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Selaco is an upcoming GZDoom-powered shooter that looks awesome

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Never one to miss out on a good first-person shooter fuelled by GZDoom, today I came across Selaco and it instantly grabbed my attention for looking awesome. It's an original upcoming shooter (not a Doom mod), inspired by the likes of F.E.A.R.

"You take on the role of Dawn, a captain of the security force known as ACES, Selaco's first line of defence. With Dawn's promotion to captain, she's been given additional clearances that allow her to dive into the murky past of Selaco.

But who or what is invading Selaco, and what secrets will Dawn uncover?"

Check out the first trailer below:

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What to expect from it:

  • A lengthy story-driven campaign entirely seen from Dawn's perspective.
  • A world that puts an heavy emphasis on character, charm and lore.
  • Intense action-set pieces with fleshed out destructibility.
  • Cohesive AI that coordinates with each other in order to take you down.
  • Full soundtrack with an emphasis on synths and electric guitar.
  • Professional Voice acting.
  • Extra gamemodes for enhanced replayability.

Check out some more recent combat gameplay too which looks seriously fun:

YouTube Thumbnail
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Ever see something and feel like - you just need it? I might be more than a little excited for Selaco.

Since it's powered by the open source and cross-platform GZDoom, running it on Linux should be easy. The developer has confirmed Linux will be supported when asked on Twitter too!

You can help fund the developer on their Patreon.

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Julius Apr 9, 2021
Uh, that looks seriously cool for an GZDoom game. Although the enemies might be nicer as 3d models...
Shelter Apr 9, 2021
I love this.
It looks like a mix between F.E.A.R. and Ion Fury.
Will definitely check it out.
pageround Apr 9, 2021
View PC info
  • Supporter
Sweet! I'll keep an eye out for the release. Their patreon page suggests a future steam release.
Samsai Apr 9, 2021
Yes please. Give me more GZDOOM goodness. I wants it, I needs it.
logge Apr 9, 2021
Just finished Sigil, still completely flashed. Will definitely look into this.
scaine Apr 9, 2021
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  • Contributing Editor
  • Mega Supporter
Getting a lovely "original System Shock" vibe from the atmosphere, even though this is a shooter. This is seriously well done. I love it!
g000h Apr 9, 2021
Looks appealing certainly, but it has one of those things I don't like in modern 3D Shooter games - A great big weapon model taking up nearly 1/4 of the screen. I prefer games where there is only a cross-hair and you have full visibility of the environment. (I wish 3D Shooters had an option to turn the weapon model off.)
Whitewolfe80 Apr 10, 2021
I hope this suceeds I probably wont be buying it because shooters with no story leave me cold (i bought ion fury just to support linux tried it and got bored after 1st level) the gameplay loop just isnt enough for me but its your jam crack on, the work on GZdoom is seriously impressive given how old the underpinnings of the software is.
Gamewitch Apr 10, 2021
I must not buy another retro throwback shooter, I must not buy another retro throwback shooter... In all seriousness though it looks good I might have to pick it up after I work through some of my backlog a bit.
Milanium Apr 10, 2021
Reminds me of Alien or Natural Selection. The destruction looks satisfying.
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The comments on this article are closed.