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Are you in a noisy environment? Need to filter out all the nuisances? NoiseTorch for Linux seems like a really great open source tool you need to check out.

We introduced you to NoiseTorch back in July 2020, and we were quite impressed with the results back then. It's come along with quite a few updates since then to solve bugs, enhance features and more. The latest of which is NoiseTorch 0.11.0 / 0.11.1 which went out this week. A big release for the project, here's what's new:

  • Add support for PipeWire.
    • Alpha quality. Please manage your own expectations.
    • Requires at least PipeWire version 0.3.28
    • Please report bugs.
  • Support distribution-specific builds. Thank you @Scrumplex, from the Arch Linux community
    • You can now pass a custom version and distribution name for the version number at build time
    • You can now configure the update URL and signing key at build time
      • Not passing these will fully disable built in updater
  • Do not log to a file by default anymore. Passing -log will make it log to stdout. You can redirect it on the shell to a file yourself if necessary.
  • Fixed a bug where the CLI would not print an error message but the command would fail. Thanks @LorenzKofler
  • Refactored things

Want to know how good it is? Here's a quick re-check done today while hitting my desk with a guest appearance from someone grinding down tiles outside:

Perfect? No. Clearer? Yep. You're not likely to have such noise so close, this is a more extreme example to make a point. Overall, it does a pretty good job! Could be really useful for content creators including videos, podcasts, gaming so your friends don't hear everything going on around you and more.

See it on the GitHub Page.

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Nibelheim May 20, 2021
Do someone know if it delete breath noise ? Or if someone know app for that ?
Corben May 20, 2021
Nice! Before I've been using RNNoise in OBS, but this is more convenient, as it's registering easily as a microphone in the system settings.
Nevertheless, this is a nice writeup from the guys at modmic for rnn but seems a bit more effort: https://antlionaudio.com/blogs/news/real-time-microphone-noise-reduction-linux-guide
Nanobang May 20, 2021
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  • Supporter
I'll have to try Noise Torch again. I had problems getting it to work in the past, but I liked the look.

I've been using Cadmus instead when it's necessary, but I'll take a look at Noise Torch again, too.
Derheim May 20, 2021
Nice, I tried to use Cadmus but it doesn't work for me, this one does work just fine.
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The comments on this article are closed.