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What have you been playing recently, come tell your thoughts

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It's the weekend and it has again been a while since we had a community talking point article, so here we are!

Time to make a cup of your favourite brew, put on some headphones, turn the volume up and get some serious gaming done. The question is though: what play button do we click on? What game eats up all of our time?

For a lot of people that will be a stupid question as the answer is probably…Valheim. It certainly is for me, as it's an absolutely fantastic experience. In my own play-through, the second boss has recently been defeated after a casual 50+ hours and it just keeps on getting better. So much to see and do, so much to discover and get excited about.

If you're interested, a developer on Twitter made a thread about some Valheim performance troubles and it's an interesting little read. Now that Iron Gate have plenty of monies from over 6 million sales, hopefully they can get someone in to go through the game and optimize it some more.

Valheim has sucked me in so much so that I've not had much time to go back to the also excellent Loop Hero, which is sat in my library begging to be played. It feels good to have so many great games waiting though!

Over to you in the comments: what have you been playing recently? Do tell us your thoughts on it.

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xavi Mar 28, 2021
Noita is very good, if you have the patience :)

Last edited by xavi on 28 March 2021 at 3:54 pm UTC
g000h Mar 28, 2021
I keep playing 7 Days To Die. As it is a building, crafting, survival, open-world sandbox with destructible terrain, multiple biomes, and a big selection of settings to tweak, it is very replayable indeed. I've sunk over 2000 hours into it now.

I take some inspiration from the various 7 Days To Die youtubers, and how they play the game.

Capp00 has been playing in Wasteland Warrior, and I played the same game-world (which is mostly wasteland-only biome). After playing on similar settings to Capp00 I replayed in a different area in the same world, with harder settings.

Eventually I happened across someone who commented in Youtube comments that they played 7 Days To Die on Insane difficulty, all the time. This triggered me a little, and I decided I'd play on Insane for a bit, and it went "okay", better than I'd expected.

Then Glock9gamer started a new Youtube series where he put the Zombie Toughness up to max (Insane) and Zombie running speed up to max (Nightmare all the time). I decided I'd attempt the same. I noted that I had to adopt different strategies to deal with the super-fast zombies compared to my normal 7 Days To Die playing, and I appreciated these differences - It added a new dimension to the game.

After playing for a while, and surviving, I decided I would go better than Glock9. I started a new Nightmare Speed, Insane Toughness fresh game - but - with Horde Every Night and Loot Abundance at 75% as well. These are extremely tough settings to play 7 Days To Die. And I did it, played it for about 50 game-days and surviving until the end (and stopped playing at that point - I could return if I wanted.) Oh, one more thing to mention - I play Permadeath, i.e. One life and if you die then that's it.

I don't think the 7 Days To Die developers have the Loot Abundance calculations properly generated. Playing on Loot Abundance set to 50% is a lot worse than it sounds, i.e. It is more difficult than having Loot Abundance set to 100% and chucking away half of what you find. Here is a demonstration - If I play on Loot 100% I find approx 1 egg in 4 nests. If I play on Loot 50% I find approx 1 egg in 15 nests (rather than 1 per 8). I also have played the game on Loot Abundance 25% (the lowest setting possible) and in one such playthrough I found a single sewing kit over 20 game-days, versus when I play on 100% and find 4 sewing kits per day.

Other than Glock9gamer, I do find that most of the other 7 Days Youtubers choose difficulty settings that they can easily manage. I'd find their videos more entertaining if they had tougher zombie settings, lower loot abundance, and really did have a struggle to make it from game-day to game-day (i.e. risking dying)
Pangaea Mar 28, 2021
Obvious from forum posts, but I've been playing Hollow Knight for a few weeks. Excellent game, but also brutally difficult. Incredible that it has been made by essentially three people (2 developers + 1 music bloke). Probably not many examples of games that barely got any traction on Kickstarter, yet turned into such a roaring success.
InhaleOblivion Mar 28, 2021
Warframe, Diablo 3 and Black Desert Online.
MisterPaytwick Mar 28, 2021
Dota 2 (what a surprise!), EU4, Synthetik (proton) and Slay the Spire.

The latter ones make me want to dig up my huge backlog of indie games (Resolutiion, Underrail and such...)
edenist Mar 29, 2021
X4 Foundations, and EVE Online.

The new terran start for X4 with the Cradle of Humanity expansion is so great, it really helps players get into the world/game IMO.

Last edited by edenist on 29 March 2021 at 12:39 am UTC
Mezron Mar 29, 2021
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Zombie Army 4 - Stadia

The PVE in this game is just so good. My family and I have been enjoying it a lot lately. I picked up some of the DLC using the GRC I earned recently. The last map is a done of fun to play on Brutal mode.

Lara Croft: Guardian of Light - Stadia

A good friend of mine that has not play online MP games since 2002 took advantage of the free trial and we ran through this game and had a good time. They picked up some other games on sale and we're currently setting up some runs for the weekend coming up before vacation time hits.


My family and I loved this game. We completed the campaign and are now going back and taking care of all of the challenges. Some of us are playing with the default control method where the right stick is aim oriented melee attack (high, mid, low) while the others are playing using a traditional control method which is similar to old school brawlers with very little aiming.

Single Player

Little Nightmages II - Stadia

This game series is excellent. I don't like to spoil games for anyone but the difference btw part 1 and 2 are just enough to make this experience feel unique. From the main character's ability to attack depending on the melee weapons you find to the working with another NPC to complete obectives and obstacles I found myself glued to this game.

Jupiter Hell - GOG

Every update makes this game way better than that last. I'm going be hitting my 100th hour on this game since I got it and I can see myself enjoying another 100 as I explore more and more of this DOOMRL successor. This was my first Early Access game and I've very surprised how polished it is. Since their freeware version was so good I took the shot and it's been great since day 1.
toivop Mar 29, 2021
I've been playing Imperiator Rome, Marius update.

Not sure about the game yet.
Sanaka3 Mar 29, 2021
A bit of this and a bit of that. More specifically...

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night -- missed this one on release (and several years post-release); an actual Castlevania(-like) game on PC.

Axiom Verge -- same as B:RotN; pretty good Metroid-like game, and with Linux native version at that.

Dead Cells -- my "want something difficult-ish" fix, and just a great action game on its own.

Hades -- nearly a (if not the) perfection of roguelite dungeon crawlers. And way too cheap given the amount of content it has.

Not finished, but probably soon: Crosscode (and its DLC, A New Home), Children of Morta, Octopath Traveler.
kold1981 Mar 29, 2021
Been going back and forth from Factory Town (works great in Proton) and Minecraft lately (yeah even after all these years and MS buying it that game still can give some fun)
Tried Valheim but to be honest didn't think it was better than 7 Days to die pre Alpha 15 ... really miss the old version of that game ... seen there's a few mods to bring back the previous leveling system so will probably give them a try at some point
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