games) have. It also goes to show just how fine-tuned it is, that so many people still prefer it over Source and Global Offensive.

What has Valve done to mark the occasion? Well, so far, nothing. Valve remain as quiet as usual on special events. However, that's not to say they're not planning anything. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has seen plenty of rumours regarding a new Operating coming up, and the last one was huge adding in special operatives. Or, perhaps we might see some special commemorative stickers released later today during Valve's office hours. Will let you know if we hear anything solid on any plans from Valve.

You can also watch a bit of history in a video released back in 2017:

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Bogomips 9 Nov, 2020
Quoting: barottoPlayed the beta back in the day with a bunch of friends during LAN parties.
Fast forward 20 years and we still play it!

Nice! Same here and almost never stopped and with the same friends :P
(But, to put oil on fire, I do not really consider CS:GO as a real CS, I only play competitive and with friends).
Duck Hunt-Pr0 9 Nov, 2020
Dammit!.. Now i feel old and 0ld

Last edited by Duck Hunt-Pr0 on 9 November 2020 at 7:10 pm UTC
fagnerln 10 Nov, 2020
I played a lot CS1.6 on LAN, really good memories, and now CSGO is the game that I played most, I have approximately 1000h on it

Quoting: lectrodeMight not be directly related, but just checked the status of the segfault when attempting to launch CS:GO with a controller plugged in. Looks like there might be a better workaround than just disabling controller support with "-nojoy"

QuoteThe segfault itself seems to happen in the bundled version of the SDL2 .so, in ./bin/ Using the version bundled with my system also lets me reach the main menu. This is done via the Launch Options setting: LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/ %command% Distro is Arch Linux, package version of sdl2 is 2.0.12-2.
I can provide further details if necessary.

This is a pretty annoying bug, I don't get why Valve didn't fix it (or at least, set nojoy as default on Linux)
furaxhornyx 10 Nov, 2020
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  • Supporter
Quoting: whizseDon't know if I ever played the 1.0 release, probably stopped when it was still beta?

Same here, I think I played the Half-Life mod until beta 4.something ; I was more into Unreal Tournament at that time (and Battlezone II, but that's another story )

Still impressive though, that a "simple" mod for a game became so popular
Sojiro84 10 Nov, 2020
I remember secretly downloading one of the beta versions back in the day over my parents phone line. Took 6 hours to get it downloaded, and I off-course couldn't play it online since that is how it goes back in the old day's, but man, just walking around and playing with the guns was just amazing for young old me.

I loved the version with bunny-hopping still in the game, just gave a nice edge to the gameplay but they later removed it.

Still, even now, although it looks old, the gameplay is still solid.
whatever 10 Nov, 2020
Quoting: BogomipsBut, to put oil on fire, I do not really consider CS:GO as a real CS, I only play competitive and with friends.

We don't play CS:GO either. We play CS:Source on a custom map made by me, but nowadays just a couple of games per lan party.
Bogomips 10 Nov, 2020
Quoting: barotto
Quoting: BogomipsBut, to put oil on fire, I do not really consider CS:GO as a real CS, I only play competitive and with friends.

We don't play CS:GO either. We play CS:Source on a custom map made by me, but nowadays just a couple of games per lan party.

That's nice.
I closed my CS:S public server 2 weeks ago after 7 years (it was mainly $2000$), I only made 1 map a long time ago ($20$ yes I know not original at all…) but we developed a ton of plugins and a client with a friend to monitor our server remotely and prevent bad behaviours with automated responses/actions/alarms.
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