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For today's Sunday Section we're going over a few missed bits and pieces for Linux, open source and gaming topics while also asking you that all important question.

Firstly, Steam has a fresh Steam Client Beta up! Well, there's actually been a few recently but one in particular released on April 26 caught my eye. Valve has upgraded the video decoder on all platforms, with Linux now using VA-API 0.2 for optional hardware decode functionality. So those of you with an AMD GPU should see a nicer experience for Remote Play.

Audacity, the open source and powerful multi-track audio editor and recorder now has new owners as it's now part of the Muse Group. Confirming the move on the official blog, James Crook mentioned how they were "scared and excited". See the announcement video:

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Krita, the fabulous open source painting program has a new Development Fund, which is based on the model used by the very successful Blender. This new system is more open to the public, showing what funding they're currently getting and allows you to easily adjust what you donate. They currently get €1,959 a month from donations on this system.

Remember the craziness that was the University of Minnesota's (UMN) getting effectively banned from contributing to the Linux Kernel, over some "research" being done to introduce malicious patches "Hypocrite Commits"? Well, the Linux Foundation's Technical Advisory Board (TAB) has issued their report on it. Thankfully, the vast majority were actual good commits. As a result of what's happened, the TAB will be working "with researchers (to be named soon) to develop a document describing a set of best practices for researchers to follow when working with the kernel community".

Star Citizen, the crowdfunded in-development multiplayer space trading and combat simulation game that's been in development for a long time now should still be coming to Linux. While you should take it with a pinch of salt, as Star Citizen is still in flux and a long way for being properly released, team member Silvan-CIG mentioned recently in reply to a request about Linux:

It's on our list! Chris Bolte is pushing for it the whole time. Once we have vulkan we will do a Linux Build one day

Do you love Total War Warhammer? Well Total War: WARHAMMER III from Creative Assembly and Feral Interactive is getting a first gameplay reveal on Thursday 13th May at 5 PM BST / 9 AM PT. Check out their teaser:

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Finally: the party game Drawful 2 from Jackbox Games now has the free International Update out now! Adding in support for German, French, Italian, and Spanish translations for many more people to enjoy it.

As for the all important question: what have you been playing recently and is it any good? Let your fellow readers know your latest suggestions.

For me, I've been playing plenty of Half-Life: Alyx on our Twitch Channel and it's every bit as fantastic as I was hoping. Will have thoughts on VR coming this week! Plus plenty of Groove Gunner, which is a great VR rhythm-shooting game.

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Vishar 9 May
the 7th circle endless nightmare

somehow like this one, again old-school but this time weird one
g000h 9 May
I've been dabbling with some different games to usual...

Fury Unleashed (from the latest Humble Choice) - I really like this style of rogue-lite twin-stick shooter-platformer. It plays well and does lots of things right, but for me I'm finding the game quite frustrating because I'm unable to complete the first chapter and access later levels. The reason that I'm failing - because the game has two settings - "Hard" which is aimed at Pro-gamers (using a gamepad) and "Easy" which is aimed at everyone else but doesn't give you Steam Achievements if you use it. I'm playing on Hard with a keyboard and mouse (I prefer keyboard and mouse rather than an easier-to-use gamepad) - Thus, I cannot progress. Still, I keep on coming back for more and more punishment.

A couple of years ago, I completed Broforce on default settings (using keyboard and mouse, not gamepad).. so I'm not completely useless in this genre.

I tried out card-battler game Iris and the Giant and it's okay. Worth returning to and trying some more.

I've played two native Windows titles on Linux using Proton: Lovecraft's Untold Stories - a twin-stick shooter, and Blazing Beaks - another rogue-lite twin-stick shooter. Both of those games worked fine with Proton and show promise.

I've installed Project Zomboid and gone through the tutorial - It looks like I'll appreciate this one, too. Noting that it is worth installing the Beta release of this which has more features added, rather than the regular stable release.
lukas333 10 May
Came back to Doom 2016, it's great fun and the soundtrack is really good.
robvv 10 May
Edge of Eternity (via Proton as native is still unstable): now on chapter 5 and finding it very rewarding!

Got back into Jupiter Hell recently. It's a brilliant strategy game with cool weapons/upgrades and a variety of monsters. I'm rubbish at it but it's great fun :-)
TheReaperUK 10 May
Just coming up to 50 Hours of Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet Single Player (Multiplayer don't work DRM, as i don't play Multiplayer Games that is not a game breaker) (Proton).

Wolfenstein - Blade of Agony as the full version is out now (GZDoom).
denyasis 10 May
XCOM: Enemy Within. I remember when the original came out and thought it looked corny and dumb when I looked at the box in Babbage's.

I am very wrong. The remake is a lot of fun. For no smart reason I'm only playing ironman so, I'm on my third game. Hopefully all my dudes won't die... Again.

No Man's Sky. I finished the main quest and uninstalled. It was a good game, but the survival-craft thing doesn't seem to be a genre I enjoy. I think I still find games that rely on random generation exclusively rather unfulfilling.

Last edited by denyasis on 10 May 2021 at 12:56 am UTC
ST34MF0X 10 May
I just beat Control and its expansions via Control Ultimate Edition on Steam via Proton Experimental. Runs great, and now I'm ready to go back and play Adam Wake.
furaxhornyx 10 May
View PC info
  • Supporter
Finally got the time to launch Loop Hero, 12 hours in, and many more ahead !
Initially I wasn't too much attracted by the game and its poor graphics (pixel "art", but very far from Dead Cells and much more like Baba-is-You - Zoomed Out Edition...), but after watching a streamer playing it, the gameplay looked solid... and it is

Also, some friends made me discover TFT (through Lutris), but the action on the screen is quite a mess, and as an old League of Legend player, nothing makes much sense in it
ShabbyX 10 May
I finally got it into playing oxygen not included (in a way that I can actually manage to get by), and that's after hours of youtube watching and wiki reading.
damarrin 10 May
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  • Supporter Plus
Resident Evil Village on PS5 has taken up all my free time since Thursday evening. Very similar to VII and yet very different. I just love Resident Evil, even the weaker outings. Except for 6, that's terrible.
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